Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Animal Photo Hunt #15 - Vist To The (Gasp!) Vet

Hi Pals:

Monday night before I went to bed I made a discovery - not a good one either.   Dat box thingy was sitting in the living room.   Dat has to mean I'm going somewhere - not anyplace good either.  M played with me some and we went to bed.

Yesterday morning dat box mysteriously moved to the kitchen table.   I ate me brekkie and kept a low slinky profile until M grabbed me and stuffed me in it.   YIKES!  

Let's see, is the top latched down.  Darn - yes.   Oh wait - the front door is open.  ESCAPE time!   Maybe if I run to the basement and hide, she can't find me.   Yes, dis is a good plan.  

DRATS - As I'm zooming down the steps, you might know I'd meet M on the way up.    She got me again and threw me into dat box and shoved me in dat noisy thing in the garage.   I seemed forever until she turned dat noisy machine off (but M tells me it's only only bout 7 min from our house}   (What does she know anyway!)

Den I was plunked down on dis table.   Not a good sign.  I think I remember dis place from when I had toothie problems.   It wasn't fun den and it's not going to be fun now.
Den the lady dokter scooped me up and put me on dat cold hard counter.
Den she started feeling me all over (hrumpf) and put a cold thing up next to me.  (Okay, when is dat picky sticky thing coming - come on lady - I'm prepared for it!)  But she put me back in the box and said I was in good health.  Whew!  

Den I hear the lady dokter and M talking bout me kibble.   It seems I gained another pound since my toothie problems.   (WHAT - I just put on me winter coat so I looks fluffier.  I didn't gain any wait - honest!)   Dat lady dokter told mom not to let me gain anymore bekause I might get diabetes (whatever dat is).   She told M to measure my amount of kibble for the day.  (What!!!   I can't have a whole cup!   Only 2/3 of a cup.   I'm going to starve for sure.)  

Den the lady dokter carried me to the other room, M paid the bill, and we got back in dat noisy machine thing again. 

Wow. guess dat trip wasn't too bad.  At least they didn't steal toothies or blood and I didn't get poked with sharp needles.   Maybe I got off easy dis time - well cept for being told I'm too fat!  

It's Thanksgiving week so I guess I should be  thankful dat I got a pretty good report from the lady dokter.   I am thankful for dat report, my good home, even tho the food will not be plentiful anymore, my loving peeps, and all of you dear friends.  

My Thanksgiving post was written two days ago in honor of friends dat crossed over the bridge.    If you wish to read it, just go to previous post.

Before I leave, Please keep your paws crossed, say prayers, and send healing purrs and positive energy  to our good friend @Cokiethecat who is very sick and going to has surgery tomorrow.   There is a #pawcircle going for him, and he and his mama really need us now.

Cokie is the one who started dis Photo Hunt.   Hop on aboard.


Shawnee the Shepherd said...

Good news that efurrything be OK with you. Big bummer on the foods. My mom measures it out fur efurry single meal but then that do be how we keeps our girlish figures. I did not knows there be anything wrong with Cokie - I thought he woz sedated coz he be so noggty fur the V-E-T. I go check to see wot be going on...

Caren Gittleman said...

Oh noooo!! I wanted to be funny until I heard about Cokie...I pray that Cokie will be ok...I am definitely praying..
Ok, now...don't'cha just love how they trick us by giving us food and then put us in those darned cages with the doors that lock? My Mom does the same thing! She even puts it on the table (so she can make sure she stuffs me in properly)
I am glad your vet visit went well...you and I are both very, very good gentlemen at the vet but BOY OH BOY DO I EVER UNDERSTAND ABOUT THE KIBBLE! I am only allowed 1/4 cup a day of kibble! (My mom gives me a little bit at lunch and the rest at bedtime so I don't drive her crazy with hunger)
I do get to eat wet food twice a day though, what about you?
We are gonna send Cokie an email right now and let him know we are thinking about him.
Love, Cody (and Mom)

Pandafur said...

I sorry abowt your vet visit an gaining wate Mario. I din't know about Cokie so I gonna go gives sum purrrs for him at #pawcircle.

Pirulo Furry said...

The important thing is that you're OK. Sorry you couldn't put the bitey on the Vet, but you could use your laser eyes.

The Island Cats said...

Mario, we're glad that your visit to the doktor went okay...'cept for that food part. So unfair!!

We hadn't hear about Cokie being sick. We sure hope he'll be okay...we'll be purring for him.

Mariodacat said...

Good news on Cokie. We got the word on Twitter about 8:00 CST dat Cokie is home and oding fine. He said "vet shaved his butt and pulled 3 teeth" but he's okay. Dat is such good news dat I'm doing the "happy dance."

Cathy Keisha said...

So you got Dr. Evil the female v-e-t too! Sounds like you got off easy but it's a dirty trick to do it during this holiday season. the peeps are buying me a new carrier that they can wheel me around. Sounds like fun.

Pepi Smart Dog said...

Mario you are definitely experienced when it comes to vet visits! So glad your toothie issues are behind you now. You would think your vet would get you a heated table....after all the practice you have given him when you allowed him to look at your toothies! *tosses head in air* Glad you got a "paws-up" from the vet today. XXXXX

Parker said...

You're lucky, some vet visits don't go that easy!

Marg said...

We sure are glad they didn't steal anything from you at the vets and that you are in good health. That really is a biggie to be thankful for. We will go visit Cokie. Take care and have a great Thanksgiving day.

Your Daily Cute said...

I'm glad it was a good visit, Mario. Don't worry, you won't miss that other 1/3 too much. Pimp is on a diet, too!

Yoda_the_Dog said...

I think it is worse because you kitties have to go in the cage!

Sparkle said...

Mario, you still get fed more than any of us girl kitties!

Father Tom said...

That's a heck of a thing to find out you're "too fat" just before the holidays, gee whiz!!

Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving!


Bad Andy said...

YaY yiPpeE ~ you gotta good report! *high paw* I agree with you 'bout THE VET, that place just ain't right *shakes head & shivers*

Oskar said...

I'm glad the vet visit wasn't that bad & terribly sorry to hear about Cokie. I'll go pay him a visit.

Nubbin wiggles,

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

LOL...Our cats run in terror when they see the crate, as the last time 3 were in one they had to travel 2 hours for our move. I actually have to hide it in the laundry room, and stuff them in :)

glad he got a good check up