Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thankful Thursday Tirbute To Great Pals


Hi pals,

Cheriswan and I are so very thankful for all the wonderful, generous friends who contributed to her chip-in.   I see in the comment section of my last post that she thanked you there too.   I know this means a lot to Cheri and her mom and that she was very embarrassed to even have to ask for help.   Once again the anipal world came thru and we are forever grateful to each of you.  The anipal community is the absolute BEST with the biggest hearts around.

Cheri wanted to take the chip-in down immediately when it reached $500,  But M suggested she leave it up and let it go over goal a bit because M felt she really needed to make that trip to San Francisco for her hubby's surgery with a little extra money for a cushion.  At the rate gas prices keep going up and up, plus what if there is some sort of hidden, unforeseen expense that happens while she's traveling.   M is big on planning for the unexpected, or what if she needs to stay a day or two longer to be with her hubby.   This is serious surgery and there is always the risk of something happening.   So, M feels better now that she has a few extra green papers.

Cheri's mom also was thankful for all your suggestions on where to get help.   Some great ideas were passed on to her and I know she followed thru with checking them out.

Once the surgery is over and Cheri's mom is back home, M will ask her if she'd like to do a guest post on my bloggy so we all know how things went. 

Until then, we wish the very best for Cheri's dad with his surgery.   If you can, please purr for him or say some purrayers, send some positive energy for healing, and anything else that you can think of doing.

If you still wish to contribute, there is still time to do so.  You can be sure Cheri's mom will spend the money wisely and any extra will go to taking care of the 2 doggies and 1 kitty in the family.    And please, no apology is necessary if you can't.    Cheri didn't want anyone to give up their last green paper just to help her.   Cheri's mom was very clear on that point when M talked to her about doing a chip-in.  M says she can't always give to everything either.

The anipals and their oomans are the BESTED in the whole big world.

Oh yes, be sure to to visit my next post cuz there is going to be something very exciting to talk about.

Love you all,



Brian said...

I think is it wonderful that she was able to get some help. Ya done good pal!

Cathy Keisha said...

Our community is the BEST! We almost got teary-eyed when we looked at the ChipIn. Purrayers that the surgery goes smoothly and they'll both be home soon.

Pumpkinpuddy said...

I just love how we take care of each other. I was thrilled to see that the chipin went over goal. I'm purraying for everything to turn out ok for Cheri's husband.

Admiral Hestorb said...

Our Anipals are the best..absolute best. No kitty, doggy or mom or dad goes uncared for. No one must face things alone. I think everyone is awesome.

Prancer Pie said...

Yay! Purrs being sent to them fur safe travel and surgery. xoxo

Cokie the Cat said...

That's wonderful and so nice of you to do the chip in for CheriSwan, and thank you for sharing it with us on #ThankfulThursday.

TinyPearlCat said...

So very nice of everyone to help her out. Love it! *pawhuggs* TPC

cheriswan said...

To all of my dear friends ~ you're an inspiration and generous to a fault. Mom and I are deeply appreciative and moved beyond tears at the loving gestures, kind thoughts, prayers, offers of ideas & help.

Dad doesn't know it yet, but mom is taking her iPhone so she can post pictures & updates each day. It only seems right that you helped mom make the journey that she share each step with you.

We can never thank each of you enough for your help.


Prudence said...

Pawprayers for Cheri's husband, thank you for doing this for them buddy, what a great community we have!

Father Tom said...

A great outcome from a very caring community and what's more, there aren't folks around more deserving, too.

We look forward to the updates! And, Mario, you're one cool dude for getting involved, too!