Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tribute to RudyCKat (OTRB 12/7/09)

RudyCKat OTRB 12/7/09

Hi Pals,

One year ago tomorrow (December 7th) , I had to say goodbye to my bestest pal, RudyCKat.  His crossing hit me and M really hard.   We both cried buckets of tears and felt so bad for his humans, who loved him dearly.

I never did a tribute to Rudy after he crossed over. I only started this boggy about the time he left, and we were trying to figure out how to even blog. So, it's important to me that I write about him now on his 1-year anniversary.

I remember so many good times with Rudy.   He and I would always hang out together at pawparties, ooing and ahing over the girls, so afraid to ask them to dance for fear they would reject us.  (I has to laugh now because Rudy was one handsome boy cat - what girl in her right mind would ever turn him down.)  Pawparties have never been quite as much fun for me since he crossed that bridge.

He he - you all know of course dat I started Twittering as Ladycat3.  Well, one night Ladycat3 got a little tipsy at a pawpawty.  Rudy, the kind handsome mancat he was, kindly saw to it dat Ladycat3 got home safe and sound.  Now Rudy certainly could have taken advantage of the situation and well --- you know ---. (he he - if he had he would have been in for the surprise of his life)  But Rudy didn't.  He was the purrfect gentleman, helped her to the sofa, covered her with a blankey,  turned out the light, and left to go home.  (It was shortly after dat I told M, I has to have a Twitter account in my own name - I am a boy cat and I want everyone to know I am a boy cat.  I'm tired of pretending I'm Ladycat3).

Rudy and his sisfur MaggieTKat

When Rudy found out he was going into renal failure, he was to celebrate his birthday dat weekend.   His wonderful oomans went ahead with his birthday celebration, and den helped him cross the bridge the next day so he wouldn't have to suffer.   What great oomans they are.   It also gave some of us a chance to say goodbye to our dear friend.   he he - one of the things Rudy did for me was introduce me to his sisfur Maggie.   I promised Rudy I'd look after Mags for him.   I remember so well dat he told me I didn't have to bother - "Mags can handle herself very well thank you."   How right Rudy was.   Little did Rudy know at the time dat I'd now be watching over his new brudder (ParkerTKat) instead.  (Dat little squirt does need watching over).

While Rudy was so sick, his mama started a memory quilt. which she then offered  as a pawpawty prize a few weeks later.   I was so surprised when I won dat quilt.   It is so bootiful and I know it was created with lots of tears and love.   Man, was I ever lucky to win dat.   It is now a prized possession and we hang it through the Christmas season.  It is very special to me.

I was so happy when Rudy started visiting at pawparties and many times tends bar or spins tunes.   I have come to find out dat the other side of the bridge is a very happy place where there is no pain or suffering.   Rudy also has an important job now as he manages a beauty salon there and helps new arrivals groom themselves so they are bootiful once again.   Who better to manage dat salon den our gorgeous friend, RudyCKat.  

Rudy's mom wrote a very special blog a couple of days before she had to say goodbye to Rudy.  Please go over there and read it.  It's very touching and certainly "from the heart."

I may not get to see you every day now Rudy, but I am always happy to see you when you do come back for a visit and you are always within my heart.  

12-6-10 After doing to bloggy last night, by pal @SmokeyPoodle helped me get a Twibbon going for Rudy.  If you wish to wear it, you can find it at

Bye for now friends,  Thanks for letting me share my memories of Rudy with you.




The Island Cats said...

What a wonderful tribute to your furiend Rudy. That memory quilt is beautiful...and very special we can see!!

Caren Gittleman said...

Oh Mario that was the most beautiful tribute ever!!!
I never knew you tweeted as a lady cat (too funny!) and that story was just adorable.
What a good friend to Rudy you were (and are).
Your quilt is gorgeous and it is so wonderful that every year you proudly display it.
I never knew Rudy but through reading your wonderful tribute I feel as if I do!

d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

A lovely tribute to Rudy, he was a handsome mancat and a very special boy.

Mr Puddy said...

Mario, You are a special friend of Rudy. It's a wonderful tribute.

Kruse Kats said...

We recall all the good times as well. Thanks for the beautiful tribute.

Maggie and Mom

Pandafur said...

That iz such a luvly tribyute to Rudy, he wuz teh life of pawpawty an a dear furrend. Effury time I saw him he wud gives me a *high MC paw*. He wuz joyful, happy and kind. I miss him lots.

Anonymous said...

Lovely tribute to Rudy, a special mancat and dear friend to you and to all. xo

Michelle said...

That's such a beautiful tribute to Rudy! I never knew him, but this brought tears to my eyes. You're a wonderful friend, Mario, and that quilt was meant for you! Love to you and M :-).

Oskar said...

Oh Mario, what a beautiful tribute to Rudy.

Nubbin wiggles,

Smokey and Ody said...

Mario, that is a very beautiful tribute to your friend. I didn't know Rudy, but he sounds like a really cool kitty and touched a lot of anipals.

Max the Quilt Cat said...

Mario... that was a beautiful tribute post to Rudy. ...

pawhugs, Max

Marg said...

That sure was a lovely tribute to Rudy. We liked that a lot and that also was a beautiful quilt. Take care and have a wonderful day.

Pirulo Furry said...

That was a beautiful tribute to Rudy, Mario. Well written.