Thursday, June 30, 2011

WANTED - New Family With A BOX!


This is so embarrassing! 
I'm hiding and might NEVER come out again!

It's national box day.  Do you think my ooman has even one picture of me in a box (my favorite, next to a bag)!   NO!   She didn't even GET a box for me so I could celebrate the day in style.  

I'm shopping for a new family - must have lots of boxes.

I'm hiding until I get a new family!   How could M and D treat me this way!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Hi Pals,

George Cloony over at Cloony's Nom Nom Fund presented me with the MEOW MEOW MEME Award this morning.   I'm supposed to answer these questions:

1.  Where do you like to hang out?

     My most favorite place, if he's home, is D's lap.   He has the best lap ever for stretching out and getting comfy.   That's me above on his lap!!

2.  Who is your favorite kitty crush?

     He he, a guy could get in serious trouble for answering this question.   My problem is that I like all the bootiful ladies, including some dat are married.   I don't want to name names cuz that could get me in trouble with the ladies and some guys too.  So, I think I'll plead "The Fifth ..........."  

3.  What is your favorite scent? 

See that purplish plant in the front?  Well, dat's a Cat Mint plant.   (Sorry M didn't get me outside in the last couple of days to get my picture with it bloomin.)  But here's an old picture of me last fall.

Cat Mint smells  soo good that I can stay there a good hour sniffin each leaf.   M eventually gets tired of standing there while I sniff and makes me move.  Sigh!
4.   What's your favorite TV show?

      I don't watch much TV, except when I'm snoozing on D's lap and he's watching TV.  But, I won a prize once from @CokieTheCat; a great cat CD that you play on the puter.   I like to chase the birdie on there and try to catch the fishies!    We also have the chipmunk channel, the squirrel channel and birdie channels right outside the window.

You can't see the chippie very well, but he's right outside the screen about 4 inches away from nose.   Boy - he'd be a gonner if I could only get through the screen.  Mr. Chippie likes to sit on that step and look in at me as if to say "I double dare you to get me!"  

5.  What's your favorite movie?

I love the video of the Broadway Musical CATS!   It's one of M's favorites too, so she plays the CD over and over and over!     I know every song by heart (well almost) and like to pretend I'm on stage.    I'm told I have a good voice too - Alto - of couse!

6.   What is your best piece of feline wisdom.

        Don't bite the hand that feeds you!   Sometimes I ignore my own rule and put the biteyon M.   She just laughs cuz I have no tooties.

Now I'm passing the Award on to some blogs that don't have that many followers yet, so please go over and say hello to them.   Each one of them is great, but they need more attention. 

Have fun pals!


Friday, June 24, 2011

Trribute to Fuzz

Hi Pals,

Someone needs to lock up the OTRB gates.   Yesterday the blogging world lost another great pal - Fuzz!   Fuzz was @BearBearD's brother and best buddy.  Unfortunately, he crossed the bridge suddenly yesterday.   The family is heartboken.

BearBearD, Fuzz, and their sisfur Rosy always post a daily blog, and today was special because Bear did a beautiful tribute to his best buddy Fuzz.  Please stop over there and pay your respects.

Fuzz, I know you are happy pal, and won't ever have to hurt again.  You have fun romping through the fields of flowers.  I left you a few tennis balls too so you can play ball with your friends.  Afterall, you have a little "golden" blood in you, and you are a "dog."   What dog doesn't like tennis balls.
You will always live in my heart pal - always!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Update on @AdmiralHestorb and Admiral's mom.

Hi pals,

Here's another update on Admiral's health and also Admiral's mom.   M talked to her earlier this evening and she dictated this for me to post.

"I have not eaten my pill for the past 5 days - no matter how mom tried to disguise it.  I refused because our routine was all upset  and mom lumbering around with a huge scary cast on her leg scared me into hiding.  Today, because mom was getting ready to go to the human vet in the big PTU, mom didn’t have time to chase me around to get me to eat my “treat.”  So, since she had to be carried to the human vet, she just prepared my treat and left it for me between my water bowl and food bowl.  Several hours later, she came home and discovered I had eaten my treat.  I think mom was very happy cuz she told her friend that I had eaten it.  

