Sunday, June 25, 2017

Guess I Showed Her and Selfie Blog Hop

Hey Pals,

I won this battle - The battle of the bed at nap time!    M lays down on the bed for a half hour a few times a day to rest her back - or so she says.  Anyway she leaves a nice sized impression in the mattress, which makes me want to curl up in the middle of it for a nap.   But she doesn't want me to nap there so the space is available for her when she wants it!   NOT FAIR, I say!

This morning she thought she would fool me so I could not lay down on the bed where she naps.  Well, I showed her!!!   See how she has "stuff' piled around the area she thought I'd nap in!   Well, I found another cozy spot.  he he   So who won this battle?   Me, of course!   She's not smart enough to outsmart this old boy!!!

I'm also displaying my "selfie" picture and linking up with "The Cat On My Head's"  Selfie Blog Hop today.    It's been awhile since I've been able to participate.  Here's my entry for the selfie:

I don't even remember what I was scowling about, but it must have been something big cuz I sure don't look happy.    I probably wanted M's attention and she wanted to finish what she was doing on the puter.  Or I didn't want my picture taken.  She should listen to me and only me - right?

The Kitties Blue over at "The Cat On My Head" always have a fun blog hop, so join in on the fun.   

Until next time,