Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Chrissiemas Wrap-up

Hi Pals,

I hopes eberyone had a great Chrissiemas cuz we sure did.  Santy guy is always good to us and brings lots of prezzies. 
It was fun exploring while the oomans opened their prezzies and giving each one my seal of approval - a good sniff!  Sisfur and SIL stayed overnight Chrissiemas Eve, so I gots lots of extra attention, laps and pets.   Yup - it was a great Chrissiemas.

The peeps were so busy before Chrissiemas Eve dat M didn't has time to help me post about all the cards I got in the mail from pals.  

I gots so many cards dat M had to line dem up and take 3 pictures in order to show dem all.

Wait - der are still more......
he he - I got so many cards from pals dat my stack was bigger den the oomans.   It was so fun hearing from all my pals at Chrissiemas and reading their notes.  Thank you to all for sending dem.  
Sigh!  I wish it could be Chrissiemas all year.  M says the tree will come down New Year's Day.   I'm really going to miss it cuz it was fun to hide and/or take a nap under it.
We hope you had a wonderful Chrissiemas too

So long for now,


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

Hi Pals,

Dis Christmas is special for me cuz not only is it Christmas, it's my 1-year blogging annibersary.  Actually my very first post was October 22, 2009, but it didn't say anything. he he - It was blank cuz it took us 2 days to get dat far.  We are not very techno smart in dis house.  So, my first real post dat said anything was December 20, 2009. 

I has met so many wonderful friends dis past year through blogging.  Thanks to all of you for sticking with me and taking the time to leave a comment.  You are all very special to me.

We hopes you and your family has a very Merry Christmas, or Happy Hunukkah, or Happy Holliday.

See you all next year dear friends.


Friday, December 17, 2010

US Citizens - Please HELP

Hi all,

Mario's mom here.   We were reading @HomerBlindCat's blog this morning and I got absolutely livid at what I was reading.   It seems that many of the 9/11 first responders, firemen, and policemen are now experiencing serious health problems as a result of doing their job.   The sad fact is that many now have no health insurance and are getting no help for putting their lives in danger for us, the public.   

Please go over to @HomerBlindCat's mom's Blog, read the facts and contact your senators.   Homer's mom has provided all the information needed.   Here's the link to Homer's blog: 

As an incentive, Homer is even willing to give out a pawtographed book of Homer's Oddessy to those willing to take the time to do this.     If you need incentive to follow through with sending a letter to your senator, then maybe receiving a copy of Homer's excellent book will do it.  Most of all - contact your senator and let them know this is a terrible injustice to those workers dedicated to helping the public.

I have Homer's book and dearly loved it.   It's well written and a very touching story.   I had told Homer that what I was reading upset us so, that it's not necessary to send us the book as we already have one.  I'm just hopping mad and want to do something about this problem.

Animals - please encourage your humans to take the time to do this.   Instructions are in Homer's mom's blog.  I know it's the Christmas season and everyone is busy, but how would you feel if you were a family member of one of the workers affected.

Thank you.

Mary (with Mario's supervision, of course.)


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Blizzards Can Be Fun

Hi Pals

A couple of days ago we had something dat my peeps called a Blizzard.   I don't know what dat word means, but I do know they stayed in the house with me all day and we watched white stuff fall from the sky.   On Sunday morning when we looked out the patio door, this is what we saw!!  Boy, did my peeps ever grumble!  Dey said something bout getting 12 inches of "crappy white stuff."  But I thought it was kinda fun.
M feeds the birdies and always puts a pan of seed out for squirrels, rabbits, and any other critter dat wants to eat.   She didn't have anywhere to go with the pan cuz of all the snow, so she set it on top of the snow dat was on the step right outside the window.   Pretty cool kitty TV for me! 

Mr. Squirrel knew I was watching him cuz every now and den he'd stop eating and look in the window at me - thumbing his nose at me cuz I couldn't get him with the glass there.
Den all of a sudden, he took a big leap, clawed at the screen - I really tried hard to get him!  Darn window!  Hey M - "could you please get rid of dat stupid window?"

Den D had to go and ruin my fun by getting dat noisy machine out to help him clean off the patio.   Don't know why he couldn't just leave all the snow there - it was fun for me.

Well, since there isn't anything to watch, guess I might as well take a nap on my new heated blankey dat was a gift from my good friend @PumpkinPuddy.  Can you believe she gave this nice blankey to me dat she won at a pawpawty?   I nearly fainted when she said it was mine.  I hope when she sees this bloggy and knows it's great in blizzards, she doesn't want it back cuz she lives where dey sometimes gets blizzards too.

