Saturday, April 30, 2011

Broken Record - HELP again

Hi pals,

I'm beginning to sound like a "broken record" by asking for HELP again.   But I has two very important things to call to your attention today.

I know all you know Brian from Brians Home.  You all know how hard he works for the betterment of kitties and other anipals too.  Well, it seems that sweet little Precious still needs a permanent, forever home because she has to be out of her foster home in 6 more days.   Please go over and read Brians Home to learn the sad story of Precious.   Please help spread the word.   I did some tweets last week and will do more again this week.  Let's pull together and see if we can't find a permanent home for Precious.  Help broadcast this please.   Precious need a permanent home NOW.

The Animals in the Birmingham, Alabama area need our help as so many are suffering because of the terrible tornado destruction on April 28 and 29.     A blogging friend who is a veterinarian in Rochester, New York at sent me the following message:

"I spoke with a very dear friend of mine, Jacqueline Meyer, Executive Director of the Greater Birmingham Animal Shelter...The livestock in Alabama have been devastated...... they need help for those surviving and need medical building temporary shelters etc.

she said the situation is as bad as Katrina...

Here is the link to GBAS donation page...I assure you, this is a worthy organization.  Help The Farm Animals in the Greater Birmingham, Alabama Suffering From Tornado Devastation. "
Pals, the situation is bad in our southern states pals.  We pulled together to help the animals  in New Zealand and Japan after the major earthquakes, and also for Australia after the major flooding.   Can you now spare a few more $$ to help the animals in the northern Alabama area (which was hit the hardest of our southern states).   If you tweet or blog, please help with broadcasting the link to the Animal Shelter.  You don't even have to braodcast the link to my blog - just the donation link.

Thanks pals - you always come through when he chips are down.

Some day I'll have to tell you the story of how I met the veterinarian in Rochester, N.W.   But, that's good for another post.

Thanks pals.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hmm - A Cat Mare!!

(Yawn) Time for my nap!

Hi Pals,

I am mad at M cuz she said we can't go to the Royal Wedding in London this weekend, even tho my good friend @JazzydaCat said we could stay at their house.   I might as well sulk and take a nap!   zzzzzzzz

Interlude - 1 hour later.....
Please....don't tell me that was just a dream!
Sigh!  I suppose we'll just have to watch it on TV.


Disclaimer - all photos in this post were taken from Google Search - Images.   They are available to the public.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Hi pals,

I just couldn't let the day go by without wishing all my friends a Happy Easter, if you choose to celebrate it.  It not, have a happy, sun-filled easy Sunday.

I'm looking forward to a nice nap in a lap when M sits down to read the Sunday paper.   But first, I'll have to go back to the #pawpawty on Twitter and have a little more fun, after my peeps get back from where ever it is they go on Sundays.

Happy Easter and happy easy Sunday.



Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Positive Thoughts and Energy / And Update on Pugs/Doodles

@Rumblepurr / Rumblebum / Rumbles
Hi Pals,

We have an EMERGENCY here.  We need major purring, pawprayers, and pawscrossed for our very good blogging and Twitter pal, @Rumblepurr or Rumblebum as the blog world knows him.  

He was rushed to the animal hospital either Sunday afternoon/evening or Monday morning (New Zealand time).  I just learned this morning that he did have surgery, but will stay in hospital a couple of days to be monitored and rest.

Please join me in sending positive thoughts and energy for Rumbles / Rumblebum to get better soon.    We miss you buddy.

Our good friend @MizzBassie started a candle lighting page for Rumbles at
Please feel free to go over there and light a candle for Rumbles and leave a short message for Rumblemum and Rumbledad to read.

Now just for a quick update on Pugs and Duddles:

Pugs/Doodles in their new forever home 4-17-11

Pugs and Doodles are in their new FOREVER home in California.  They flew out Sunday with our @DanaPixie waiting at the airport to greet them and deliver them to their new forever home.  @TheNascarKitty and @SaraBeth3394 drove them to Chicago, where they went to @BigBoyBosco's house to have some doggie play time.   Bosco's mom drove them to the airport in Chicago, where they boarded the plane to California.   All of Twitterverse kept track of the flight to California.  We are so very grateful to everyone who helped make this possible.

