Saturday, April 17, 2010

New Home for Catsalady, Gwim and Abby

Just had to post dis picture so you all know dat I do supervise M when she's typing.  Everything written in a tweet or in my blog has to have my approval. 

I just had to share dis latest news dat M got via email from Catsalady.  YAY - they are in their new place.  Here's Catsalady message:

"Hi friends and family,

Well, after 2 days here, so far so good. I'm living in a mountain of boxes and bags for right now; it'll take a while to get everything out of boxes and put away since at present there is a cleared area wide enough for my wheelchair, but that's about it. The people here are great; all of the staff are friendly and helpful and I've met several of the residents, most of whom are nice.

Even dining room seating is cool; they chose to seat me next to the most computer geeky gal, so she and I get along great. The other two at our table are also very nice. It's neat that they carefully consider who would be best table mates for each new person. The food here is pretty good, with optional choices to replace the main meal if it doesn't sound appealing. Yesterday evening we had broiled catfish (quite yummy) and I'll have a salmon (something) salad for lunch today. Since the place is not gigantically large, the dining staff remember each person's preferences at mealtime. This morning they already had a glass full of ice for me to pour my coffee into so that I can have my daily iced coffee.

Abby and Gwim are relaxing a little bit, sitting next to me and looking out the glass door to the veranda, but they also hide away behind boxes a fair bit. It'll take them time to adjust, so I'm just giving them lots of petting and reassurances while they get used to all the changes.

Once I get things set up, I'll be able to take my laptop outside on the balcony/veranda since I already have my table out there. Well.... I'll be able to that during the mornings and evenings since daytime temperatures are in the 90s already.

For those who are local (or those who can come who don't live locally), I'd love to have visitors here. Entrance is facing Indian School Rd. and parking is on the east side of the building."

Now we can do the Happy Dance once last time.   M says if anyone wishe to send dem a card or note in their new home, just tweet me and we'll DM you the address. 

Now stay turned next week for the story of how we started on Twitter.

Until next time,



Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

Yippee!! Such great news my friend!

Mookie said...

Hello Mario!!! I love the pic of you supervising the tweeting and blogging!!! I just can't stop laughing!!! I haven't met Catsalady yet, but do you think, she and Abby and Gwim would enjoy a card from my hometown Cologne??? Please let me know!!! BIG HUGS!!! :-)

MedusaJ said...

Hoorah! Sounds like a lovely place to be.

Parker said...

This is great news!

Your Daily Cute said...

You are a very good snoopervisor!

And how nice to hear that everyone is adjusting and happy. Yay!

Hollie said...

This is great news- yay! Glad you are a good snoopervisor Mario. xx

Cathy Keisha said...

Hooray for Catsalady and Gwim and Abby. May they be happy and healthy in their new home. A balcony sounds great. And you do a wonderful job proofreading and fact checking.

Busy Buttons said...

Love the picture of you supervising. *hugs*