I told mom if she didn’t leave me alone and stop chasing me and trying to cram that down my throat I would throttle her in the night while she slept or at least smother her by lying on her face. I think she got the message too.

Now about mom:

Mom’s vet said that she had an infection at the knee cap area, and he was alarmed at the swelling, so he ordered an xRay, which mom will have to take to the orthopedist on Friday. It must still hurt her sometimes because she'll say OUCH out loud! Oh, he also put her on an antibiotic, whatever that is.

That's the news from us


Mario here:    Admiral has told me, and Admiral's mom has told M, how much they appreciate all the thoughts, prayer, comments and tweets of well wishes, etc, coming from  Twitter and the blogger worlds.   Typing is still very hard for her to do and has to be done with one finger.   So keep them coming pals, your comments and well wishes are the highlight of their day.     If you have the time, please go over to Admiral's blog and leave comments there.  If no time, you can leave them here and I'll tell Admiral to check over here.

Thanks pals,



Monday, June 20, 2011

Goodbye For Now Dear Friend @SmokeyPoodle - OTRB 6/18//11

Hi Pals, 

Another dear pal crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Saturday.   Our good pal from Twitter, @SmokeyPoodle.  Smokey had just celebrated his 14th birthday a few weeks ago.   I'm so happy we had his wonderful 14th birthday celebration to remember how happy he and his brother, @OdyMaltese, were that day.  Smokey's health had been failing for a few months, but on the weekend he was having great trouble breathing.  His human took Smokey to the vet on Saturday, and the vet confirmed that Smokey was also in pain.   His human didn't want Smokey to suffer, so he helped him cross the bridge that day.   M always says that helping your dear companion (beloved pet)  cross the bridge is the kindest, most wonderful act of love that you can give.   You are sacrificing your own needs and wants and instead doing what is best for the animal. 

Smokey's brother has a bloggy - please drop by there and pay your respects. Ody misses his brother as much as his dad misses Smokey.   Ody and his dad need lots of hugs, prayers, and kind words right now because they both miss Smokey so much.  

Also, Smokey and his dad started a blog of Las Vegas Hamburger Reviews.   I don't live in Las Vegas, but M still enjoys following the blog in case we visit there.  And sometimes he posts reviews on national chains that sell burgers - sometimes those are in our city.   Please consider following that too.  Ody said he and his dad will keep it up after a couple of weeks rest.

Your ooman and Ody miss you dearly Smokey, but we'll take good care of them for you.  We all love you too and will miss you.  Until we meed again some day, continue to have fun chasing all the butterflies cuz I hear from @PepiSmartDog that you feel so good now that you are acting like a puppy again.  
M wants to give you one final SMOOCH on the head.  
Love ya,

Friday, June 17, 2011

Blogger Jail - Part I and AdmiralHestrob Update

Imposter Cathy Keisha
Hi Pals:

How do you like my double?   "The Stunning Cathy Keisha".  You all know how funny she is.  Well wait till you hear this.............she's in BLOGGER JAIL!   Now I've been in Twitter Jail lots of times because I talk to much.   But, I've never heard of anyone landing in Blogger Jail!    Only Cathy could manage that one.

You have to go over and read her latest post.  It's the absolute funniest ever.    I can't wait to hear how she ever managed to land in jail!

Imposter Admiral Hestrob
I don't know if the Admiral's mom will be able to type an update from the Admiral today or not.  When M talked with her mom last night she said it took her forever to type (with one finger)  the one short paragraph posted yesterday.    But she told mom she just appreciates so very much all the well wishes extended to them from all their blog friends and Twitter friends.   She did get a good night of sleep - finally - on Wednesday night, so by yesterday she was feeling pretty "chipper."    M will talk with her again tonight. 

