Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thankful Thursday / Happy Spooky Halloween

Hi Pals,

I'm especially thankful this week that M didn't buy any Halloween costume for me to actually wear.   I'm missing out on a couple of great parties, but I don't much care for having stuff put on me.  It took me a couple of weeks to get used to my harness, so she thinks I'd never like wearing a costume!  ha ha -  I think she's right.

However you celebrate your Halloween, have a great one and don't let all the spooks scare you.  Now join the Thankful Thursday Bog Hop created by our good pal @PepiSmartDog and have some fun.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thankful Thursday - A Little Nip

Hi Pals,

While I am being starved, I have to say that M and D are generous with the Nip for which I'm very very thankful!   M just got a fresh batch a few weeks ago, and that is the best stuff ever.  When M goes to put it on the  floor, I immediately stand up and do  a little dance cuz I love it so much.  

Do you like nip?


Join our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop hosted by @PepiSmartDog.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Hi Pals,

I'm looking for a NEW home - do you have room for me at your house?   About 4 weeks ago M had me to the vet under false pretense.   Turns out she and the vet lady were in cahoots to starve me.   It seems that Science Diet has come up  with a new way to help us f.a.t. kitties lose weight but still feel satisfied.  Ya - right!    They think 3/4 of that can a day and 1.2 cup  of dry kibble a day should be enough for a kitty of my age, weight and height.   

Do I look satisfied when I sit like this all day:

If that picture above doesn't work on M, I move in for the academy award:
Notice the empty bowl.   I can sit here for an hour or two.   Sometimes I go get her when she at her desk - meow at her, then she asks what I want, I lead her to the kitchen again and take up this position.   Sometimes it works and i GET a whole 8 kibble to nibble on - woohoo!
M says she'll be happy when I have to go back for  my weigh-in cuz she needs inspiration to keep going with me.  (he he - I'll keep working on her)

So let me know if you have room at your house.   I can go thru the magic tunnel and be there in flash.

Don't forget to purr and purray for our pals Brian and GingerJasper  - They are both very sick!


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

#MiniBreeze Moves On

Hi Pals,

Well, my pal MiniBreeze's trip is over and sadly yesterday he was mailed off to @Petiethecat in Canada.  But we still had a couple more adventures to tell you about.

M had to go to the dentist last Wednesday, so she decided to take MiniB and Plush me along to have their toothies checked.   Thankfully, I didn't have to go with as I've had enough of dentists stealing my toothies to the point where I has none left!!   I did warn #MiniB of that fact and told him to bite the dentist if he tried to steal his toothies.   He was almost scared to go after I told him that.   MiniB had his toothies cleaned and was told to see his dentist when he gets home cuz he might have a cavity - I think that's something like a big hole in your toothie!

MiniB said it was scary when this lady hygienist leaned over him wearing this mask like she was from outer space.   He was all ready to put the bitey on her, but all she did was poke around a little.

Then the lady hygienist poked around in Plush me's mouth.  Plush me nearly put the bitey on her too cuz he was getting tired of the pokes.  he he - she was surprised to find toothies in plushme because she knew all about my toothie story!   She was a nice lady and gave MiniB and me each a treat after (shhh, don't tell M tho -  it's our secret).

On the way home they had to stop off at the vet's office to pick up some food for me. You see, I'm on a special d.i.e.t. - which means I'm totally starving and hungry all the time.   MiniB immediately packed his bags and said he was getting out of town before he was put on the same d.i.e.t.

We had a great time with MiniB and were sad to see him leave yesterday, but I can't blame him for wanting to get out of town before he had to eat my food.  Well, more on that subject next time.

Thanks for visiting pals,


P.S. -  M wanted to send MiniB with D to his art class.  But D refused.  M said the old ladies he painted with would have fun with MiniB.   Geesh - such an old fuddy dud M said.  he he  

Sunday, October 13, 2013

#MiniBreeze's Visit - Days 1 and 2

Hi Pals,

So sad to say that Mr. #MiniBreeze has to leave our house and go to see @Petiethecat in Canada (don't know where dat is, but I know it's a long way away!)