I just loves dis blankey cuz it's so toasty warm.   Thanks Pumpkin, cuz it was purrfect to sleep through a blizzard on this nice blankey.  SMOOCHES to Pumpkin!  

This was a pretty cool Blizzard day.  I still don't understand why my peeps were so grumpy!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Remembering HollieCatRocks

HollieCatRocks (OTRB 11-26-10)

Hi Pals,

Today I wants to pay tribute to my very special friend, HollieCatRocks, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge on November 26th - the day after Thanksgiving.   Anyone who was fortunate enough to be Hollie's friend, had a true friend for life.   She was always willing to listen anytime to whatever might be bothering you.  he he - dat's probably why she was always landing in DM jail on Twitter.  

Hollie and I even dated for a couple of months, but den decided to go our separate ways.   I has a roving eye and love all the girls and have no intention on settling down.   Hollie always had a special fondness for SamTheCatRocks before he crossed the bridge.   But we have remained very special friends, and I still love her as a friend.   I was very happy when she and Sammy decided to get married.  he he - a little shocked when they told me the news, but very happy for them, and they are very happy together.  Dat's makes me happy to.

The day before Thanksgiving I contacted Hollie because I hadn't seen her on Twitter for a few days and dat was very unusual.   It was then that she told me her wasn't feeling well at all, she was very thin, hadn't been eating, and her mama was very very worried bout her. 
Den when my peeps got home from going to sisfur's house for Thanksgiving Dinner, I contacted Hollie and learned she was indeed very very sick and couldn't get better.   Her mama was going to help her cross the bridge the next morning because she loved Hollie and didn't want to see her suffer.
Now this amazing girl said not to be sad for her because she was going to be very happy going to OTRB because her beloved husband SamTheCatRocks was already there and waiting for her and so was one of her wee ones - ChiChi.   Leave it to Hollie to turn this into some very positive.   So, the picture below reflects how I picture her now - on a picnic with her supportive husband (SamTheCatRocks), her wee one (Chichi) and her very good friend (Rosie - or @MedusaJ on Twitter), who crossed OTRB in June.   So, dear readers, I hope you will picture her this way too because Hollie is very happy and wants us all to be happy for her.

I was so thankful dat I was able to have a chat with her before she crossed to tell her dat M amd I loved her, that she was a very dear friend, we would miss her, were happy for her, but sad for her mama.   We don't very often get the chance to say temporary goodbye to our dear friends.   I say temporary because I know we will meet again someday when I has to make the journey.   (M says I'd better not do dat for a lot of years yet).   We love you Hollie and always will.

Please stop at Hollie's bloggy where she left an amazing post about her crossing and happiness.   Leave a comment too because her mama (who is very sad) will appreciate it.

Now we are very fortunate dat on Twitter many of our friends who have crossed the bridge hop on the teleporter dat transports anipals dat have crossed dat bridge back to visit us..  So, we still gets to talk to her and Sammy, and sometimes they even come to #pawparties.   So, we know we will get to see dem again, when they are ready to visit us.

To Hollie's mama - M and I each gives you a big HUG.  What you did for Hollie was the last loving gift a ooman could give to their dear suffering anipal.  It took strength and courage and Hollie will forever be grateful.

Love you forever Hollie!


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tribute to RudyCKat (OTRB 12/7/09)

RudyCKat OTRB 12/7/09

Hi Pals,

One year ago tomorrow (December 7th) , I had to say goodbye to my bestest pal, RudyCKat.  His crossing hit me and M really hard.   We both cried buckets of tears and felt so bad for his humans, who loved him dearly.

I never did a tribute to Rudy after he crossed over. I only started this boggy about the time he left, and we were trying to figure out how to even blog. So, it's important to me that I write about him now on his 1-year anniversary.

I remember so many good times with Rudy.   He and I would always hang out together at pawparties, ooing and ahing over the girls, so afraid to ask them to dance for fear they would reject us.  (I has to laugh now because Rudy was one handsome boy cat - what girl in her right mind would ever turn him down.)  Pawparties have never been quite as much fun for me since he crossed that bridge.

He he - you all know of course dat I started Twittering as Ladycat3.  Well, one night Ladycat3 got a little tipsy at a pawpawty.  Rudy, the kind handsome mancat he was, kindly saw to it dat Ladycat3 got home safe and sound.  Now Rudy certainly could have taken advantage of the situation and well --- you know ---. (he he - if he had he would have been in for the surprise of his life)  But Rudy didn't.  He was the purrfect gentleman, helped her to the sofa, covered her with a blankey,  turned out the light, and left to go home.  (It was shortly after dat I told M, I has to have a Twitter account in my own name - I am a boy cat and I want everyone to know I am a boy cat.  I'm tired of pretending I'm Ladycat3).

