Wednesday, September 28, 2016

YIKES - I Did Not Do It!

Hi Pals,

I thought it  was about time you saw my new digs - errr, apartment.   See that little tiny red X in the middle, well, the window on the right side is our front window.  The bedrooms go around to the side of the parking lot.

Yesterday M and D and I were peacefully sitting in the living room.   M decided it was a little chilly in the house so asked D to turn on the furnace to take the chill out of the air.   Welllllllllll, that set off the smoke alarm in our unit.   M immediately called down to the concierge desk and told them what had happened.    It seems that is typical the first time you turn the heat on in the fall because all the dust and kitty furs settled in the registers over the summer. M could smell it burning and ran around to the two bedrooms, but could not see anything on fire.   

The fellow from maintenance was up to our apartment within minutes and cleaned out the registers for us so it should not do that again.   

I tell you pals, we had flashing lights blinking inside the apartment in addition to the loud siren.   I just stayed on D's lap cuz I knew I was safe there.  It was kinda scary tho!

Until next time,


Thursday, September 22, 2016

I Am A Lucky One! - Thankful Thursday. #RememberMeThursday

Hi Pals:

Today is #RememberMeThursday, a day to remember all the shelter cats that were not as lucky as I was.  Many have died while waiting for their forever home.   What a sad thing to think about.  I am so very thankful that I was one of the lucky ones.   No wonder I  insisted that D adopt me when M and D came to the shelter looking for a cat.  (See my adoption story) in the Tab at the top of the page).    I had been in the shelter for 4 months, and I think M and D saved my life.  It makes us sad that many others didn't make it.  So when thinking about getting a pet (cat, dog, or whatever), check with your local shelter first.   They have so many wonderful, loving, adoptable pets just waiting for a good home.

Our good friend The Stunning Keisha said it so well in her blog yesterday, please read it if you have not already done so.

On this Thankful Thursday, I am so thankful for my loving home with two staff humans that dote on my every need and whim.   In return, I give them lots of love - head bumps, purrs, lap time when they want it, and I'm a very happy kitty to be here.

I'm joining PepiSmartDog's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.  I'm also thankful to Michele for leading the blog hop every week.   I hope my try at linking up goes better this week.  I have absolutely no idea what went wrong last week that I could only connect to part of the link.

Join us in the blog hop and remind pals people to shop at Animal Shelters first when looking for that special pet.


Thursday, September 15, 2016

Working Hard (Thankful Thursday Blog Hop)

Hi Pals,

We have lived in our new digs (apartment) now for 3 months, according to M.   When we first moved in, I stuck to M like glue and didn't have much to do with D, who was always my favorite since the day they chose me at the shelter!   M felt bad for D cuz I was ignoring him.  So Katie Isabella's mom suggested maybe it would be good if D gave me my nightly treats after dinner.

Well pals, that worked.  Now I'm back to being stuck to D like glue and ignoring M, except for sleeping at night.

Sadly, D is much tougher than M and makes me work harder to get a treat.  I have to stand on my hind legs, front paws not touching anything for support - just left dangling down - and then I have to take the treat from him with my mouth.   Pals, this isn't easy cuz I have no toothies - remember?  I work really hard to get those two treats - really hard.   D can be a slave driver when he wants to be.  But I still love him anyway.  He's back to being my main buddy once again.    I just wish I didn't have to work so hard to get my treats!

It has been awhile since we've participated in PepiSmartDog's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.   We are thankful we are  back to link up with blog hop once again.   Join us and have some fun!


Help pals - We can't get Linky Tools to post all of the other pictures of pals who have linked up.   We've been doing Thankful Thursday Blog Hops off and on for about 5 years and never had a problem.   All of a sudden, we can't post the link.

Any tips or anyone know why?

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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Caturday Art Blog Hop

Hi Pals,

It's been awhile since I've participated in the Caturday Art Blog Hop with AthenaTheCatGoddess and the Selfie Blog Hop with TheresACatOnMyhead.  So here we are once again.

M happened to snap this picture of me sleeping on her bed.  After she bent over and kissed my cheek, she snapped the picture, and I didn't even open my eyes.

Then she put it in a new program she found called PhotoCat for a little editing and to give it the black frame.   They have some pretty cool effects you can use, but she kind of liked me just as I am.  It's a pretty simple program with easy in and easy out!

It's not often she gets a picture of my toesies!  Well, one paw anyway.

Have a great weekend pals.  I plan on doing a lot of snoozing myself.


Sunday, August 28, 2016

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

Thanks to Ann Adamus for the  Graphic

Hi Pals,

M and I had lots of fun trying to find pictures of the kitties and woofies that came before me.  But, alas, back then they really didn't take many.   In fact, we could only find 1.   So we've had to resort to pictures found on the internet that look like our pets..

