Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween - Mario Style


All week long M has been saying "Mario, what do you want to dress up as this year?"    Geeeesh - lady!!!   I've lived here for 3 years now.  You should know by now dat I don't like to wear CLOTHES.  I'm a c.a.t.!   Got it?

So she got to work on our cheapie version of Photoshop and here's what she came up with.   

What am I?   Some kind of weird mousie Dumbo!   Thumbs down!

This looks like I've had too many niptini's at the #nipclub!  Thumbs down!

What the heck are these dangly things?  Thumbs down!

Yikes - now she thinks I'm a cowboy - err - cowcat!  Thumbs down!

Do you get the HINT lady?  Thumbs up!

Happy Halloween pals - Excuse me while I hide away in this pumpkin and watch the trick or treaters.


Friday, October 28, 2011

Thankful For Dad on Thankful Thursday

Hi Pals,

By now it's no secret dat I LOVES my Dad.   I'm so very thankful for his lap.   This is how we look every night after dinner.   We always take a nap together. You know guys - we has to nap a lot, and his lap is the bestest.

Yawn, well, excuse me pals.   Guess we'd better get back to this creative art form - NAPPING!


My buddy CokieTheCat over at    started this Thankful Thursday Bog Hop.   Go over and say Hi to him.   His ooman has a great contest going on right now and you can enter.  I'm not going to tell you want you can win - but it's a FANTASTIC prize.    Now hop on the Blog Hop.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Calling all Kitties - EXCITING NEWS!

Pet Blogs United

Hi Pals,

Such EXCITING news today.   

My good friend @Oskar and his mom over at Pet Blogs United has featured me for the whole week in their bloggy.   Isn't that great!   It's extra exciting because I "think" I'm the first kitty to be featured.   If there have been others, I apologize - maybe I missed that issue.

Pet Blogs United usually features lots of doggies, but they also will feature kitties and would like to EXPAND in that area.  I know I always thought it was for doggies, so never pursued being featured until I read where kitties were welcome too.    So go over there, say hello, and tell them you'd like to be part of their community.   Follow their bloggy so you don't miss out on all the great pals there.   You don't have to be featured if you don't want to, but if you do, tell them! 

Pet Blogs United is a great blog as they introduce new pals just getting started with blogging, old pals who have been blogging awhile that we just haven't met yet,  and is a great meeting place for all bloggers.  I've enjoyed all of their weekly featured bloggers, and I know you will too.   If you have been thinking about starting a blog, what better way to get started then with having your blog featured in one of their posts. 

If you are not a blogger, you will still enjoy following this blog because of all the interesting pals you will meet - some are on Twitter too.

I'd also like you to meet Oskar - the doggie behind Pet Blogs United.   Here's the link to his blog.  He's the cutest little schnauzer you'll ever want to meet.  M just loves him because he reminds her so much of Fritz (the doggie before my time).

Now please take a minute to go over to Pet Blogs United and say hello.

Thank you Oskar and his ooman for giving me this opportunity.  It is an honor.

Now I gotta get over to a Halloween #pawpawty on Twitter.   Come over this afternoon/evening and join us.  It's open 24 hours, has already started, and will go until 2:00 EDT tomorrow afternoon (Sunday).   

Until next time pals,


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Birthday/Gottcha Day Celebration

Hi Pals,

Do I look old to you?   I was just wondering cuz I turned 6 on Saturday.  A whole 6 years old.  M said she thought a kitty at 6 was considered a senior.  Yikes - I'm not ready for kitty Medicare yet!!

It's Thankful Thursday, so I'm very thankful that my peeps adopted me 3 years ago and gave me a good home.  I'm very thankful to my Twitter and Blog pals for the birthday wishes and for being such good friends.  It made the day special.  M was supposed to throw a pawty for me in the blog world, but she just never got to it.   Between Twitter, my bloggy, and her own bloggy she says it's a full time job that she doesn't always have the energy for. 

It was a great birthday.   First of all the @Meow_Girls surprised me by sending a package addressed to me.  Take a look - there were so many fun things in dat package:
I think I sniff nip in here!

YAY!  A nip cigar.   This one will be fun to bat around the floor too.

YUMM - Temptations and 3 more toys!
Thank you so much Penny, Tippy and oomans Kathy and Anne.   That was so very sweet and thoughtful of you and totally unexpected and unnecessary.  But I loved it.  SMOOCH  SMOOCH  SMOOCH  SMOOCH

Then my M and D got me this really cool tunnel:

As you can see, I have soooo much to be thankful for.   It all began 3 years ago when my peeps brought me to my forever home.  Now I'm on Twitter, have my own bloggy, and all these friends from all over the world.   Aren't I just the luckiest kitty in the whole world!!

If you has time, go over and take a look at M's new bloggy about Parkinson's Disease.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Goodbye Pills

Hi Pals,

Can't believe it's Fursday already and time for another blog hop on Thankfulness. 

I am so thankful dat my pills are all gone  and I've only sneezed once in 4 days.   YAY - no more pills getting shoved down my gullet by this eveil thing:

D was pretty sneaky when he gave it to me.  He'd wait until I was all nice and comfy like in the top pic, then he'd kneel down in front of my chair, trapping me in the chair with no escape route, grab my head, force my mouth open with his giant paws, and shove dat pill down so far it almost came out my "other" end.  It was shameful cuz I had no choice but to swallow it pals.  