Rudy and his sisfur MaggieTKat

When Rudy found out he was going into renal failure, he was to celebrate his birthday dat weekend.   His wonderful oomans went ahead with his birthday celebration, and den helped him cross the bridge the next day so he wouldn't have to suffer.   What great oomans they are.   It also gave some of us a chance to say goodbye to our dear friend.   he he - one of the things Rudy did for me was introduce me to his sisfur Maggie.   I promised Rudy I'd look after Mags for him.   I remember so well dat he told me I didn't have to bother - "Mags can handle herself very well thank you."   How right Rudy was.   Little did Rudy know at the time dat I'd now be watching over his new brudder (ParkerTKat) instead.  (Dat little squirt does need watching over).

While Rudy was so sick, his mama started a memory quilt. which she then offered  as a pawpawty prize a few weeks later.   I was so surprised when I won dat quilt.   It is so bootiful and I know it was created with lots of tears and love.   Man, was I ever lucky to win dat.   It is now a prized possession and we hang it through the Christmas season.  It is very special to me.

I was so happy when Rudy started visiting at pawparties and many times tends bar or spins tunes.   I have come to find out dat the other side of the bridge is a very happy place where there is no pain or suffering.   Rudy also has an important job now as he manages a beauty salon there and helps new arrivals groom themselves so they are bootiful once again.   Who better to manage dat salon den our gorgeous friend, RudyCKat.  

Rudy's mom wrote a very special blog a couple of days before she had to say goodbye to Rudy.  Please go over there and read it.  It's very touching and certainly "from the heart."

I may not get to see you every day now Rudy, but I am always happy to see you when you do come back for a visit and you are always within my heart.  

12-6-10 After doing to bloggy last night, by pal @SmokeyPoodle helped me get a Twibbon going for Rudy.  If you wish to wear it, you can find it at

Bye for now friends,  Thanks for letting me share my memories of Rudy with you.



Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Needing Help And Referrals

(Photo from @ChrisGroove1)
Hi Pals,

You all know about my thoothies - right?   If you don't, please read about it in this blog.  You'll find the tab taking you directly to it at the top of my home page.

Well, now on of my twitter buddies @ChrisGroove1 has a kitty headed for the same thing dat I had.   Dat nasty disease - Stomatitis!   In fact the vet has already diagnosed it for Rosalee.

Well, my good friend @Holliecatrocks, who passed OTRB not quite a week ago,  is letting the #nipclub do a fund raiser for @ChrisGroove1 in her honor.   Dat fund raiser will happen tomorrow night at the #nipclub starting at 4:00 pm EST to midnight.

I know the #nipclub patrons will be as generous as they can be, but I doubt dat we can raise all the money needed to treat this kitty in one night.    I can't tell you what this kitty's surgery will cost, but I can tell you that mine cost just under $10,000.  (YIKES M - is dat right?)   (Yes, Mario, it is.)    It is expensive surgery because they have to make sure they gets every little fragment of tooth cleaned out or the problem not go away.   Even if there is such a tiny piece left dat you can't even see with the eyeballs, it will not clear up.   If Stomatitis isn't treated correctly, it can lead to very serious diseases and you can even die from it.  

Rosalee at vet's office

Please consider donating even a dollar or two if you can.    There is no amount too small.   It will be greatly appreciated.   This kitty's mama just can't afford those kind of bucks.   Hardly anyone can these days.

If you happen to be free tomorrow night, join us at the #nipclub on Twitter as we have tons of fun.   The @ShibberingCheetos Rock band will perform at 9:00 pm EST.   At 8:50 they will be escorted to the nipclub by the BBOT (BadBoysOfTwitter) and PL (PinkLadies)   The BBOT and PL are a bunch of motorcycle riding cats & dogs dat like to help out animals all over.   We all sound tough, but we are a bunch of "pussy tats" at heart.    See the #nipclub blog for details:

Now for

Doggie Desperately Needs a Home

My buddy @BadAndy_KityKat posted a story in his bloggy today (see his blog for details - about a sweet, gentle, loveable senior doggie in need of a home.  Just look at dat face.  Check out his bloggy and you see Lacy with children too. 

Can you help out by just posting this link or tweeting it if you are on Twitter.   It would be nice to see this senior doggie get a good home.  You can just direct your referral to to get the complete scoop on this doggie.

