Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Move Over Pablo Picasso - Here Comes Mario

Hi Pals,

I've decided to take up Painting!   Do you think I can be as famous as Picasso? I hear he makes a ton of money.  Or am I going to have to wait until I cross that bridge before I'm famous?   I think that's what happened to Picasso.

The picture above shows mostly M's painting as I only watched the mousie run here and there.  One time I did paw at him, but I didn't touch the IPad.

This morning M got it set up again for my second try.  I really slapped that mousie a couple of good ones.  But, darn, M was too slow at taking the picture, so there isn't one. Tomorrow when we try it, she's going to do it on a bed so she can be more level with me.   I'm determined to keep  at it though.   D is proud of me cuz he is a real artist.   (You can see his art work in a tab at the top of my blog - "My Dad's Art Work")

Thanks for visiting pals.   Hope you are all being good kitties and woofies cuz M says Santa is watching.

I'm joining the Blog Paws Blog Hop:   Hop on along with us.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Thankful For You --- My Readers

I must supervise the typist when doing my blog.  She
doesn't take dictation very well!  
Hi Pals,

I've been missing for the last few Thankful Thursday posts.   M says maybe we have hit a plateau.   M and D love me to pieces, but M says I'm such an inactive kitty, and they are old foggies who are inactive too.   Therefore, nothing much of interest happens around here.   

My day consists of maybe playing with M after breakfast, then a nap.   Right after lunch I go downstairs to be with D and take a nap on his lap.   Then it's dinner time, followed by me begging for kibble, followed by some play time with M.   Pretty boring if you ask us.

We are so thankful to you readers for hanging in there with me since my very first post on December 29, 2009.   You all deserve a medal for staying with me for 5 years!      

M says we'll try to sharpen up our skills and come up with something interesting soon.    So stay tuned - there is hope.  he he  We just need to get the brains working again! 

I'm joining @PepiSmartDog's Blog Hop.   We are very thankful to Pepi's mom for running the blog hop week after week.   Go over and check out their blog too - lots of cool pictures over there and something very exciting is going to happen in her neighborhood.


P.S.  My D has caught 21 mousies so far!   I still don't understand why the peeps won't let me go outside at night so I can catch them!  Why does D get to have all the fun?

Sunday, December 7, 2014

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas - Selfie

Hi Pals,

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here.   Peeps dragged the tree up from the basement, and as soon as M was thru hanging the cat toys on the tree, I needed a nap.   Well, what else is that tree for?

My selfie today had to have M's help.  It's hard to take a selfie when you are a loaf with no paws, and I decided I wasn't moving.

Join in the blog hop hosted by A Cat On My Head.  Go over and say hello to them.    Thanks for hosting this again pals.   


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving - 2014

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone
Hi Pals,

I sure have a lot to be thankful for.  My staff of two, who take care of me, give me cuddles, playtime, food, and a nice warm house to live in.    What more could a kitty possibly want.  Every night when M goes out to fill the birdie feeders, I sniff the fresh air, and it's so cold that I never stay by the door longer than time to get in one whiff.   To think that I once lived on the streets for a short time  YUK!!!  I was wet, cold and hungry back then until some lady found me and took me to the Humane Society.   Then I had to wait 4 whole months before M and D came along and adopted me.  So, I'm very thankful for my home and humans.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family pals.


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thankful - I Am A Survivor of Feline Stomatitis

 Hi Pals,

Notice anything different about my mouth?   Yup - I has no toothies.   Now my pals that have known me a long time know the story and why, but some of you new pals don't know.   Since this is important information every kitty (and sometimes woofies) should know, we're going to do a quick recap.

When I was adopted at 3 years old in October 2008.   M took me to the vet that very day and the vet said it looked like I had a few bad teeth.  My gums were inflamed, toothies needed cleaning and maybe some pulled.   I also had infection in the gums.     Four different courses of antibiotics just didn't clear it up, so our vet sent me to a anipal dentist in another city.   He diagnosed Stomatitis and recommended all my teeth should be pulled or I'd never get rid of the infection and the bad gums could lead to other serious diseases down the road.

Here is an excellent article in my dentist's web site that explains Stomatitis.   If you or another kitty or woffie might have this, please read the article (click here)  and talk to your vet about proper treatment or a referral to an anipal dentist..   This is very important!

I have been Stomatitis free for 6 years, and living with no toothies really isn't a problem as long as I'm an indoor kitty and don't have to kill my own food or defend myself.   I even eat kibble.

If you want a blow by blow accounting for all we went through over an 8-month period, please check out the tab (Where Did My Toothies  Go) at the top of this page.   It chronicles our total experience.   

I've joined @PepiSmartDog's blog Hop.   We are thankful to his mom for providing the blog hop and for all her work with rescued animals in Australia.  I'm also thankful I don't have to worry about Stomatitis anymore!


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Got My Easy On And Selfie

Hi pals,

I've got my Easy on for today and I'm joining blog hop.   

It snowed last night (not much - about 1/2 inch), the house seems chilly today, and the peeps are going to watch the Packer's play.   It's a good day for me to borrow under the throw on the sofa and hide away.   It's warm, cozy, and private until the humans find me.

Hope your easy is going well too.


PS Sorry I've been missing for a bit.  M says she thinks she has her "act" together now.  Whatever that means!!  Humans!!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Where Are The Mousies!

Hi Pals,

Please excuse my back side, but it's pretty important that I keep patrolling for the mousies.   

Two nights ago, about 2:00 a.m. (M says), she woke up like she many times does, got out of bed, and noticed me missing.   The found me with my head between the blinds, tail wagging, butt wiggling, and I was very intent on what I was seeing.

It was MOUSIES pals!   M turned the light on over the patio and nearly screamed - one mousie was climbing up the screen door between the house and outside of the patio.  Boy was it ever neat, and I was reaching up trying to get him down.    I really wanted M to open that patio door so I could get out there and catch me a mousie!   She wouldn't open it for me!  Humans can be so mean sometimes.

Now, of you will excuse me, I need to get back on patrol.  Maybe tonight is the night I'll catch me a mousie!