Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thankful Thursday Blog Hop - Trained Humans

Hi Pals,

I had a "sleep in" morning today.  D got out of bed and I hopped up there.  Of course he doesn't dare make the bed when I'm sleeping.   Do I have him wrapped around my paw or what?

Are your peeps trained?

Our special thanks to @PepiSmartDog's for hosting this blog hop week after week.  Join us and have some fun.


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Nabbed Again!

Hi Pals,

Do I look happy to you?  For sure I'm not!  You see I got hauled off to the dreaded v.e.t. again one day last week.   This d.i.e.t. is the cause of it.  The Vet Tech likes to track my weight every month to see how I'm doing.  M says I could be weighed at home, but the peeps say I wiggle around too much when one of them stands on the scale.  They then have trouble telling how much weight I have lost.   Since we kitties are only supposed to lose .1 or .2 pounds a month, they can't get a good reading!!!!  Well, too bad, I say!

At least this time my weight went down .1 pound - I'm getting there pals.  But it sure is slow going.   M tells me I have nothing to complain about.  I'm at the v.e.t. all of about 5 minutes - just long enough to be put on the scale and then back in my carrier again.    I still don't like it!   She also says I'm only in the car for under 10 minutes as we live only a couple of miles from the dreaded v.e.t.

Now I'm paying the peeps back for tricking me.  Every time I see them together in a room during the day, I head for UTB!  ha ha - I'm not taking any chances.   M says she feels bad about that - "GOOD"!!!   She should have to suffer a little bit too.

Happy Mancat Monday pals!


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thankful Thursday Blog Hop - Donnie Duckie

Hi Pals,

Today I'm introducing my Donnie Duckie to you.  Isn't he cute.  He just arrived today, so we'll still getting acquainted.  M wanted a better picture, but I didn't feel like it!   So I said we could look out the window together and watch for the Chippie.   

I'm so thankful for him cuz now I can join the The New Duckie Club.  You might be interested in joining too.  Just go over to the bloggy and readl all about it. Click on The New Duckie Club and you are there.  Stay tuned for more adventures with my Donnie Duckie!

Thanks to @PepiSmartDog again this week for creating the Blog Hop.  We are thankful for you too buddy.  

Now pals, just hop in board and have some fun with us.


Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thankful For Our Special Visitors - Blog Hop

Left to Right - D and M, Sylvia, Carol, Nancy, Lisa

Hi Pals,

A couple of weeks ago, we had a special treat.   Another human of one of our special Twitter pals visited our state, and we had a chance to meet Nancy (@Bea_Bells).

Nancy was in Madison attending a conference.   We were fortunate in that she was able to break away from her conference the day before she was to leave to go back home.   Another good Twitter friend (Lisa - human of another doggie pal - @BigBoyBosco) volunteered to go meet Nancy in Madison and drive her to Oshkosh, WI where we were able to do a small anipal meet up.  Carol (@Fergusthedog's mom) drove to Oshkosh from Madison too.   Then, Sylvia (Bode's human - @4CatsStrapkie drove to our house, and she rode to Oshkosh with M & D).   It was great - or so I hear.  M told me all about it, and I was wishing I could have gone too.  Can you believe M didn't even take @Mariodacat2 with her -  the stuffie that is supposed to travel in my place when I can't go.  Hissss.  It's going to be a long time before I forgive M for that one.   She claims she didn't want to carry anything except a purse as she was using her cane instead of her walker because the restaurant was going to be so busy. Likely excuse!

Anyway, we are so thankful that we were able to get together to meet Nancy while she was in our state.  And, of course it's always fun to get together with our other anipal humans too.  We always say that anipal people are the bestest! 

Now, who wants to visit our state next so we can do another anipal meetup?   They are so fun, and we are thankful we could do one again this year.  Maybe even one of our good blogging pals would be visiting our state?  Just let us know - we'd love to meet you.

Thanks to PepiSmartDog's human again for hosting this Blog Hop.  Take a minute to read her blog as she's posted another great Kangaroo video and dog rescue stories..  


Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Wake-up Call

Hi Pals,

I gave M a nice wake-up call this morning.  About 5:00 I hopped up on her bed, layed down beside her and purred like crazy.  Now this is especially noteworthy cuz M says she rarely hears me purr.   I stayed there for about 5 minutes, then sat up and promptly horked on her bed - right where I was laying.  he he  I've done it to D a few times, but I don't usually hork on M's bed.  

This is one way for M to do a bloggy for me - give her something to write about and get her up and moving early.  

Now if you will excuse me, I'm going back to bed on the other bed as I'm tired! Can't wait until M gets the other bed washed up and put together again!  My nap schedule is way off schedule today!


Thursday, July 24, 2014

We sent The 90's Packing - Thankful Thursday Blog Hop

Hi Pals,

Whew, are we every thankful those HOT, MUGGY, 90's left our city and let in the 70's so the windows could be open once again.   Pals, I don't know about you, but when the house is closed up with the a/c on, we just get all sluggish around here.   I spent most of the day either in front of the patio door or in a window.  It's been great.

Are you thankful for cool days too?

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Monday, July 21, 2014

One Eye Open - Just In Case

Hi Pals,

Sorry for the poor picture, but it's pretty bright outside M said, and she just wanted to do a quick shot!    Now the important part is to take a look at that house across the street!  See it?  There are two black kitties living there and I have to keep my eye on them.   

Every night about the time it starts getting almost dark, they sit in their window watching me.   Then I has to sit in my window to watch them.   I has to patrol my house, but I don't know why they has to patrol mine!   I'm not going to escape at night and pay them a visit.   

What do you think they are doing over there?   I'm getting tired of this same window patrol every night!   How do I let them know that I'm a friendly guy and am not  going to invade their yard?