Now please go over and check out Cathy Keisha's blog to read her post - be prepared to laugh your head off.   Then head over to the Admiral's blog and see if there is an update this morning from the Admiral.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Update on Admiral Hestrob's Mom

Given to me by Admiral's mom a few months ago.
Hi Pals,

Anyone who follows @AdmiralHestrob on Twitter or any of her faithful blog (AdmiralHestorb) readers  are probably wondering just what happened to the Admiral's mom after reading her very brief post today.  .  Here's the scoop: 

@Admiral's mom has broken her right wrist and badly banged up her right knee. (And her left knee was already giving her problems.)   M called her tonight and she said the following:

“Lost race with a grocery cart because I stubbed my toe. It took off with the power of a jet engine. I stumbled and fell running after it and landed with my body weight on my right wrist, breaking it.”

Somehow she managed to get herself up, retrieve the cart, and unload the groceries one-handed in the trunk of her car. She then drove herself to her doctor’s office, where she had to sit for an hour waiting for the doctor to come in. In the meantime, she called her son, who works in another city about an hour away. He came as soon as he could.

Her own doctor then got an appointment for her with an orthopedic surgeon right away. That doctor took more Xrays and said it’s a bad break. She’s to go back to see him in 7+ days. If the break starts to mend during that time, she probably won’t need surgery. If it doesn’t, she’ll need surgery. She was given pain pills, which as of this writing, are not helping her much.

She is totally helpless as her knee is swollen and very painful anytime she tries to walk on it, and getting up out of her chair is extremely painful. Her son will come back tomorrow to stay with her. Starting Thursday her very dear friend, who lives in another town about an hour away, will drive back and forth every day to help and stay with her during the day. They will be able to get Admiral’s food ready for her and pill pocket, so hopefully Admiral will continue feeling better and keep gaining weight.

Please keep Admiral’s mom in your thoughts and prayers. She said she’s not going to be able to do any tweeting for awhile or make any entries in her blog or Admiral’s blog, nor comment on any other blog.

You may tweet well wishes to her, as she will read them. Just don’t expect an answer.

M was thinking tonigh that if Admiral's mom can do cut and past into her blog or Admiral's, mom could take dictation from Admiral's mom, type it up and Admiral mom could cut and paste to their blogs post - if she wants to try that or is capable of doing it one-handed.  . 
M will call her again tomorrow night to get an update, and between @KathyKeisha's blog: and mine  we’ll keep you posted.
The most you can do for her right now is say a few prayers for she and Admiral - she really needs them. 


Part 5 - Lippi's Last Day & Victoria, Canada

Hi Pals,

Lppe slept in cuz it has been a tiring week for him.  Today he just wanted to sit on the balcony with my picture and watch the scenery go by.  

He also had to be on the lookout for sea lions and sea otters because the captain announced every time one was spotted.  

Unfortunately, because the peeps were standing on their balcony 12 decks up, when they tried to take pictures of the sea otter, they just looked like dots in the water.  So M found these pictures on the internet which shows how they pretty much looked to them.
Such cute little guys just floating on their backs in the water with their cute little paws sticking up in the air.  he he - silly guys.

Their real picture didn't have any ice in the water, but otherwise looked something like this only much smaller.   It was hard to see that they were even sea otters, unless they were floating on their back with their paws up.

They did see pretty scenery tho:

Lippe said mid afternoon sisfur and Sil invited him to go down to have a drink with them. .    (shh - don't tell his mom back in Germany, but Lippe had a Pina Colada).  He thought it was really good too and wanted another.  Sisfur and SIL said one was enough. 
 After dinner that night, Sisfur, SIL and D rushed off to visit the city of Victoria, Canada.  M stayed on ship because she was reaching the point where she was having trouble walking from one end of the ship to the other.     So, Mom and Lippe hung out in the room, and Lippe rode the elephant in the room.   he he - he said it was great fun too. 

For some reason they didn't take many pictures in Victoria.  Guess they were too tired, it was getting late and getting too dark.  Here's a couple of random shots.   
Beautiful old hotel in Victora and flower beds around the hotel. 

Lippe went to bed a little sad cuz tomorrow he gets packed up in the suitcase again  and his vacation is almost over. 

Until tomorrow


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lippi on Yukon Road Trip - Skagway to Carcross, Canada - Part 4

Hi Pals,

Lippi and the oomans took a road trip from Skagway, Alaska to Carcross in the Yukon Territory (gold rush territory).   SIL had heard it was a bootiful road to take.  So Lippi decided he better supervise SIL's driving.

