Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy Birthday ML - Woohoo Pawty Time

Hi Pals,

This is an extra special day on the blogosphere.  We're celebrating the birthday of a VIP right here in Blogville.   Yes pals, that VIP is our very own ML of the blogsphere.  She is the keeper of everything important relating to all the anipals that have blogs.   She keeps the rest us up to date on important issues./days/birthdays/illnesses/and OTRB bridge crossings,   She's the lady "in the know."     

Last week one day the above invitation came via Special Delivery,  inviting us to participate in this VIP Day.

Please join me in singing to this very special lady:



Thank you so much for all you do for us to keep this community up and running as smoothly as it does.   You ROCK!!


All Badges courtesy of Ann Adamus of The Zoolatry Girls 

Monday, May 21, 2012

AAAC Award & Serious Purring Needed

Graphics Designer Award from Anipal Academy Awards
Hi Pals,

Saturday afternoon and evening the Anipal Academy Awards Group had an appreciation/recognition ceremony to honor those in the anipal twitter group who have participated in graphics for various parties.  

Now yours truly here, has participated a couple of times in making pictures for various celebrations and parties on Twitter, but we don't hold a candle compared to some of the graphics created by some pals.  I tell you there is some excellent work out there.    We were truly honored to be included in this group of graphic designers.   M and I had fun doing it, but we are far from pros.     So thanks to the Anipal Academy Awards committee for presenting us with one of these awards too.   It is much appreciated.   

Now on to some serious business.   

One of our blogging pals needs our  purrs and prayers.  That would be Squashies over at, who has developed a tumor in her ear.   Her family is very worried about this poor little furbaby and would appreciate any purrs and pawprayers in Squashies' behalf.

Badge created by Ann Adamus at

Thanks pals.   I know that if the anipals on Twitter and  Blogosphere ban together, the rumbling will have to heal Squashies and make that nasy tumor run away forever.,

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Angel JinJin - Until We Meet Again

JinJin getting her Angel wings from head angel!
Hi Pals,

Sadly, the Angels claimed a new recruit yesterday, May 16th, by the name of @JinJinDoggy.      It was a very sad day on Twitter when we heard the news and lots of anipals and their oomans had leaky eyes.  Yes, even our oomans have leaky eyes when one of my friends crosses that Rainbow bridge.   As M says, we get so attached to our friends on Twitter even tho most of us have never met face to face.

JinJin was one of those sweeties who was adored by many pals.   She was always there with a kind word for everyone she met and talked to and was always in a good mood and ready to have fun.  in fact, I think it was her idea once that she and I switch bodies when we tended bar together.  he he - It was so much fun because pals were getting confused as to who was who - ha ha even JinJin and I were getting confused.  We had trouble recognizing ourselves.   I'm so happy we decided to do it one last time about 3 weeks ago at one of the anipal parties.   Little did I know at the time that it would be our last time to be each other.
He he - I think JinJin made a better Mario then the real Mario.   We had so much fun anytime we switched bodies.   I'm really going to miss doing that with you JinJin!   We love Pixel, but since Pixel is brown, she just isn't going to look right in a Mario body.  Sorry Pixel.

Of course I had a great time being JinJin too, but I think JinJIn was the most bootiful.     

JinJin, sweetie, you were one of my first doggie friends on Twitter, so  we go way back.   I sure am going to miss you.   But, I know you were hurting towards the end with that nasty Arthritis guy in your bones, so I understand why you had to leave.,  At least you are in a happy place, feel no pain anymore, and are with a lot of our pals.  You will always live in our hearts tho.   Look for me each night waving my paw at your star in the sky    Last night it was the brightest one in the west.

Until we meet again some day JinJin, I'm smothering you in Mario smooches.   

Love you always,