If you remember when LadyC was here, I talked a little bit about my good pal MiniBreeze (the stuffie of @Kittehboi).   MiniB is on a trip to visit as many pals as he can.  I was so lucky cuz he chose our house to come to while LadyC was here so he could meet her and also attend the anipal meetup.   

This past week he and I spent a lot of time together hanging out and going places with M (where ever she dragged Plush me and MiniB!)   He's been a good pal and I'm sad to see him leave tomorrow.

I hope visiting our house wasn't too boring for him.   Here are a few things that we did this past week.   Unfortunately for him, M and D both had lots of appointments they had to go to - starting with M's trip to the eye doctor to check her eye after Cataract surgery.

Day 1 - Eye Doctor


"Hey MiniB, I hope that scary machine doesn't hurt."   

MiniB to Mario: " You don't suppose he'll check our eyes -- will he?"

Day2 - Beauty Shop

"Hey Mario - what is that crap  she wants to use?"

"Well Breeze, we're in trouble now - it  says C.A.T. on it.  Yikes!  Lady - we're not cats, we're dogs working undercover!"

"Make 'em nice and sharp  lady!"

"hehe - That tickles lady!  Hey MiniB - don't let her do your whiskers - it pulls!She might pull them out!"

"Hey Mario - thanks for the snuggles pal.  It's been an exhausting day!"

Well pals, come back again tomorrow for more Mini Breeze adventures!


Monday, October 7, 2013

What A Great Week We Had - Day 5 - Grand Fanale

Hi Pals,

Well, M says all good things have to come to an end, and this was Cheryl's (PumpkinPuddy's mom) last day.   She had suggested doing a meet-up of Wisconsin anipals before she headed for home.

M arranged for the gathering to take place at Perkin's Restaurant in Oshkosh - a midpoint for everyone.   It was a great day meeting the humans of so many of my pals.  I only wish I could have gone too.  But, I did send Plush Mario in my place and #MiniBreeze went along too.  (Dang M forgot to get MiniBreeze out for the pictures.  She did have him on the table before lunch and showed him off, but never got him out of her blue bag when it was time to take pictures.   She said her brain was out to lunch too - only in a different restaurant.  She apologized to @Kittieboi because he made a special effort to be at our house in time for this meeting.)

Left to Right:

M (my human) (stands for  Mary or mom.)
Sylvia (human for @3Catsstrapki)
Cheryl (human for @PumpkinPuddy)
Sarabeth (tweets as @Sarabeth
Doug (human for @TheNascarKitty)
Laura (human for @RealFakeGator)
Carol (human for @Fergusthedog)

M enjoyed meeting everyone so very much.   She loves those meetups, but unfortunately doesn't get to very many because of the distance to get there. I was wishing I could really meet everyone too cuz it would mean extra pets and attention and probably a few treats!   But at least my  plush double got to go.

Hope you enjoyed the tour that @PumpkinPuddy's mom had while visiting our state.  We sure enjoyed her visit.

Thanks for visiting pals,


Sunday, October 6, 2013

What A Great Week - Day 4

Hi Pals,

Day 4 of LadyC's trip to see us, M took her to Door County.  It's that thing called the thumb of Wisconsin that sticks into Lake Michigan.  It's M's very favorite part of Wisconsin.

LadyC was hoping to see lots of fall color  while she was here.   Well, unfortunately, M says we won't hit peak for another week yet.   But some trees have been turning colors other than green.

They spent the entire day up there and visited Penninsula State Park.   The pictures you see next were almost all taken while in that park.

Penninsula State Park Light House
(1 of 4 light houses on the penninsula)
M and LadyC
Vew Across the harbor
View from Penninsula State Park Golf Course
View From Golf Course in the State Park
They came home long enough to pick D up for supper and off they went again. 

LadyC took many  more pictures and she'll post them after she gets married this weekend and gets back from her trip.  Woohoo - I get to give the bride away.  Hmmmm, what happens if I want to keep her for myself?  (he he - just kidding Henry (Quadpawd)

One more day to cover tomorrow.   M said they sure enjoyed the day - hope you enjoyed seeing some of what they saw.