M said the the scenery was breathtaking.   Just sit back and enjoy the car ride. 

Drove from Skagway to Carcross with many stops along the way.  It took 2+ hours to drive between 2 of those little red dots at the bottom of the map because it's so beautiful and we kept stopping.

At one point, SIL stopped the car so everyone could get out to take pictures.  Sisfur decided to take Lippi for a walk up the road to see what she could find. 

Oh Look, we would have missed the Marmot if sisfur hadn't taken that little walk.

Saw our first Marmot (Horry's Ground Squirrel .  Wild critter not at all interested in oomans nor frightened by us.   About the size of  Mario (12 pounds).

Biggified in the bottom picture so you can see him better.  Cute little guy.

Live in the mountain areas like Alaska, British Columbia, Montana, etc, to name a few.   (Not in Wisconsin, so no wonder M had never seen one before).

Welcome To Carcross, Canada:   (Population 0 - the few people that work here live elsewhere!)

Downtown Carcross (Watch traffic closely please) (he he)

"Lippays he's hungry!   Oh boy!  okay - let's see if we can find a restaurant in town!"i s
he he  - this is their drive-in restaurant.   (Maybe @Herbie_Cat could open a branch of Herbie's Drive In here).  ha ha! Lippi says he had a hot dog tho that was actually pretty good.

See Lippi in the bear's pocket?   Dad being silly again!  
Carcross also has a museum.  The bear was standing just outside dat building.   Lippi wanted to know if perhaps this bear was his cousin.   That's why D put Lippi in the bear's pocket.  Then dad whispered to the bear that he hadn't better hurt Lippi.  

After eating our lunch in Carcross, we decided it was time to head back to the ship in Skagway. 

Gasp!  Bear!   Bear!  Lippi - behind you.

We drove maybe the equivalent of 1/4 mile and.......
"Bear!  Bear!  Bear!"
Both were just enjoying a light snack of "whatever" along the roadside, totally unaware and uncaring that we were there, says M.

Back to the ship now.   Poor Lippi is all tired out again and can't wait to crawl in bed and take a bear snooze.

See you tomorrow as the ship sets sail for a sea day and stop in Victoria, British Columbia.


Friday, June 10, 2011

Lippi In Alaska - Glacier Bay - Part 3

Hi Pals,

Poor Lippi - he told me he had the worst headache the next morning.   It's a good thing he was spending the day on ship cruising to Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska because he didn't feel like moving much.  It was a good day to sit on the balcony and watch the world float by and take a nap or two, or three, or more.

Mario's mom here - The ship sailed up a 20 mile long channel into Glacier Bay.   A Park Ranger from Glacier Bay National Park boarded the ship and explained things along the 20 mile ride.  At one time the glacier ran the entire length of that 20-mile strip.     Here's a googled map showing the route - we were in the channel on the back side of the park
Lippi said it was getting colder the deeper they traveled through the passage into Glacier Bay.   The fresh air cleared his hangover tho!

Ice Falls/Waterfalls coming off mountins.

Ice Berg - YIKES - Hope Lippi's ship doesn't sink.

Lippi sees his first glacier and a "hush" fell over the entire ship as all passengers listened to the Park Ranger on the room's TV.

Look at all those pretty colors too!   Awesome!

B O O M !  Lippi said a chunk of ice fell off into the water, making such a loud boom that it scared him so much he jumped way up to the ceiling and banged his head.  It was so scary!

Here you can see where some has already broken off and slid down hill.
This glacier has a big hole in it.   M said she doesn't want to be on the water when it finally cracks and falls into the sea.  It may create a wave so huge it can be seen in China!  he he (she's just kidding.)

Sailing back out of the channel into Glacier Bay and towards Skagway, Alaska - lots of sea lions (above pic) and Sea Otter were seen frolicking in the water.   

SIL celebrated a birthday that night.  Lippi said the cake was delicious!

Lippi was so tired, he said it's time for bed now.  I'll be back again tomorrow with Part 4.  (We have about 2 or 3 posts left, so we hope we aren't boring you too much!)  Lippi  hopes you'll be back too.