Now if Rumblepurr will just get better, life will be purrfect once again.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pugs and Doodles - Update #5 - WOW

 UPDATE 11:00 p.m. EST Saturday, April 16th.

Through some information tonight from a couple of anonymous donors, I do believe we have raised enough money now to cover all expenses.   The NascarKitty will tally up all his expenses after the doggies are safely on their way to California just to make sure.   But I do believe we are in good shape.


HI pals,   

FANTASTIC news to report - A little over $1,200 was raised Thursday and Thursday night at the #nipclub for expenses for Pugs and Doodles.   I was awe struck.  What fantastic support our animal community is - both on Twitter and the Blog World because some of you donated too.

I hate to even mention this but more $$ are still needed.   We need to get close to $1,500  Pals have been so generous already, that it's embarrassing to ask for more

Events were rapidly unfolding on Wednesday and Thursday during the day.    It was decided that a pal-to-pal relay from WI to CA was not workable.   First of all, it would have been harder on the doggies.  Two or three days of riding in a car is a bit much for any dog, much less two medium sized ones not used to riding that long.  And it would not have been good for them to be handed off pal to pal with a change in people every 300-400 miles.   Not to mention the scheduling nightmare and possibility of emergencies along the way.

So plans were made  to send the doggies via airplane.   They will be leaving for  Chicago tomorrow morning  (Sunday) via car and then be put on the airplane bound for Sacramento, CA.  
M  wrote up a new post to appear in the showing revised estimates of expenses because a few necessary items were forgotten: like a heavy duty collar and harness for each doggie so they can't break away when out of the crates etc.  So we don't bore you with all the details all over again, please go over to the Nipclub's blog and read that post to see what the expenses are for. and why we still need to raise more money

I know times are tough for so many families (including @TheNascarKitty), but if everyone could even contribute $1, it would really add up.  So if there is anyway you can see in your heart to help out, please do so at the Chip-In on this page or at the

Sorry for all the strike throughs, but the latest word was just known tonight, and I wanted to correct this post.

A proper thank you will be made as soon as TheNascarKitty has everything added up.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Once again all the animals performed a miracle.   You are all AMAZING!

Thanks pals.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pugs and Doodles Update #4 and HELP



Hi Pals,

A quick update on Doodles and Pugs - their mom and 9-year-old daughter left for a shelter Tuesday night after dropping the doggies off at another daugher's house for over-night housing.    Because that daughter lives in a small 3rd floor, walk-up flat where no pets are allowed, obviously she can't keep them.  They have been boarded for a few days in the city where TheNascarKitty lives until we can get their flight arrangements made, get their necessary shots, etc and get them on the airplane to their new home.

A very generous person as loaned the money to cover the cost of the flight for flying both dogs to California.   But we need to raise a large sum of money now to cover @TheNascarKitty's boarding expenses for the dogs, vet bill, and also to reimburse the very kind person that paid for the flight.

Tonight at the #nipclub we will be holding a massive Fund Raiser to raise the money to reimburse that very kind person who paid for the flight, and reimburse @TheNascarKitty for the boarding bill and vet bill.  

The #Nipclub opens at 4:00 p.m. and runs to 12:00 p.m. EST.  Great music,  Fantastic food and drinks, and great PALS to hand out with.     We just simply have a great time.

We NEED TO RAISE THIS MONEY.   Please come to the pawty at the #nipclub tonight and donate whatever amount you can.   No amount is too small.

If you are a blogger pal and don't have a Twitter account a chip-in widget has been added to the right side of my bloggy.   Even if you can only contribute a dollar, it all adds up.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Doodles Dancing For Joy but..........

Doodles Dancing for Joy at thought of moving to CA.  But......


Hi Pals,

That Doodles is dancing for joy because he gets to go to California.   But...


A very nice family in California wants to give Pugs and Doodles a loving, forever home.   But it's going to take time to arrange for transport.  


We put in a request for assistance of transport from a great organization called "Pilots For Paws."  It is a volunteer group of airplane pilots willing to transport rescued animals cross country.   But you have to wait for someone willing to go in the direction you want to go.   Now it's just a matter of waiting for the right pilot to volunteer.   This organization came highly recommended to us by @MattieDog, who has had lots of experience with using this group,  so we are confident they will help us.    

