Saturday, October 27, 2012

Jamie - Hollywood Here I Come!

Hi Pals:

I'm so excited today because the abandoned kitty (Jamie) leaves  North Carolina on Sunday to begin his journey to his new home with @MizzBassie in Southern Florida.   He's being driven by several wonderful volunteers whom M calls "Jamie's Angels."   The caravan leaves with Brian's Dad (Terry) driving the 1st leg.   He's being handed over to a new driver at each stop.  Dorian said she'd post pictures of the hand-off at each stop after the trip is over.

There are so many to thank as this is quite a trip with a lot of humans involved.   

M and I want to thank:

1.   Brian's dad (Terry at Brian's Home) so much for telling us about Jamie and starting the ball rolling to finding Jamie a new home and seeing that he was comfortable in the shelter and well cared for until a permanent home could be found.  Brian does a fantastic job with rescue kitties and many times is called out on an rescue in the middle of the night.     This is NOT his first rescue mission by any means.  He is a pro.

2.    The owner/Manger at the Doggy Shelter who took extra good care of Jamie while he was having to stay there due to lack of room at other shelters.  That nice lady kept Jamie with her in the shelter office, where he got lots of lap time and extra attention.     She said she would have liked to adopt him because he is such a nice cat, but she has a house full of dogs, and Jamie would not be happy

3.   Dorian of @YourDailyCute/ for lining up a group of Rescue Angels and coordinating with Terry on arrangements.   She coordinated and contacted her rescue people, set up the itinerary and schedule. Not an easy job I'm sure.  She has done this kind of thing many times before and has the system down pat!!  We can't thank you enough Dorian.   You are a real pro at this rescue business!  M says she's sure you spend hours and hours on each rescue because this one was so well thought and planned - right down to an approximate time schedule all day long.

4.    All the drivers, who are giving up their personal, free time, and paying for their own gas money  to help drive several miles to take Jamie  to the next designated stop.   You all are special Angels and I'm calling you #Jamie'sAngels.  Without you we'd probably still be trying to figure out how to get Jamie to his new home.

5.    @MizzBassie for adopting Jamie.   We can't thank her enough for saying she'd like to adopt Jamie because we know he's going to a very good home where he will receive expert, loving care.     @MizzBassie lost one of her special kitties about a year ago, and she said she was now ready to bring a new kitty into her home to live with the other kitties.   We know Jamie will get lots of love and attention with MizzBassie and her family.  He is one very, very lucky kitty
6.  Then last, but not least, thank you to all of you on Twitter for RTing so many of my tweets and for putting up with seeing so many tweets over and over again on the same subject.   Without your  help, we would not have found two of the volunteers!    Once again, the anipals on Twitter and the Blogosphere ROCK!   

What a wonderful group of humans working so hard to get Jamie to his new home with @MizzBassie.  We feel so honored to be associated with such a wonderful group and to be a tiny part of this very special rescue.

SPECIAL NOTE:   You can follow Jamie's progress on Twitter by watching for the hashtag #JamieRoadTrip.  Dorian will post the tweet and a few of us will be watching so we can RT it.   It's going to be so fun to follow his progress.   As soon as the time line is posted, I'll tweet the begin time on Sunday morning with the hashtag of #JamieRoadTrip.   

Woohoo - this is all just so exciting!  Now I just hope "Sandy" gets out of the way of the route our "Jamie's Angels" are taking.

Oh yes, a big thank you to  all of you for your many comments and suggestions on my blog.  All the suggestions were good ones and were passed on to Brian and Dorian.  I'm keeping them as ideas if and when there is a "next time."

Until next time pals,


P.S.  M says special thoughts and prayers are going to our pals along the East Coast where Sandy is whipping up quite a storm.  We hope everyone is safe and out of harms way.  She will be worried about our #JamiesAngels also as they make the journey to Jamie's new home.

Monday, October 22, 2012

"Only 157 Miles To Go To Get Me To My New Home"


We are trying desperately to get this rescued kitty to his new home in Hollywood, Florida from Greeanville, S.C. where he is currently living after a wonderful man (Terry Frum) heard he was in an already full shelter in Greenville, SC.   Please see Brian's Blog for all the details of his rescue

Dorian of Your Daily Cute is organizing a chain link of rides to get Jamie from Greenville to Hoillywood, Florida, where his new family eagerly awaits him.   The  chain is missing a link:

WANTED: Driver, who lives in the Columbia area,  to drive Jamie from Columbia, S.C. to Savannah, Georgia on November 3rd, 2012.

where another ride will be waiting and willing to take the next leg.  Brian can get him from Greenville to  Columbia, but can't drive him to Savannah because  of prior important commitments.
Can you help or do you know someone who loves cats that might be able to make the journey of 157 miles with Jamie to the next link in this chain to get Jamie to his new home?  This trip  begins November 3rd, leaving from Greenville to Columbia.  Can you provide the missing link?

If you can, please contact Dorian via email to:

We have an amazing group of volunteers who are wiling to save the life of this sweet boy.   These folks and friends have done this kind of thing numerous times, and M and I so deeply appreciative of their efforts each and every time to save the life of another animal.  A big thank you to all of you who are helping in this endeavor.  We love you all.

Please - Columbia S.C. humans - we need your help to  save this kitty.


Mario & M

Monday, October 15, 2012

RIDE WANTED - Columbia, SC to Savannah,Georgia; then Svanaah to Jacksonville, Fla.

Hi Pals

Jamie is closer to getting to Hollywood, Fla to his new home with @MizzBassie.  We have a few volunteers for the long Florida drive but we still need coverage for the following two legs of Jamie's journey.