Crossed OTRB 11/26/10
Now I'm feeling terrible because I was going to do a tribute to my dear friend  @HollieCatRocks, who crossed the bridge on Friday, November 26th, as my next post this week.  I will still do that, but probably not until Sunday. But typical me - other stuff is getting in the way again.  Hollie would probably would be the first to agree (because she was so very kind and helpful to others) that these stories should be given priority. But I want you to please take the time to go over to her bloggy because she wrote the most touching, heart melting, sweet bloggy about her last days.    Please go over and pay your respects to this sweet girl:  
Better take a box of tissues with you.  This bootiful girl will melt your heart.

Sorry this is so long pals, but felt all three were important to post.


Friday, November 26, 2010

Grand Prize Winner of Lou Belcher's Book Launch - The Zen Of Max

Hi pals,

I could hardly believe my ears the other day when Lou Belcher of @MaxTheQuiltCat and announced dat I was her grand prize winner from her random drawing during her book launch for the "Zen Of Max".  It came as a total surprise. 

Den today the box of goodies arrived.  

OMC there is lots of stuff in there.

ooo I love dis catnip ball.   It really smells good.

There are even 2 packages of Greenies - YUM! - and a catnip ball.

There are also 2 books dat M can read to me - oh,  a catnip ball. 

There is just so much stuff.  A bookmark for M, a wand toy, and a ball to stuff treats in. Oh and a very nice daily planner for M (and let me tell you - she really needs dat.) Oh, and did I mention dat catnip ball!   

I just feel like I'm the luckiest kitty in the world.   Dat Lou really went all out for dis prize.   Thank you Lou - so very much.    So many neat things in dat box. 

M ordered "The Zen Of Max" during the end of the book launch.  It just arrived a couple of days before Thanksgiving.   We are going to start reading it tonight cuz M had to finished another book first.   (Dumb ooman says she can only concentrate on one book at a time to really enjoy it.)  

If you haven't picked up your copy yet, you can do it now at:
While you are there, check out the two 5-Star book reviews.  Pretty cool.

Now come on M - lets get to bed so we can start reading!!!

Until next time -


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Animal Photo Hunt #15 - Vist To The (Gasp!) Vet

Hi Pals:

Monday night before I went to bed I made a discovery - not a good one either.   Dat box thingy was sitting in the living room.   Dat has to mean I'm going somewhere - not anyplace good either.  M played with me some and we went to bed.

Yesterday morning dat box mysteriously moved to the kitchen table.   I ate me brekkie and kept a low slinky profile until M grabbed me and stuffed me in it.   YIKES!  

Let's see, is the top latched down.  Darn - yes.   Oh wait - the front door is open.  ESCAPE time!   Maybe if I run to the basement and hide, she can't find me.   Yes, dis is a good plan.  

DRATS - As I'm zooming down the steps, you might know I'd meet M on the way up.    She got me again and threw me into dat box and shoved me in dat noisy thing in the garage.   I seemed forever until she turned dat noisy machine off (but M tells me it's only only bout 7 min from our house}   (What does she know anyway!)

Den I was plunked down on dis table.   Not a good sign.  I think I remember dis place from when I had toothie problems.   It wasn't fun den and it's not going to be fun now.
Den the lady dokter scooped me up and put me on dat cold hard counter.
Den she started feeling me all over (hrumpf) and put a cold thing up next to me.  (Okay, when is dat picky sticky thing coming - come on lady - I'm prepared for it!)  But she put me back in the box and said I was in good health.  Whew!  

Den I hear the lady dokter and M talking bout me kibble.   It seems I gained another pound since my toothie problems.   (WHAT - I just put on me winter coat so I looks fluffier.  I didn't gain any wait - honest!)   Dat lady dokter told mom not to let me gain anymore bekause I might get diabetes (whatever dat is).   She told M to measure my amount of kibble for the day.  (What!!!   I can't have a whole cup!   Only 2/3 of a cup.   I'm going to starve for sure.)  

Den the lady dokter carried me to the other room, M paid the bill, and we got back in dat noisy machine thing again. 

Wow. guess dat trip wasn't too bad.  At least they didn't steal toothies or blood and I didn't get poked with sharp needles.   Maybe I got off easy dis time - well cept for being told I'm too fat!  

It's Thanksgiving week so I guess I should be  thankful dat I got a pretty good report from the lady dokter.   I am thankful for dat report, my good home, even tho the food will not be plentiful anymore, my loving peeps, and all of you dear friends.  

My Thanksgiving post was written two days ago in honor of friends dat crossed over the bridge.    If you wish to read it, just go to previous post.