Pepper was the first kitty M  ever had.  She got him when D went over to Korea right after the war.  Pepper was a well traveled kitty as M got him from a shelter in Florida while she lived there waiting for D to come back from Korea.   Pepper lived to be 19 years of age.

Then along came M's first ever doggie - Fritz, a grey and white miniature schnauzer.   Fritz attached himself like glue to M and really became her doggie.   She loved that little guy.   Then he got Arthritis at age 12 and it reached the point where he could barely walk anymore.  Here again we don't have a picture that we had taken, but this looks just like him.

After Fritz cane Tinker Bell, whom M and D got for my human sisfur.   Tinker Bell was a sweetie.  She used to wrap herself around sisfur's neck at night and sleep there.   Sisfur was about 14 at that point so she couldn't get suffocated.  The two of them were inseparable.

Tinker Bell Look Alike

The last kitty before me was Misty.   M and D answered an ad from a lady who had rescued her from the Humane Society because every time the lady went in their Misty talked to her.   That lady wanted to find a good home for Misty.   It was instant love by M and D when they met Misty.  Another sweetie.   Misty's favorite thing to do was visit D's size 13 feet when he sat down in the family room.   She loved it when D mauled her with his big feet and she kept coming back for more.    We think she was about 13 when she developed kidney problems.  After hydrating her a couple of times a week (the peeps learned how to do that at home) for two years, she reached the point where she needed to be hydrated daily.   While she was a good girl when getting hydrated, the peeps just couldn't do that to her every day.   They knew she would soon get smart to the routine and they would have a difficult time catching her.   They decided to let her cross the bridge rather than make her suffer.

Now this picture really is of our Misty.  That is the one photograph the peeps have of her.   She was another sweetie.

That pals, are all the anipals that came before me in M and D's life since they have been married for 50+ years.    Their only regret is that they wished they would have taken more pictures of each one.  But they didn't.   We feel, however, that the pictures we came up with are pretty accurate as to how they looked at the time we had them.

I have been on Twitter for 10 years and been a blogger for 8 years.   During that time (sadly) I have seen lots of pals (including 3 humans)  cross the Rainbow Bridge.  Lots of tears were shed at the time, but now we try to remember them with some happy memories

Twitter Pals that have crossed the bridge:

Thanks to the human of @JinJinDoggy and @PixelDoggy for keeping the picture current

Blogger Pals That Have Crossed the Bridge

Represents only those that asked Ann Adamus for a memorial picture in 2015 and 2016

Thanks to Ann Adamus for the Blogger pictures
We will always remember our rainbow bridge pals - forever and ever.    We really hope we don't lose anymore pals anytime soon.    

I've joined the blog hop hosted by Deb Barnes of Zee and Zoey's Cat Chronicles. Thank you Deb for hosting this important blog hop.


Thursday, August 18, 2016

My Favorite Place

Hi Pals,

This is my favorite spot in the apartment.   I like to nap here sometimes and it's great for keeping track of my humans if they go away in the car.  I can see them leave and always greet them at the window when they return.  They wave at me when they walk up the side walk to the door.

M says on this  morning we are having a Tornado Drill.   I've been through that once before and didn't find it too scary.   Some man walks around pushing on a horn that has a rubber ball on the end of it.    When he squeezes the red ball, the horn makes a horrible racket, but he doesn't come into the apartment and do it, so I'm not scared.    M says if it was a real warning, they would put me in the PTU and go down the hall where there is a room with no windows!   Sounds boring to me, but she says that is the safest place to be for such a storm.  But since this is just a practice run today, I get to stay in the apartment.

I survived the first Tornado Drill, so I'll survive this one too.   Apartment life isn't too bad, tho I think I'd still rather we lived in the house where I had lots of room to run around.    I run around here when I chase the Nieko Fly, and sometimes I get a case of the crazies and run from the living room into the bedroom and back again just cuz I feel like it..

Until next time pals,


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Little Bein Visitors

Hi Pals,

What a great Sunday we had.   Two little Beins and their two humans came to visit us, and we had a good time.    The little Bein in the top picture is almost 3 years old, and the little Bein in the bottom picture is almost 1 year old.  They were fun and did NOT pull my tail or ears or anything.   Their human grandma has kitties too so they have learned how to behave around us felines.   The Beins have a big woofie at their house too.  They are growing up learning how to treat animals kindly.   The man human happens to be the brother of our SIL - they are family to us too.   We were honored that they would take time from their very busy schedules to visit us.

Well, pardon me while I get back to my job of napping on this nice Tuesday afternoon.   Thanks for visiting!