Please read @Brian106sc's blog as it spells things out nicely and has the link where you can sign up to volunteer:   

M communicated with Dorian at Your Daily Cute who is coordinating the transportation piece of Jamie's journey. She indicated the Florida leg has sufficient volunteers. Here are the two legs that still need to be covered:

From:Columbia, SC to Savannah, GA - approximately 2 hours, 45 minutes one way.
From Savannah, GA to Jacksonville, FL. - approximately 2 hours 30 minutes one way.

Help us spread the word. If you know anyone living in those two states, maybe send them the link to this blog to see if they could be of help - or maybe they know of a cat lover that could help.

As M says, these are relatively easy legs to drive and she wishes we lived closer to help out..

Please - we need one or two people yet to take these first two legs of Jamie's journey to get him HOME to @MizzBassie. I know we anipals and our humans CAN DO THIS!


Friday, October 12, 2012

We're Doing The Happy Dance For Jamie

Hi Pals -  

We're doing the "happy dance" here.   GREAT NEWS - Abandoned Jamie is going to be adopted by Twitter's very own @MizzBassie.  He doesn't know it yet but he is going to have a super home and family to love him.     Thank you, thank you, thank you to MizzBassie for adopting him.   We know he will have a very happy, loving forever home.

In the meantime Jamie is still at the doggie shelter, but the kind lady there put him in his cage in her office so he doesn't have to be by the doggies.  For now he's reasonably happy.  

Now hard part - we need to transport him from South Carolina to Southern Florida - Fort Lauderdale/Miami area.   Brian's dad is working on a couple of leads for perhaps doing a relay down the state of Florida.   If that doesn't work out, we'll have  to fly him down there with a human to accompany him.   

We will need to raise funds, so a chip in will be going up.   Please stay tuned for that - we'll be needing lots of help on this one.  But, I know the anipal community, and I know we can pull together and raise the funds needed.  
So stay tuned dear friends and in the meantime do the Happy Dance with me.

Until next time,


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

PLEASE HELP This Adorable Little Guy

Hi Pals,

M is broken hearted again.   You know every now and then she falls in love with an anipals story.  Such is the case with Jamie in Greenville, South Carolina.   

Jamie was abandoned, then found by someone who couldn't keep him.  A person found him and tried to find a shelter that had room  but all the shelters in that area are filled up and not taking more pets - except a shelter for doggies.  They would take him on a temporary basis, but they also need the room.  If a home isn't found for Jamie real FAST, he will be turned over to the county shelter - which means instant death.  

Please check out Brian's Blog for the details.  M is so upset because Jamie has a great disposition, is loveable and affectionate, and loves laps.   This cat does not deserve the fate he's been dealt - either the death-trap county shelter or being in a shelter for dogs only, where they will eat him alive if he gets out of this cage.

Brian said transportation could be arranged, but obviously that takes time to do.  We need someone to take him NOW that lives in that area of the US.   Please rack your brain to see if you know of anyone the south eastern part of the US that might be able to take Jamie. - even a foster home would be considered.  We do have someone in Seattle that might take him, but we'd have to do a fund raiser to raise the $$ for transportation.   He won't last in either shelter that long.

If you tweet, please help tweet this using the link to Brian's Blog as he lives in that area and has all the details.

Come on pals - through the power of Twitter and the Blogosphere we CAN DO THIS - FIND A HOME FOR Jamie.

Until next time,


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thankful For All Our Wonderful Friends on Thankful Thursday

Mario whiffing Cat Mint Plant before it is winterized.

Hi Pals,

I haven't been able to  participate in one of these blog hops for awhile cuz M has been keeping too busy.   But she promised me this week she'd try to get back to doing things for me!  (It's about time). 

I especially wanted to start with Thankful Thursday Blog Hop so I could personally thank all of you - my dear pals, both on Twitter and in the Blogosphere, for all the times you have contributed to the many Chip In's I've hosted this past year.   It just seems like we have so many pals needing help lately.  M says something bout it's cuz of the economy or something like that, but it's so very sad to see.   So thanks to all of you for your generous donations, even tho sometimes it's isn't easy for you either.   I hate to mention any of them for fear of leaving someone out, but you know who you have helped this past year and each and everyone of those you helped really, deeply appreciated it.

Now I even hesitate to mention another one in need, but I'm thinking some of you bloggers might know her and might want to know about it.   

@MizzBusyBiz's human mom is Francy Dickinson, author of Senior Care Tips,   Francy's husband has final stages of Alzheimer's and Francy is his only caregiver.   They were just notified recently that they have lost their home due to Foreclosure.   The sad part is that the family has no money, but a friend offered to move them and let them move in with him, which will be better than being homeless.   But still the family has to cover their moving expenses, pay to keep their furniture and personal items in storage, and will have to contribute their share to the new living situation out of town.   

If any of you know Francy and/or @MizzBusyBiz and wish to contribute, there is a chip in at
Also, MaggieTKat's human, Wanda Kruse is hosting an Auction with proceeds going to Francy's family.   There are some lovely items at - including one of Wanda's beautiful quilts (go over and take a look at it).  

Once again, I am so very thankful for all of you who keep opening up your hearts and wallets to help  those in need - if you can.   We don't however, want anyone helping that really dosen't have any $$ to spare.  As a dear friend once told me - "Charity begins at home."

We're participating in the Blog Hop this week.  Our special thanks go out to @Cokiethecat for his hosting this blog hop for a few years.  It's impossible for him to keep up with it tho because his human is getting too busy to help him.  Obviously, Cokie, being a cat, needs her help.  

They just announced today tho that @PepiSmartDog has agreed to take it over.  I would hate to see it dissolved also, so thanks to Pepi for taking it over. We'll try to be better about posting something once a week anyway - Right M????  (yes, Mario - I"ll try).

Now hop on board this fun Blog Hop and see who you meet along the route.