Mom and daughter are starting to make concrete plans now for moving and are making appropriate contacts for help in doing so.  

But....this also means we has to get these two doggies out of the home ASAP - like IMMEDIATELY.   We're trying to find someone to FOSTER them for 2 - 4 weeks until we can get the transportation organized.   I has been tweeting with pals retweeting for me  for 2 days trying to find a foster home for them.  So far - no luck.

Now I'm hoping one of you, dear readers, can help.   The main problem is we need a foster home within about a 100 miles radius of Green Bay as we requesteed a volunteer pilot willing to go from the Green Bay Airport to California, so we need to keep them close so we can get them to the airport when the pilot says he/she will be here.  

Can you, dear readers, help spread the word.   If no one is found soon, we'll have to consider boarding, which isn't going to make the mom very happy.   She really wants to see them in a loving home.  

M has contacted everyone via email that she knows in our state and asked them to spread the word.  She's also made several phone calls  and had her friends that are working post bulletins on bulletin boards.      

Anything you can do to help will be so appreciated.   If you know of anyone living in our state please contact them and ask them to pass the word to their friends.  

Thanks pals.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Adoption Agency

Hi Pals,

I was thinking today dat maybe I should open up an adoption agency for kitties. M and D told me when I had my toothies pulled dat I might has to go to work to help support dem. Well, it seems I has been trying to find homes for so many anipals lately - maybe I need to hang out a shingle for Anipal Adoption agency on our front door.

Well, now I has another kitty to tell you about.

Word must be out in South Carolina that Marges Pets serves the best meals around the area, because kitties keep popping in for dinner and never leaving.  Marge is very kind hearted and does what she can for kitties that just drop and all of the other animals in her care, but she says she's filled up.  She loves helping the kitties and some over the years have even become house kitties. But she knows when she can't handle anymore and provide for them. So, she's hoping to find a nice, loving, forever home for Little Miss BG, who really isn't even a feral.  Maybe you know of someone who would like a nice kitty and or could help spread the word. 

To quote Marge:

"Little Miss BG just showed up at my house and just moved in eating everyone's food and making herself right at home on the porch! "

"She really is a nice kitty. She is very tame and is not afraid of the dogs, just respectful of them. She gets along with other cats in that she doesn't start any fights"

Marge doesn't know how old Little Miss BG is, but "she appears young."

Please go over and take a look at Marges Animals  so you can see what animals she has to take care of.   She really needs to find a good home for Little Miss BG.

If you would help spread the word, or know of someone who might like this cute Little Miss BG, just let Marge know by leaving a comment on her bloggy. Little Miss BG will make someone a nice pet.

Now for just a quick update on Doodles and Pugs, the two doggies in central Wisconsin dat need a new home. (Scroll down and see my last post) A California couple has offered to take them. But, I'm not sure what the mom's answer will be. I've turned it over to @TheNascarKitty and @SaraBeth3394 to handle as they have contact with mom. We know they would have a good home in CA because this family is related to one of our Tweeting pals. As soon as I have any information, I will share it with you.  Transport could be a problem, but a couple of leeds have been given to @TheNascarKitty to look into if mom is in agreement.  When I get an update, I'll post it.

Now M says dat if I want to open an Adoption Agency I has to get an MSN in Social Work (MSN) , which means going to school for a long time. I'd better think about this a little bit more. I don't think I'd like school.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Desperate Duo - URGENT

H Pals,

Have some URGENT business to tell you about today.

Doodles, 1yr 4 mos

Pugs 1 yr 4 mos

There are two doggies (Pugs and Doodles)  in DESPERATE need of a new home IMMEDIATELY.  (Photos added 4-7-11)

Pugs and Doodles are 1year, 4-month-old brother dogs. They are house dogs, used to a lot of people and small children. Their human Mom has to leave quick...she is in an abusive marriage and is getting out of the house with her elementary school-aged child. She cant take her beloved dogs, but can't bear to see them split up.    If they can't be adopted, they will have to go to a shelter because she has no other choice.

They are littermates, but are very different.

Pugs is tall - perhaps the size of a smaller doberman.   He appears to be a mix of Golden Lab and maybe German Shepherd. He's pretty active, would love to run, play and take walks, but also to snuggle on the couch.