Friday, October 4, 2013

What a Great Week - Day 3

Hi Pals,

Oh yes, it's been such a busy week, we had almost forgotten that Tuesday afternoon #MiniBreeze had arrived from @kittehboi - a great Twitter buddy.   Mr. Breeze is a black panful kitty, and he sent his mini double to spend a few days with us.  You can see Mini Breeze on the right in the piciture above.

On day 3 M got a little break as LadyC said she could easily tour Lambeau Field and the Packer Hall Of Fame herself to give M a break.  LadyC can tell you about the tour since she went on it.  You'll have to wait a few weeks tho cuz she's going to be out of town for a few days and her @PumpkinPuddy gets married this weekend to Henry of @Quadpawd.  Woohoo!      

After lunch LadyC said she'd love to go sit by the water for awhile and relax. So M took her to a park near the UWGB Campus.    The road to the park runs along a linestone wall.  Please excuse the picture.   M loves that Limestone wall, but she forgot to watch for the poles.

M & LadyC got home just in time to pick D up and head out to dinner.   M said LadyC really enjoyed the park.

Mario and #MiniBreeze hanging out!

Only two more days  to go.   Stay tuned.


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What A Great Week

Hi Pals,

Last week was so fun, that I still haven't recovered.   @PumpkinPuddy's mom (LadyC) came to our city to visit us.   What a great week.    She brought  Lippe2 with her since Pumpkin couldn't come along.   Lippe and I had a great time.   That's my plush double who goes places where I can't go - which is just about everywhere!  (Big SIGH!)

Because it was such a fun-packed week, M and I talked it over and decided to do a post every day for 5 days so they will be shorter and it won't take you so long to read them.  

On Monday, M and LadyC drove (back roads only please so LadyC could see rural Wisconsin) to my human sisfur's house to give her kitty his medication. Sisfur and SIL went out of town for 2 days.  Lady C met:

Amos, age 16 (has dat nasty Artritis and needs his meds daily.
Keiko, age 16

and two gerbils.   They had lunch at an English pub in Sisfur's city and came home the back roads again.   Then LadyC came to our house for dinner and to meet me.   She's such a nice lady and gave me lots of pets.   LadyC had some free time to go shopping for a bit before coming to our house.

On Day 2 - LadyC took M and D on a boat trip up our river.   Lippe and my double got to go with.   
Lippe and Plush me waiting to board the boat.

(L to R) D, M, LadyC

They had a great time on the boat trip as it was very relaxing.  M said it was the purrfect day for it cuz the temperature outside was about 74 with lots of sunshine.

Then LadyC took M and D out for dinner that night to a local club house for barbecued ribs - yum!   (I didn't even get a kitty bag brought home for me).

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post for Day 3 of LadyC's visit.  There is more fun to come.

@PumpkinPuddy's mom took tons of pictures while she was here, so keep watching Pumpkin's blog at for more pictures.  I think she usually posts on Sunday.

Now I need to go take a nap as I'm still catching up from all the fun.

See you tomorrow.


Temporary Goodbye to a Special Boy

@CokieTheCat: The Hollywood Insider,
19 years young
OTRB 10/1/13

Dear Pals,

Once again we have heavy hearts and leaky eyes as we have to say goodbye to another special friend @CokieTheCat: The Hollywood Insider.  

Cokie was special to so many of us.  He and his humans have done so much for the animal community in Blogs, BlogPaws, and the Twitter world.   Cokie is an icon to so many of us.  And he's a poster kitty for mancats wearing diapers since he has been in one ever since I met him some 4+ years ago.  He taught all of us that is's okay and that you can even make a fashion statement. Cokie didn't let a few bladder problems get in his way of helping others less fortunate.   But, sadly, as all good things eventually come to an end, Cokie had to cross that Rainbow  Bridge at age 19 due to bladder/kidney problems.

Goodbye sweet boy.  The world is a better place because of all the work you have done, and all the work your  humans will continue to do.   You have touched my heart forever.   We will meet again some day pal.   Hugs for your pawparents - no one could have loved you more than they do.

Pals, please leave your condolences for Cokie's pawparents at his blog    They will deeply appreciate any and all comments.   No need to leave anything here.