Before I leave, Please keep your paws crossed, say prayers, and send healing purrs and positive energy  to our good friend @Cokiethecat who is very sick and going to has surgery tomorrow.   There is a #pawcircle going for him, and he and his mama really need us now.

Cokie is the one who started dis Photo Hunt.   Hop on aboard.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving - Until We Meet Again

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends - Blogger Friends and Twitter Friends:

I have been on Twitter for well over 2 years now and have had my bloggy for a year.  During that time I have met some amazing friends.   I love each and every one of you and treasure your friendship.   It's Thanksgiving week and I just wanted to tell you all that before something else happens and someone else crosses that bridge, I am very thankful for all of you. 

It seems like I have lost so many pals this past year as they crossed over the Rainbow bridge.   In the two months, we have lost four dear friends:   @LouisLeBeau @Tweetypie54, @Ryker_Tyker, and @Inigoflufflebum - all four very dear to my heart.  I know they are in a happy place now, have lots of old friends to play with that are there already, and they will never experience pain or hunger again - ever.   But I still really miss them and wished I had the chance to tell dem before they crossed over just how special they are.   I am so very thankful that I had the great honor to know them and call them friends.    My life was enriched because of knowing them and loving them.

Photo taken from OverTheRainBow Blog (OTRB)

@LouisLebeau was the first to cross within that two-month period around the end of October.   He had been battling cancer for a long time, and his peeps did everything they could possibly do to save his life.   At one point, they thought he had beat the cancer, but den dat nasty disease came back again.  Finally he was getting so weak and just couldn't stand anymore treatments.   His family decided, along with the vet, dat it was time to help him cross the bridge.   Because we lived with an big ocean between our houses, we were not always on at the same time, and I only got to know him after he became ill.   I can tell you that he was loved by all of us who knew him, and he was very grateful for our caring and prayers.   We all felt very sad when he crossed dat bridge.  
Photo from Tweetypie54 Twitpic

Gunner (@Tweetypie54) crossed over about a month later.   He had some serious health issues, but seemed to be getting better.   It was a big shock one day when his mama tweeted for him and said they rushed him to the vet and said "it didn't look good."  Gunner was such a sweetie.  He was always very thoughtful and had the most amazing sense of humor.   He started tweeting his friends on Tuesday and said Happy #TootieTuesday.  On Fridays we would all get a message for #FartyFriday.   Those messages always put a smile on our faces and made us laugh.   We are all so happy that Gunner is tweeting now from the other side of the bridge, so we still get to talk to him.

Photo from Ryker_Tyker Twitpic

@Ryker_Tyker just crossed the bridge early last week.   I hadn't seen him for a few weeks, but dat happens sometimes on Twitter.   Our peeps get behind in work, and our getting puter time just doesn't happen.   Den one day Ryker's mama tweeted for him dat Ryker had been rushed to the vet and wasn't expected to make it.   One minute he was peacefully sleeping and the next minute he was in critical condition and couldn't pull out of it.   We were all in shock!    This couldn't be our Ryker - the kitty dat loved to have a good time and was so full of life.  I has to laugh now when I think of his talking about his sisfur @Allie_Kitty.   Ryker alwayts put on dis big front dat she was a pest and made it seem like he didn't like her.   But, you know, he really did love her and every now and den it would show when he talked.  We are so happy to see his sisfur tweeting and hopefully Ryker will talk from the OTRB when he gets settled in.  Please see Ryker's blog with a message from his mama.  It's very touching with a very beautiful prayer read by our @DanaPixie, our #pawcircle leader.    Ryker's mom posted dat prayer in Ryker's blog.  Please take a few minutes to read it. 

Photo from Rumblepurr Twitpic

Now we hadn't even recovered from Ryker's leaving us, when we read in @Rumblepurr's blog that his dear brother @Inigoflufflebum had taken a turn for the worse, was not expected to make it, and his family was going to help him cross the bridge.   My first reaction was "Oh noooooooooo!"    You see Rumblepurr and Inigoflufflebum were among my first followers also.  We've been friends for a long time.   Inigo and Rumbles come from a very caring family, and both brothers were always there for us when there was a problem.  They worried bout me when I had all my toothies pulled and wondered how they could help.   They never failed to leave a comment on my bloggy.    I knew they loved each other, even though Rumbles would tease about Inigo about horning in on his bloggy and taking over the spotlight.   Rumbles loved his brother so much, and I'm sure now he just doesn't understand where Inigo went (cuz I don't understand it either).   If you have not yet read their bloggy, please go over and read it now:

Our dear friend @PepiSmartDog crossed the bridge a year ago.  I certainly couldn't understand why he was taken from us either.   But now Pepi leads a group of friends that have also crossed the bridge, and they always - always - no matter what time of day - help with the crossing of new arrivals.   Pepi has a blog just for Over The Rainbow Bridge friends.   Please go over and take a look at it  - and follow it too.  That way you can stay on top of who has crossed over.