 Doodles is short with short legs.   He is a little smaller than a Cocker Spaniel, but very solidly built. He's got some Basset Hound, Golden Lab, and it looks like a little Shar-Pei in him.
Neither is fixed, and they probably need updated shots, but the abusive spouse in this situation didn't leave much for the humans to live on much less their pets.   In spite of this Mom managed to keep them well fed, and I'm sure they were a security blanket for her.

They live in a small town in Central Wisconsin in Green Lake County.

Please help spread the word.  M is sending email messages to everyone she knows in the state of WI and beyond in the event that they know of someone who can help, or at least spread the word themselves.  M will send a message to be posted at Sisfur's office and a message at her husband's office.
If you can help and are on Twitter, please contact @TheNascarKitty or @sarabeth3394 . or me (Mariodacat).  If you are a blogger pal and know of someone, please leave a message on this blog and I'll get in contact with you and give you the emial address of  TheNascarKitty.
Thanks everyone for helping.  You know the power of Twitter and the Blog world pals. We CAN and WILL do this, but it has to be done SOON. Mom and child have to get out of that situation.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Art Auction Round 2 - Paws 4 Japan

Art Work by Kirsten at BoHoPets

Hi Pals,

You'll  never believe this cuz I can't believe it myself! 

My pal @CheshireK is holding another art auction this week to raise money for Japan-Animal-Relief-Fund.   She held a very successful art auction two weeks ago.  

I has the original signed copy of the art work.   @CokieTheCat's mom over at BoHoPets created and presented the original copy to me at the recent NipClub pawty in my honor.   Anyway, Cokie's mom has donated one of the 5 Limited Edition, signed, numbered prints of her portrait of me for the opening bid at the Art Auction that just started today that @CheshireK is hosting.   I is so excited.  What an honor this is.

To read all about this art auction, just go over to @CheshireK's Art Auction Blog.  To place a bid, just enter your bid amount in the comment section.  Remember that all the money goes to Animal Relief Fund for Japan.

Hurry tho - bids for this piece of art work have to be placed by Tuesday, April 5th at 8:59 p.m.   That's only 2 days from now.


Animal Photo Hunt - Grazin

Hi Pals,

Our pal CokieTheCat posted another Photo Hunt Blog.  Subject is "Grazin."

Last summer M bought me a new leash and harness, so I gets to go outside, as long as M or D are along to supervise me.   My favorite place to go is to the Cat Mint plant in the back yard. I love to graze on the leaves.   Sigh, but since I dont has toothies, I really don't get to eat much - just a tiny piece now and then, but I keeps trying.  

M says we will move into an apartment this summer and can't take dat plant with us.   Sigh!   I sure am going to miss dat plant.


Now you can hop on board the Photo Hunt by going to the links below.

Friday, April 1, 2011

SAVE Lennox

Hi Pals,

Mario here -  My fur is all rankled today cuz  a poor doggie in Ireland is going to be put to sleep because he happens to look like a “mean” breed (according to some government men in Ireland.  They have nothing else better to do so have made up a list of what they call "mean" doggies and they don't allow dem to live.)  Dis makes me mad because what if they decided to ban “moggie” tuxedo cats in the US just cuz we look like we are feral!  GASP!  Dat means I’d be put to sleep forever.

I first saw this post in my pal @Frugaldougal’s blog. Please go over there and read it because he has stated it much better den I ever could.

Den go over and read the Official Blog of Save Lennox.   In this bloggy look under the Heading of How You Can Help. There are several email accounts listed dat you can write to. There is a petition going and you can sign it here.  I had both my peeps sign the petition, and M wrote some email letters to the various suggested places.

Den a lady by the name of Victoria Stillwell, who is a famous animal trainer and who has a show on Animal Planet, also wrote an extensive article on Lennox.  You can read her interesting article here

Now do you understand why my fur is rankled?   This kind of thing should not be allowed to happen. I’d like to BAN those government oomans from the ooman race (which means since dey don’t meet my criteria for oomans, they should be put to sleep too).

Please help pals.  You know the power we anipals has in bloggies and on Twitter, if we ban together we can save this nice doggie.