The lady vet called M on Monday to see how I was doing.  She said that at the first sign of a sneeze, M should call her and she'd order another round of pills.  

Guess I'd better keep my paw over my nose so no one can hear me if I let one slip out!


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Daddy's Boy

Hi Pals,
I just loves early morning.  After M gives me breakfast and I patrol the patio from inside the house, I crawl back in bed and wait for D to get out of the shower.  

After he has put on some clothes, he reaches out with his big hand and starts to give me a belly rub.   ahhhhhhh!   He gives the bestest belly rubs.   (Notice the glazed eyes on the bottom photo!)

Of course I gives him lots of loud purrs as a reward.  M says I look like I'm in 7th heaven (whatever she means by dat.)  he he- she calls me daddy's boy.   I loves both of them, and I hope I never lose them as pawparents.    But I do get worried bout it sometimes.

M and D both have Parkinson's.   I don't know what that can be, I just know it's not good to have.  Anyway, M started a new bloggy about living with Parkinson's.   We're extra happy today because @Manxmnews' mom over at is the guest writer.   i hopes you'll go over and take a peek at M's bloggy and read all about @Manxmews' dad.   He has dat nasty thing too.

I've joined a blog hop.   Please join us and hop on board!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

WARNING - Do NOT Ever Sneeze! (Thankful Thursday)

Hi Pals,

I did a bad, bad thing.   I sneezed a few times on Saturday and  Sunday.  Yup!   Then I also acted all tired out and no pep.   By Monday morning I was sneezing more and didn't eat too much of my breakfast.    Don't ever do this pals!  Never never do what I did. 

Before I knew what was happening ..........
I landed in prison and was forced to take a ride in that noisy, scary thing called a car!   At least D rode with me in the back seat while M raced somewhere!  

Next thing I know, I'm plunked on this thing called a scale.
Den I heard the lady behind the desk say I had gained 2 pounds.  She didn't believe her figures.  She almost accused me of purposefully gaining 2 pounds since my visit 2 weeks ago.    She said she'd have the vet tech weugh me in the back room!   I got carted off to another room where D took me out of prison and plunked me on this cold white thing. 

The white coat lady came in and do you know what she did?  She stuck something in my ... um ....rear end!  Gasp!   It's a good thing dat M's camera said "Battery Warning" or she would have taken a pic of dat too.

She told M I wasn't running a temperature, so she'd give me a new pill to take for a few days, and to let her know if I wasn't better by the weekend.   She said something about not doing blood work now, but maybe if this med don't work.  

Dat tech lady came in and shoved a pill down my throat, closed my mouth and rubbed my throat.   I had no choice but to gulp it down, even tho I wanted to really spit it back out at her.

The v.e.t. lady never did tell M what I had, but M keeps saying she thinks it might be allergies.   Don't know what dat means, but I know I don't want another trip to the v.e.t. lady.   She's a nice lady and I do like her, but she does things to me dat I no like.

So pals, under no circumstances should you sneeze.   You gotta learn to hold the sneezes in or go way back in a corner somewhere and hide so no one can hear you do it.   I sure learned my lesson about sneezing.

It's Thankful Thursday and I'm sooooo thankful I didn't has to stay at the v.e.t. house or get a shot.   I is also very thankful that M and D got some stuff figured out so we don't has to move.   You can read about it in M's new bloggy: 
I've joined CokieTheCat's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop - hop on board with us and meet lots of new pals.


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Big Hearty THANK YOU

Hi Pals,

We're jumping for joy at our house.  I should have done this post for Thankful Thursday, because we are so thankful that we were able to raise a little over $750 so that Cheriswan's mom could go with Cheri's dad to the big city when he has his surgery on Monday.   in fact, I think they were to leave today so she could get settled in and plan her route to the hospital for early Monday morning. 

I know that Cheriswan has thanked each individual donor personally, but I just wanted to say thanks too.

Thanks to the generosity once again of all our Twitter pals, she will be able to spend some time in the big city with him.   He's having some pretty serious surgery, and M said she couldn't imagine having to send Dad that far away by himself to face surgery alone.   Now, thanks to all of you, Cheri's mom can be with Cheri's dad. 

Stay tuned this week for Tweets from @Cheriswan because her mom was taking her IPhone or whatever gizmo she has, with her to the hospital and will keep us posted on his progress.

Meanwhile we'll keep Cheri's dad in our thoughts and prayers that the surgery goes very well and that he is able to get back home to his family soon.

I keep  repeating this over and over, but it's so true.   Our Twitter pals and Blogger pals are so generous when helping each other out in a crisis.   You all ROCK!!  We do take care of our own don't we!!

I'm also drumming up business for M's blog.  Both my peeps have Parkinson's Disease.  M started a new blog about a month ago about the Disease and their journey.   If you have an interest, please go over and take a peek.


I've joined the Saturday Blog Hop too.  Hop on board because it's fun and you'll meet lots of new pals.