Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Animal Photo Hunt #12 - All Souls Day

Hi pals,

This week's photo hunt is supposed to be about the anipals M and D had before I arrived.   Before me, they had 3 kitties and 1 doggie.  They loved all their anipals and were always very sad when one crossed the OTRB.   Unfortunatley, the only anipal they have a picture of is Misty - the kitty dat lived here just before I arrived.   Maybe you remember my writing about it in my blog post of January 10, 2010.   http://mariodacat.blogspot.com/2010_01_01_archive.html   Misty was a rescued kitty just like me, only she was a grey and white kitty with a very sweet face.

Anyway my peeps helped Misty cross the bridge on September 28, 2008 because she had serious kidney issues.   They had been hydrating her at home for a year, and her symptoms got worse, to the point where they would have had to hydrate her every day.  She also stopped eating.  So M & D felt it was time to help her cross the bridge because her quality of life was deteriorating rapidly and they didn't want her to suffer.

M and D tell me she was a very very talkative girl who always answered you when you talked to her.   She loved getting foot rubs by D's feet.   Now I don't mean D actually rubbed Misty's feet.   Misty like to have D put his two feet around her body and rub back and forth.  She couldn't get enough of the foot rubs and would pester D until his legs were tired.   She could be sound asleep in M's lap, and the minute D sat down in his recliner, she would get off M's lap and pester D for a foot rub.   M wishes they would have taken a picture of dat, because they've never seen a kitty enjoy anything like dat before.

They loved her and were very sad when she had to go OTRB.   Den about 3 weeks later they couldn't stand living in a quiet house with no anipal to love, so they adopted me.  

Their first kitty was a black kitty named Pepper. I hear he just had a little patch of white under his chin.   M got Pepper from a shelter in Florida when she lived there while D was in the Army.

When Pepper was about 12 (he lived to be 18 years old) they adopted their schnauzer doggie, Fritz.   He came from a family dat had 1 litter of puppies.   M says Fritz was a very smart doggie.  M laughs when she thinks of Fritz.   He didn't like it when M and D left him and went off somewhere.   To get even with them, he would take the bed spread up by the pillow and just pull back a corner nice and neat - like a maid would do for you if you had one.   The first time it happened, M thought D and done it.   She couldn't believe it when D said he didn't do it.   They knew Pepper didn't do it, so dat left Fritz.   It happened over and over again every time dey left him alone for a few hours.  Silly doggie.

Den after Fritz crossed the bridge, their ooman daughter was in third grade in school and wanted a kitty so bad.  So a friend said they knew of a relative dat had kitties to give away.   M went one day to take a look, without taking ooman daughter with her, in case it wasn't the right kitty for the family.   Well, a teenager came into the room holding Tinker Bell, a grey and white stripped kitty, in his arms like a baby.   Tinker Bell just layed there like she really loved every minute of being carried in dat position.   Well, M fell in love with her and brought her home as a surprise for my ooman sisfur dat very day.  

Tinker Bell lived with my peeps until the age of 13.   She was very, very attached to my ooman sisfur as they spent every minute together dat sisfur was home.   It was very hard on Tinker Bell after sisfur left for college.   M says she really died of a broken heart, even tho M tried to give her extra attention and love when sisfur left for college.  It was very sad when Tinker Bell had to cross the bridge.  M says some time we should do a blog post about her story, and maybe sisfur can find some pictures of Tinker Bell in her baby book.   M loved all the anipals dat lived here, but she says Tinker Bell was probably the sweetest kitty you could ever find.  But den she tells me I'm a sweet boy too.

Den when Tinker Bell crossed the bridge, dey waited about a month and answered an ad in the newpaper dat caught their eye - "Littlest Angel - Female cat approximately 5 years old."   Dat was Misty.

So friends, dat's the story of the anipals dat lived here before me.   I wish I had known dem cuz I think I would have liked dem and M says they would have liked me.  

Now hop on board my friend CokieTheCat's Photo Hunt and have some fun.   Just sign up below on the list of names.  Den go see the Photo Hunt's blog for details.   They have a new sponsor now and prizes are given each week, chosen randomly.  


Backcountry Brodie said...

Wot great stories about those wot commed afore you! It is amazing how each of us has our own little quirk wot do be so cute and funny!

Marg said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful home and that your humans take good care of their kitties. You are one lucky cat. Take care and have a great day.

Kolo Martin said...

What great cats they have in your house and now you all with their own personalities and ideas on life. Wonderful to read about them. You certainly found the right home my dear friend!

Keiko said...

That was so nice to read about all your Ones Who Came Before... Mummy often talks about her first ever woofie, Chackie - he was a cool corgi who passed away a few years ago... he taught her so much about animals and what beautiful souls we have! purrrrr
Our Mummy wants to thank your M for her kind comment at her blog - we've moved indefinitely (probably few years) but when we go back she's planning a career in animals - we've told her that's a good choice mawhawhaw!
Purrrrrs, Keiko, Kenji, Pricilla & Yuji

Yoda_the_Dog said...

Those were some nice stories. The part about the kitty that liked to be rubbed with D's feet made mom remember that her kitty Isis liked that (Isis did NOT like to be held). Mom says it's funny but reading all these stories is making her think even more about her OTRB pets. Such a nice remembrance!

GRAÇA said...

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Ronrons of

Bad Andy said...

So very sweet! All those furr-children sound so pawsome. Bless M and D for all the love and care they have given, and give to you. I'm gonna get mama's foot to rub me - heck I already LOVE her shoes. xoxox ~Andy

TinyPearlCat said...

So sad about Fritz sad because the daughter left. Such devotion.
Really cute about mistly liking to be rubbed by feet. Thanx for sharing sweety PAwhuggs TPC

dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

Oh Mario, what lovely and sad stories. You have some very special humans my friend, please give them cuddles from Inigo and I.