Monday, August 2, 2010

Dog Days Of Summer vs Cat Days OF Summer

Hi friends,

Don't know bout you, but I'm sick of dis summer thing.   The peeps insist on keeping the windows closed and the AC on.   It's very boring and I find myself napping a lot - just like in winter.   M tells me these are the "Dog Days of Summer" and I just have to be patient.   pffffft!

Now I ask you - what is this "Dog Days of Summer" stuff that I keep hearing peeps say?   How did dogs get into this?   Why don't peeps say "Cat Days of Summer"  or "Cat/Dog Days of Summer" Now I hope my doggie friends don't get mad at me, cuz I dearly love every one of dem. But, dey has way too much power. It's not fair.   Doggies already get to go hiking in the woods with their oomans, go to doggie parks with their masters, go for car rides and now they have part of the summer named after dem.   Pffffft!

Whenever I wonder bout something, M says "let's Google it."   So we Googled "Dog days of summer" and got some interesting stuff, so now we're going to educate you too. 

Big words go way over me head cuz I never had any formal schooling and really never even passed kittenhood (I know - you don't have to remind me dat soon I'll be 5 and am not very bright.).   But it seems dat Dog Days is a Latin term meaning "hottest, most sultry days of summer."  Den dat Google guy said something bout the Romans (whatever dey are) believed dat Sirius, ("who was a dog star" per dat Google guy - hmmm, wonder if he had a circus act) was responsibile for the weather.   Pffffft!    Dat gives doggies way too much power.   Who put dem in charge anyway?

Den we Googled "Cat Days of Summer."   Pffffft!    Dis really made me an angry, hissy cat.  There is no such thing!!    Dat Google guy told us bout some guy nammed Nat King Cole, who I guess sang songs.  Den he talked bout a science fiction book some guy wrote bout doors into summer.  Den he talked bout some sailboat named the Inland Cat.   pfffffft!!   So, do you see why I'm miffed (I wanted M to write a different word, but she said it was norty so she not let me do it.)

So, we cats need to unite and declare dat we have Cat Days of Summer.  A good time for dis would be August 15th until the end of September.   That still gives the doggies their Dog Days of Summer (which runs July thru August, but gives us equal billing with Cat Days of Summer..  And, by den it will be a little cooler and we can have windows open again.  Open windows are a MUST for Cat Days of Summer cuz we all like to sit in the open windows and watch the birdies.

So, who's with me on the new season - Cat Days Of Summer?

Enjoy your special days doggies cuz we cats are getting equal rights!!

Dis is Mario signing off for now.


Pandafur said...

*raises paw high* Iz with you Mario, let's haz some cat days of summer!

The Island Cats said...

We vote for Cat Days of Summer, Mario!! Us cats deserve summer days too!!

Shawnee the Shepherd said...

I is with you on this, Mario. I think it only be fair that the kittehs has they days too.

Pirulo Furry said...

I'm also with you, friend. Cat Days of Summer will be officially cool! Yeah! Great idea.

Pumpkinpuddy said...

Excellent idea. Count me in!

Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

Bring on the CAT POWER!!! Good thinkin' buddy. You got my support!!

Caren Gittleman said...

well Mario that is a good idea but...people say the "dog days of summer" to talk about disgusting heat and awful days and I don't think kitties want to be associated with ugly awful temperatures.
Why don't the kitties have the "Cat Days Of Fall" when the colors are gorgeous, and the days are cool and crisp! Let the doggies have the awful hot temps!

michico*Adan said...

Great Idea~~
You have good vision!

crazykittykat1 said...

Paws up here for Cat Days of Summer.

Momma cat googled it too. Looks like lots of rescue adoption events use Cat Days of Summer & that's a good thing too to spread the word.

Cats will really rule the world someday!

tweetypie said...

I dont nos Mario, but dog days is bout rite 2, but cat day is good wif me also HUGSxxxx

Aksharaa said...

Hello Mario,
sorry, excuse us..but you do smell like a cat! But then again, you have extended your paw and offered friendship and even came over to leave a Labradawggy standards that is just Pawsome and we are very very glad to have met you..
yeah! we read about Dog days in a magazine. we are really sorry u are hurt that there are no cat days considering cats feel the summer heat equally!
Next time you need to change rules, count us in to help you.
Buddy n Ginger

Simba said...

I think this is a verry goood idea.

Cathy Keisha said...

Sorry Mario. I'm with Caren on this. Dog days means something bad and that's why it's dogs and not cats. Cats should only be used to describe wonderful things like CATnip or maybe the days between Christmas and New Year could be cat days. Those are fun days when our peeps usually are home. Guess I'm spoiled b/c every day is MY day around here.

Poppy Q said...

Mario, enjoy your hots while they last. It is super rainy and windy here this weekend, but not as cool as it has been. In the summer we don't have any air conditioning, but we leave the windows and door open and hope for a breeze.

Have a good weekend.

Julie and Poppy Q

Honeybell said...

Hi Mario, Paw Power indeed! we cats need the google fame too; pffft; although I will caution you that soon you will be saying I am sick of the cat cold days of winter; and while you are having that, sadly I will still be in the cat days of summer here in s. fl. purrs; love your bloggie; love you too dear mario!

Busy Buttons said...

I say you can HAVE summer! It's way too hot for Mom and I...

Anonymous said...

I personally think we should have 'The year of the Cat'...yup. And every day of the year we have to be told how wonderful we are and get treats and all kinds of fancy things.

I hate this A/C thing too! Mom keeps the windows and doors open when dad's not home (she likes the heat) but as soon as dad gets there...Close 'er up!

-Baxter the cat