Unfortunately Pepi is being kept too busy welcoming new arrivals.  We have seen so many friends cross that bridge just this year.  I had mentioned @MedusaJ (or Rosie) in a previous post - another dear friend who crossed.  Several of us told Pepi he should put a lock on the bridge so we don't have any more pals cross for a long time.

So dear friends, dat's why I wanted to do a special Thanksgiving Blog - not just for the day, but for all time.   I love you, appreciate all of you, and am very thankful for all my friends.   To my friends dat have crossed I say........"until we meet again some day".  To my friends still with us, I say "Happy Thanksgiving - I'm so thankful for you."  You need to know dat before something happens to you.



Thursday, November 18, 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt #18 MOMS

Hi Pals,

Sorry we haven't been reading blogs lately. Darn M has just been too busy with other stuff to help me type. But, she promises we are starting to catch up now. We should be able to keep up with reading blogs daily now cuz I do enjoy doing dat.

This week's Anipal Photo Hunt is MOM. Well, my mom doesn't like her picture plastered all over the Internet. So, I really had to talk her into this one. The only other time she let me post a picture was in the blog about giving the check to the shelter where Graham was for a few weeks. We have enjoyed meeting all of your mom though, so finally today she relented.
This picture is of mom and dad and was taken 2 years ago (just before they adopted me) while they were on the Mediterranean cruise with her daughter and son-in-law. 

Now it's your turn to hop on board with this Photo Hunt and post a picture of your mom.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Animal Photo Hunt #12 - All Souls Day

Hi pals,

This week's photo hunt is supposed to be about the anipals M and D had before I arrived.   Before me, they had 3 kitties and 1 doggie.  They loved all their anipals and were always very sad when one crossed the OTRB.   Unfortunatley, the only anipal they have a picture of is Misty - the kitty dat lived here just before I arrived.   Maybe you remember my writing about it in my blog post of January 10, 2010.   Misty was a rescued kitty just like me, only she was a grey and white kitty with a very sweet face.

Anyway my peeps helped Misty cross the bridge on September 28, 2008 because she had serious kidney issues.   They had been hydrating her at home for a year, and her symptoms got worse, to the point where they would have had to hydrate her every day.  She also stopped eating.  So M & D felt it was time to help her cross the bridge because her quality of life was deteriorating rapidly and they didn't want her to suffer.

M and D tell me she was a very very talkative girl who always answered you when you talked to her.   She loved getting foot rubs by D's feet.   Now I don't mean D actually rubbed Misty's feet.   Misty like to have D put his two feet around her body and rub back and forth.  She couldn't get enough of the foot rubs and would pester D until his legs were tired.   She could be sound asleep in M's lap, and the minute D sat down in his recliner, she would get off M's lap and pester D for a foot rub.   M wishes they would have taken a picture of dat, because they've never seen a kitty enjoy anything like dat before.

They loved her and were very sad when she had to go OTRB.   Den about 3 weeks later they couldn't stand living in a quiet house with no anipal to love, so they adopted me.  

Their first kitty was a black kitty named Pepper. I hear he just had a little patch of white under his chin.   M got Pepper from a shelter in Florida when she lived there while D was in the Army.

When Pepper was about 12 (he lived to be 18 years old) they adopted their schnauzer doggie, Fritz.   He came from a family dat had 1 litter of puppies.   M says Fritz was a very smart doggie.  M laughs when she thinks of Fritz.   He didn't like it when M and D left him and went off somewhere.   To get even with them, he would take the bed spread up by the pillow and just pull back a corner nice and neat - like a maid would do for you if you had one.   The first time it happened, M thought D and done it.   She couldn't believe it when D said he didn't do it.   They knew Pepper didn't do it, so dat left Fritz.   It happened over and over again every time dey left him alone for a few hours.  Silly doggie.

Den after Fritz crossed the bridge, their ooman daughter was in third grade in school and wanted a kitty so bad.  So a friend said they knew of a relative dat had kitties to give away.   M went one day to take a look, without taking ooman daughter with her, in case it wasn't the right kitty for the family.   Well, a teenager came into the room holding Tinker Bell, a grey and white stripped kitty, in his arms like a baby.   Tinker Bell just layed there like she really loved every minute of being carried in dat position.   Well, M fell in love with her and brought her home as a surprise for my ooman sisfur dat very day.  

