Saturday, April 28, 2012


Hi Pals, 

What do you think of my new heading at the top of the page?   Isn't it just great?   Ann Adamus over at Zoolarty designed it for me.   She does gorgeous work and does hire out her services.   Just go see her at and tell her what you need.   She has done several headers around the blogosphere.   

The other day I was napping peacefully on the sofa when this noisy truck pulled up to the house.   Then some men came tromping inside dragging this humungous, giant sized snaky thing and carried it all the way to the basement.  
M came and scooped me up and took me back to her office area and we both hid.   It was so noisy and scary cuz there was lots of loud noises and banging.   
M said something about they were having all the dust and stuff sucked out of the house.   Maybe if she'd to a better job of cleaning it, we wouldn't have to have this done.   See how big those sucky things are - they could have sucked me and M right up and tossed us into their big truck outside.   
I was more than happy when they rolled up their hose monster and took their truck and left.   

Now can a guy get some sleep around here - p l e a s e !

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Whisker Wednesday / Baby Doll Needs A Home

Hi Pals,

How's this for a Whisker Hump?  He he - we didn't even know what a whisker hump was until recently when my friend @Katiebella2 told me.   (shhhh - don't tell anyone we were so dumb tho - we've only been blogging for 3 years now).  So what do you think - does this qualify for a whisker hump?

Now on to a more serious subject.   

My friend Marg over at Marg's Animals (@MargsAnimals)  needs to find a home for Baby Doll, who is about 7 years old.   She now lives with Marg in South Carolina.  So a new home in South Carolina or a neighbor state would be ideal.   

You can read all about purring Baby Doll in Marg's Blog here: Marg has several cats of her own that live in the house with her and she feels baby doll needs to be the "only cat" or at best maybe one other roommate.   She's not happy being one of many cats.    Please help spread the word please - whether it be by blog or a tweet, Marg would appreciate it.  We need to find this lovely girl another home soon,

Thanks pals,


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

ABC Award

Hi pals,

My good friend  @Nerissathecat presented me with the ABC award on Sunday.  Imagine my surprise because there are so many really Awesome blogs out there. in face Nerissa's blog is very awesome.  Take a peek at it once and you'll see what I mean:  Nerissa The Cat's Life

I'm supposed to come up with a word for every letter of the alphabet.  Whew - that's a tall order, but here goes:

1.  A = Alphabet
2.  B = "bad" - I'm a good kitty, not a bad one.
3.  C = "Cat", that is what I am,  I am!
4.  D = "Dog"  - I have lots of doggie friends
5.  E =  M always tells me we have to leave for the vet "early".   
6.  F = We have "fun" at our Twitter parties.
7.  G = "Good" - I'm always a good boy.
8.  H = "Happy" - I'm always in a happy mood.  
9.   I = Most of my blog posts are my "idea" - not anyone else's.   
10.  J = "Join" - I've joined groups on Twitter - like #Nipclub. etc. 
11. K = I was "kept" at the Humane society Shelter for 2 months before my peeps came to adopt me.   
12.  L = "Love" - I just love all my friends and my oomans. 
13.  M = The name I call my ooman mom - "M"!
14.  N = "Nighttime" - I love cuddling with my oomans at night.
15.  O = Sometimes M says I'm "obstinate!"  How dare she!   
16.  P = "Pan" - something M uses to put birdseed in for the squirrels outside.  
17.  Q = "quick" M is always telling me when she plays with me "Mario - get the ball = "quick!"
18,  R = "Rabbit" those cute little critters in our back yard.  
19.  S = "Sleep" - something  M says I get too much of and she doesn't get enough of.
20.  T - "TV" - I like to watch TV with my oomans as long as one of them gives me a lap.
21.  U - "Under" furniture.  When we get a bad thunder boomer, I like to hide under something so it not find me.  
22.  V = "voice" - M said I had a squeaky voice when I was first adopted,
23,  W  = "Willful"  M says I can be willful when I don't get my  own way.  he he  
24.  X = "box" - I just love to lay in boxes - doesn't everyone?  
25.  Y =  "yelp" - We have a doggy in our neighborhood who M says yelps!
16.  Z = "Zebra" a funny horsie with strips.   

Now I'm supposed to pass this on to 10 friends.   I do know many blogs very worhy of this award, but I'm only going to choose 1 simply because if I do 10 those later on the list will run out of friends to pass it to.   

i would like to present this award to TheStunningKeisha.

Monday, April 9, 2012

One Very Special Lady

Marg of Marg's Animals

Hi Pals,

Today's post is a SPECIAL OCCASION because it's the birthday of a very special blogging friend - that wonderful Marg of   Marg is one who is always helping an animal in need and provides a home to many who have wondered on her property or been asked to take one that someone else found and can't keep.  She has tammed many feral kitties and found homes for them.     She also traps ferals that wonder onto her property and takes them in for neutering.   This wonderful lady never asks for anything and does all this out of the goodness of her heart. 

Please go over to and wish this wonderful lady a very happy birthday.   

Check out her bloggy because you will fall in love with all her animals.   M especially likes the silly donkeys because they are so funny sometimes. 


Thank you for all you do for the animals Marg!  You deserve the best birthday ever!!

Mario  and mom,

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Bunny Holliday

Hi Pals,

I don't know about you,  but I love this holiday because I just love bunnies.   They are so cute.  I think it would be fun to be one.  What do you think?  Do I make a good one?
I hear he sometimes brings Easter baskets too, but I have never gotten one  We have bunnies hopping around in our back yard, but I've never seen one carrying an Easter basket!  

-Maybe that's why I've never gotten one -our bunnies don't have any.  
-Maybe the bunnies in Wisconsin are not the kind that carry baskets.     
-Maybe he thinks I've been a bad kitty, but I've been a good kitty - really, I have.  

Happy Easter to you and your family, if you celebrate it, or Happy Passover if you celebrate that.   However you spend the day, blessings to you and your family.


Oh, if you are interested in reading M's post in her PD bloggy about their adventure Saturday morning, you can go here:           I hope dad doesn't try that trick again!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Introducing My New Brother - Koko

Koko Baboon 2/23/12 (Adopted)
Hi Pals,

I'm so excited to finally introduce my new brother to you (drum roll please) 
meet Koko Baboon!   Koko was rescued by my good friend @Kolo_Martin, who  lives in the United Kingdom.   Kolo rescues baboons and re-homes them with pals living all over  the world who are interested.  Kolo writes a cool blog too and sometimes publishes recipes of what he cooks for his family.  Yes, Kolo fixes a lot of his family's meals.   He trained Koko to cook too.    

Koko actually arrived here on February 23rd, but we needed to give him time to settle in before introducing him.   
What's this?

Oh Koko  - I loves you already - Kitty kisses

This past weekend, Koko fixed breakfast (Scrambled eggs, bacon and toast) for all of us and he did a great job.  M was very impressed, and I'm happy he's here to cook so my oomans don't expect me to do it.
Koko has made himself at home now and feels very comfortable here:
We nap together sometimes!

You should go over and check out Kolo_Martin's bloggy   You'll see just what all Baboons are capable of doing - they are amazing.

I'm so happy to finally have a brother to play with.  I know we'll have lots of adventures together because Koko has already been so much fun.  

Until next time,