Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Crissymas 2012

Fake New Tree - not big enough for me!

Merry Crissymas dear friends,

This year my peeps decided to get a smaller tree so they could get it downstairs easier when they take the ornaments off.    They like to keep the lights on for storage, but take the fancy ball things off and beads.   I volunteered to bat the round ornaments down the steps for them.  That would be easier for them - right?

Well, they won out and bought a new tree.  As you can see, I don't like the new tree as much as the old tree  from last year.  They had the nerve to buy this stinky little 4 1/2 foot fake tree.   I did manage to crawl under it once, but I left once M got the flashy box out.  The old tree fit me just right! 
Last year's tree fits me better!

I just don't understand why I can't have the old tree back. Why do the dang oomans always want something new?   Sigh!  I just don't get it! The old tree was a purrfect fit for me.  I could sleep and nap under all of the branches.    Now I have those picky needles poking me all over.   Sigh!   I'm so deprived.

Now I need to apologize for not being around to visit.  It's all M's fault again.   M says she just don't move as fast as she once did and can't get everything in anymore.  But, she promises that after the holidays we'll get back to normal and at least visit everyone twice a week.

Merry Crissymas friends from our house to your house.  


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Friday, December 21, 2012

Two Sweethearts Need New Home &

MoooMoo (Female)\
4 Years Old
Must be placed with sibling shown on the bottom
Big Boy (Male)
4 years old
Must be placed with Sibling shown above

Hi Pals,

M and I are helping a Twitter friend find a new home for his two kitties. For a full detail of what has happened that he has to do this and details about the two kitties, please see:   NascarKitty's Blog Post.

These two sweeties need to get to a forever home fast!   Please search your brain for anyone you know who might be interested in being their new staff.  Refer @NascarKitty's Blog to them.   He has his email address posted in that blog also, so you can easily get in touch with him.  Help spread the word if you can.

He he - it's funny, but the kitty called Big Boy reminds us so much of my human sisfur's kitty -  Amos.   (Only we call him Big Guy!)  Amos even looks like Big Boy.  And Amos is a real sweetie too - not a mean bone in his body.   

Well, gotta go for now and start tweeting a few.   Keep your paws crossed that we can find these two sweeties a good forever home.



Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Little Doggie Leaves Giant Legacy

Frugaldougal - Founder of #pawpawty

Hi Pals,

It is with sadness and leaky eyes as I write this.  Twitter lost a very dear pal early this morning UK time.  Our beloved @Frugaldougal has been ill for a very long long time and his pawparents decided to help him cross the bridge rather than make him suffer.  

The "Dougal," as many of us  called him, is a little doggie in stature, who will be leaving a GIANT LEGACY!   He's the founder of the original 24-hour-#pawpawty about 4 years ago.   Over the years he has raised money for animal shelters all over the world - the US, UK, Australia, and other countries I'm not remembering right this minute.   His human mom, Lynn, and Dougal hatched the idea and then talked to pals who joined them.  Pretty soon an entire committee was formed of DJs, Barktenders, Quizmasters (with the Dougal being the primary Quizzer), fancy menus with great noms and drinks designed by JavaTheCat.  At some point the idea of a theme for the month was born with costumes to fit that theme.  They rounded up prizes (nice prizes too I might add)   Lynn and Dougal worked tirelessly around the clock for the pawparties.  What a pawsome idea it was that continues today with @GeorgeTheDuck and #nipclub carrying on the tradition for Dougal and his mom.   It was the EVENT of the Month    It was a blast, and right at the center of it was that energetic doggie - Dougal!

There are lots of tributes going out to him today.   @PepiSmartDog is helping him cross the bridge on Twitter as I write this.    She reposted the blog she did in 2010 when Dougal was so ill and none of us thought he would be with us much longer.   97 comments were left for Dougal's family on that post.  The link is   Reading those comments brought back so many memories of such good times with Dougal at the helm.   What a guy, and what a wonderful family he has.   

GeorgeTheDuck put together a lovely TWibbon for AV's on Twitter or Facebook. If interested in one - just click here:

Fly high Dougal.   I love you pal and I am only saying a temporary Bye.   We'll meet again one day I just know it.    Have fun with all our pals who  are there.  I'll bet there will be one big #pawpawty OTRB tonight when the Dougal gathers together all our pals that have crossed the bridge.  Fly high pal!  You are free to run thru those fields.   We love you, will miss you, but you will live in our hearts forever.  The world is a better place because of you, and M and I are both better human/cat because of you!  You taught all of us unconditional love and compassion.  You showed us that anipals and their humans  can come together from all over the world, united in helping to make life better for anipals in shelters. You showed us that we can all work together for a common cause of helping anipals.   What a legacy you have left for those of us who love you so dearly!

Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to Dougal's family and brother for their loss.  

I know that tonight Dougal's star will be the brightest one in the sky 

Mario and  M

Blog Hop by @BunnyJeanCook to honor @Frugaldougal

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Hi Pals,

I'm so  very thankful today that D is better.   On Tuesday M had him to the ooman vet  cuz he was running a temp, caughing his shoelaces up (he he - not really, but that's what M called it cuz it was so bad running a temperature, crabby, and generally just felt lousy! )   M has been pulling double duty around here and taking care of him in addition.

The medicine from the ooman vet must have worked cuz today he was upright a couple of more times than yesterday or the day before.   M threatened him and said he'd have to go to the hospital if he didn't behave and take his drugs and drink lots of fluids.  She can really crack the whip that one can!

I don't like to see him sick, so I'm really thankful he's better. But I'll tell you pals, I really had it made around here.   Lap all day, every day.   I only got up off of it to eat, use the litter box, play with M, and go to bed at night.   It was heaven!   Sigh!  I guess all good things have to end sometime! 

Don't forget #nipclub's Winter Wonderland 24-hour pawty is on - starting on Saturday afternoon 2 pm EST.   Just use the hashtag #nipclub and come on over.  They are doing a tribute to our dear friend @MarleyTerrier at 2:15 p.,m..   Marley crossed the bridge yesterday, so we've sad as it's always hard to say goodbye.  What a sweetie she was too.  

Until next time pals.  Oh, we're really behind here and M says she's not sure how she'll get around to doing blogs or reading them to me for the next week or so.   So bare with us please - we do love you, enjoy your bloggies, and will return as soon as we can.

Oh, we have joined @PepiSmartDog's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop this week.  Hop on board with us.


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