Tinker Bell lived with my peeps until the age of 13.   She was very, very attached to my ooman sisfur as they spent every minute together dat sisfur was home.   It was very hard on Tinker Bell after sisfur left for college.   M says she really died of a broken heart, even tho M tried to give her extra attention and love when sisfur left for college.  It was very sad when Tinker Bell had to cross the bridge.  M says some time we should do a blog post about her story, and maybe sisfur can find some pictures of Tinker Bell in her baby book.   M loved all the anipals dat lived here, but she says Tinker Bell was probably the sweetest kitty you could ever find.  But den she tells me I'm a sweet boy too.

Den when Tinker Bell crossed the bridge, dey waited about a month and answered an ad in the newpaper dat caught their eye - "Littlest Angel - Female cat approximately 5 years old."   Dat was Misty.

So friends, dat's the story of the anipals dat lived here before me.   I wish I had known dem cuz I think I would have liked dem and M says they would have liked me.  

Now hop on board my friend CokieTheCat's Photo Hunt and have some fun.   Just sign up below on the list of names.  Den go see the Photo Hunt's blog for details.   They have a new sponsor now and prizes are given each week, chosen randomly.  

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Tails Books - My Story

OMC Friends,

I'm so excited cuz I just found out dis morning dat my story is appearing in the latest Happy Tails Book publication "Lost Souls Found, Inspiring Stories About Cats."

I could hardly believe me eyes when I read in the email message "your story has been selected."  You see, about a month ago M told me dat Happy Tails Books published a book now and then telling stories of various rescued anipals to promote adopting from shelters. She said "Mario, you should enter your toothie story because you are a rescued kitty and it is kind of a unique story.  Besides, it would just be fun to enter. So, we quickly wrote up a story because the deadline for entries was the very next day. We never dreamed dat story would be chosen for the book because of all the anipals dat probably submitted stories.

My friend @BorisKitty also submitted a story, and his story is even featured in the Preview Section. You can read his previewed story here:

Now I'm not sure which section my story appears in.  We did submit for the Featured Story Section.   We won't know for sure where it appears until we see the book.   But it is still very exciting to just be selected. Now I'm anxious to order a copy to see how many of my other friends also appear in the book.

If you are interested in purchasing a book, they are offering a pre-sale of $2.00 off per book or you can pay full price and they will make a double donation to a rescue of your choice. This special is good through November 15th.  Books are available at the Happy Tails website and will be ready to ship during or before the first week of December. Use this link to order:
NOTE: Happy Tails Happy Tails Books donates a significant portion of profits back to rescue. You can tell them where you would like your donation to go during check out.

Hope you don't mind friends, I just had to share my happy news with you. 

Until next time,


Monday, October 25, 2010

Animal Photo Hunt #11 - Trick or Treat

Hi Pals:

Who doesn't love Halloween!!   If you come to my house dis year, you'll find me sitting on the front porch inside dis pumpkin.   Then I'll jump out of it and say BOO! 

Dis was last year's costume.   But then a very good friend surprised me with this photo:
It's not very scary, but  I just love it.  I think this one will sit on the other side of the front porch cuz I can jump out of this one too and say BOO!

Why don't you hop on board with this photo hunt.  Just go to to check out the new rules.   

Monday, October 18, 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt #10: How Annoying!

Can't a guy even take a nap around here!

Hi Pals,

Are your peeps always running around with dat flash thingy and shooting dat bright light off in your face?    We anipals need to unite and hide all their flash thingies so dey is never found again.   I think I'll drowned  our flashy thing in the bathroom sink while M is gone today.  Or maybe a doggie friend would come over and help me bury it!  Geesh!  A guy can't even take a peaceful nap around here without does bright lights going off in da face!  It's so annoying!

Sorry I is grumpy today.  Come back again when the flash thingy isn't around and I've had me nap!

Before you leave dis crumpy kitty, hop on board the photo hunt.  Cokie gives neat prizes and I'm disqualified cuz I've already won once.   It's fun and easy so get going.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We're Willing To Help! Are You?

Hi friends,
You remember dat a couple of weeks ago M met with Lisa Peters at the and learned lots of things she did not know.  

One of the things she learned was how our local shelter can actually help your local anipal charity with their fund raisers.  Dats right - we can help your charity and your charity can help ours.   It's easy too.  
The periodically holds auctions as a means of raising money.   The Packer's organization and other groups often donate Green Bay Packer memorabilia to be auctioned off and lots of other cool stuff.   Now our city (and state) loves the Packer's Football Team.  Don't get me wrong.  But, the humans living in Green Bay get used to Packer items being up for auction because so many charities in our city have access to dem.  Lisa Peters mentioned to M dat they really appreciate all the Packer memorabilia that they receive, but they need something new now and then for the public to get excited about.

Lisa also mentioned that art work really isn't a big hit in our community, but it is in a Florida community that she trades with.   And we do have some very talented local artists.

Perhaps your charity would be willing to trade and item that gertting "ho hum" in your area, but would be exciting and new to us.   It doesn't have to be football related, but since we are located right in Packer territory, maybe something like dat would be a big hit in your community.   M says she knows for a fact from all her travels dat there are Packer fans all over the US and, even in other countries.  When D wears his Packer cap he gets lots of comments - even when they went to Europe.   We also have humans here that follow and support other teams.
You can help by contacting your local animal charity and mention to dem that the would be interested in talking to dem about possible items that could be traded.   It would be exciting for your animal charity to get something they normally don't get and it would be exciting for our animal charity to get something new and different too.

Your charity can contact Lisa Peters  via email at  or via telephone at 920-469-3110, ext. 112.

Now please note - M does not know what items they have on hand to trade.  She just pulled the pictures from the Packer Pro Shop website as examples.   You would have to contact Lisa Peters to find out what they have to trade.

Please help spread the word \and contact your local favorite animal charity.  

updated 10-13-10 because we're getting comments.  Seems to be a little confusing.  

Just call your local charity and have them email the Bay Area Humane Society and they can work out the details of what items they might be able to trade.  

We has to help each other and we anipals are good at dat.

Your friend Mairo.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Animal Photo Hunt #9 "Compromising Positions"

Hi Friends,

Unfortunatley, or fortunately maybe, I don't get into very compromising positions.  This was the only one I could find.

You know - when a guy has an itch, you just have to scratch it!  Right?   Well, dat's what happened in the picture.   I just had an itch!

Now what's your compromising position?

Friday, October 8, 2010

Marios House of Horrors

Hi friends,

Life in my castle has been a little wierd fhe past few weeks.  It all startetd one night after dinner when D went downstairs after supper with me hot on his trail looking for the evening nap on his lap.   All of a sudden he's yelling up the steps to M something bout "Call a plumber QUICK!"   Den he got out a noisy, sucker-up thingy called a wet dry vac.  

It seems the sewer thing backed up into our basement and made the floor in D's office, bathroom, hall and into the family room all wet with yukky, bad water.    Den some men came and made more noise.  Dey also came back the next day and started chopping holes in the wall and picking up all the soft carpeting, hauled it all outside, and came back down the steps with big, giant sized loud things called fans.
M had to move my poo box upstairs cuz it was too loud and scary in the basement.   Those bad men even made holes in our walls. cuz the yukky water made dem wet.
Finally one day the men came back and took the fans away.  Den I had fun walking through walls!  He he - I could go from room to room without even going through a doorway.

It was kinda fun exploring all the rooms again and smelling the smells.

Den on another day some more men came with some loud scary noisy thingy and made a big hole in our family room floor.

Oh no - dat's right where D's chair sits - dat right where I take a nap in his lap!   I heard my peeps say something bout bringing their sewer pipe up to code cuz dey couldn't sell the house if the work was not done.  What do they mean "sell the house?" 

Now M would not let me downstairs to see dis cuz she didn't want me falling into dat deep hole.  So she took the picture for me so I could see it.  Scary!  After one day tho the men had the hole all filled up, and I did have fun sniffing around where dey did the work.

Hey - why is dis cabinet so far away.  How can I get up to my favorite shelf with the file cabinet so far away!   Wonder if I can make it if I jump.  No, better not try it. Dis place is a mess.  I mean talk bout sloppy housekeeping.   Der is stuff piled everywhere.

Hmm, who is dat other kitty in there.   How come I didn't meet him before.  Waanna play new friend?   Dumb kitty didn't even answer me.

Den, one by one men came back in carrying lots of stuff.  Finally one day some men came with stuff called carpeting.   Den the next day more men came and put our furniture back where it used to be.  

Now M says dis all happened over a span of bout 4 weeks, but it seemed like forever to me.  I has to say tho, dat I did have fun watching peeps come and go and checking out their work after dey left.    M says everything is done cept the carpenter guy has to come back & put 2 pieces of trim back up cuz he had to recut, stain and varnish dem.    I'm just happy I can finally sit in D's lap for a nap and feel comfy again.  I think I has my castle back.

Oh, M says I was a very good boy while dis was all happening.  Mostly I sat on a chair under the table and just supervised peeps going up and down the stairs.  I never once tried to escape out the door.

Thanks for visiting.