Thursday, August 26, 2010

Important update on Graham

Hi friends,

It's me, Mario, with a second update on Graham.   In addition to posting the pics dat M took on Tuesday while visiting the shelter, I has some other news too.  In between news items, we'll post latest pictures of Graham taken on Tuesday.   They not the best pictures, but M had trouble taking pics with one hand and playing with Graham with the other hand!  he he- she wished she had another set of hands.   She said she had forgotten how quickly kittens can move!

M called the shelter today cuz so many anipals had seen Graham's picture removed from the shelter's website.   Many thought she had been adopted already.   Well, she hasn't been adopted yet, but she has been quarantined for a bit as she has an upper respiratory infection.   Now, it's nothing serious, and they are treating her for it.   Unfortunately, it's a rather common thing in shelters with so many anipals in such close quarters.   Staff there assures M she will be fine.  he he - when peeps adopted me from dat shelter, I had upper respiratory infection too.
Like most shelters, they is operating on a "shoe string,."   Staff has been very kind in keeping @Cheriswan updated.   So, Cheri & I put our heads together and thought maybe we could raise a few dollars to donate to their shelter for the good of all anipals.   It would help the shelter out greatly and would be a "good will" gesture on our part as I'm sure they have never been so bombarded with interest on any of their other anipals nor been in the national spot light before.  M left a personal donation there when she visited, but wished it could have been more.

Now M went to the ChipIn web site and attempted to enroll and get a widget (whatever dat thing is).   But, it seems our new puter is a 64 bit and Chipin can only take 32 bit.  Well, actually, M says it's the Flash part of the program dat isn't requires the 32 bit.   Anyway, @Cheriswan came to the rescue and created the Chip In page for us.   Brand new puter and it sitll not doing what we want it to do!   Geeeesh!

Cheri set this account up to go into her paypal account.   When the fund is closed out, she will send a check off to the shelter, and I know the shelter will be grateful for the funds, and I'm sure they will be very surprised to know that the twitter anipals were so appreciative.  So whatever you can spare will help - no amount too small either.

he he - isn't Graham's tail gorgeous.   Wish I had all dat floof (M probably happy I don't cuz I fur the place up quite a bit myhself), but I think it's a bootiful tail on a very bootiful kitten.  M held her for a few minutes, but mostly she wanted to play.   M was so happy she got to see her.   We'll call the shelter next week to check in and see how she is doing.

I is signing off for dis time.   Thanks for visiting.  


NOTE - The day after this blog piece was written, M called the shelter to tell them dat we had set up a fund raiser for them.   Kelly was  "blown-away" with surprise.   Kelly, made the comment dat folks were still calling from all over the country about Graham.  She said she never realized Twitter was "that big."     She told M she would have the person in charge of Graham's care call mom on Monday.  So stay tuned.  

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt "Pawtraits"

Hi Friends,

This week I've joined CokeTheCat's Anipal Photo Hunt and the assignment dis week is "paws."  Well, he he, I do has 4 of those.

It's me "comfy paws"

I love sleeping in shopping bags, but you is not supposed to see me cuz I thought I was hiding.

I was going to include another photo, but blogger is being nasty tonight and not wanting to load another picture.   So we'll let blogger win this round.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Graham's Story by Guest Blog Writer Cheri Schwan


Hi Anipals!

I wanted to tell you about my experience with our anipal community and how I believe we (yes, all of you!!) saved the life of one orange ball of fluff called Graham.

I am @cheriswan on Twitter and am usually a very quiet anipal. My mom tries to help out with the anipal community by either volunteering with the Anipal Times, donating time or money to our various charitable works.

Last Sunday my mom noticed a thread about a little kitty on twitter, @CallMeGraham and how the former owner tried to save this feral kitty but it had become too much for her and she was surrendering her to the Bay Area Human Society in Green Bay, WI. The thread was tearing at my moms heart because I myself am I rescued feral kitty, 13 years ago, from a local dump just before they were going to poison the cat colony.

Several people were trying to reach the Humane Society but it was closed on a Sunday. Our anipals were concerned that little Graham might be put to sleep because the former mom described Graham as wild and out of control. Mom was emailing several contacts on their website and was shocked to receive a reply from the Director of Animal Welfare a few hours later in which she said that Graham was alive and at the Shelter. The first small victory for us! We even had a loving home in California for Graham, providing we could get her from WI to CA.

At this point mom became the self-appointed point person and decided to make it her mission to bug the BAHS to find out Graham’s fate. Monday morning mom called and a polite lady at the front desk answered. She said that Graham seemed like a nice kitty and it would take a few days while they evaluate, fix, vaccine and determine her temperament for adoption, but they would not put Graham to sleep because they had plenty of room at the time.

Everyone breathed a sign of relief. We were even blessed with the offer by @MarioDaCat’s mom. She lives in the area and was willing to check on little Graham on Monday!

Monday afternoon, mom got some news that Graham was considered to be a very feral and wild kitty. Even the staff couldn’t touch her. It seemed that Graham was not a good candidate for adoption. Mom’s heart broke and her determination kicked in. The shelter had said that if someone wanted to come and get Graham, they would fix her and hold her for a few days.

Animal rescue by air transportation was no longer an option, considering Grahams nature. Mom was overwhelmed and grasping at straws. She thought of creating operation “Graham Freedom Train” where she would ask anipals to help drive Graham from WI to CA. Her next idea was to find a farm or feral colony to release Graham to in the WI area. Then, she decided she was going to drive the 2500+ miles to get Graham herself with the help of some other anipal moms. Like I said, mom was getting desperate!

The anipals and mom decided to go ahead and fix Graham and try to find a way to save her. Mom got back on the phone Tuesday morning.

Later on Tuesday morning mom was able to talk directly with the woman who accepted Graham from her former owner. She said that the lady had scratches all over her hands and arms while Graham was acting very wild. She said that the last two days Graham had calmed down considerably and the staff (even the main director) were taking her out of her cage and playing with her to socialize her. I was told that they will continue with her socialization at the shelter and then place her into a foster home to teach her kitten manners and when they believe she is ready they will place her up for adoption.

When mom asked her why @MarioDaCat’s mom could not see Graham when she stopped by on Monday, the lady said that they needed to think about the safety of the facility, staff and visitors and they were unsure of Graham’s disposition as the time.

The lady also said that a volunteer takes pictures of the animals once a week and to ask the Director of Animal Welfare if she could email to us so we could see that Graham was doing well. When she volunteered that information, it made mom feel a little bit better that Graham was still there and safe.

Mom is still a little skeptical so she will be calling the shelter at least once a week until we are sure that Graham is placed into a loving home. Watch my twitter stream for updates or feel free to ask me what the status of Graham is.

I think that all of our concern for Graham may have helped save this kitty. @MarioDaCat’s mom said that when she first walked into the shelter, the receptionist made the comment that Graham certainly had generated a flurry of activity. @MarioDaCat’s mom told her “well you don't know the power of the Twitter Universe.” See anipals, you rock!!!

Mario here - I personally want to thank Cheri & her mom for their tireless effort in keeping tabs on Graham and for guest writing this article.. 

M will again make an attempt to see Graham on Tuesday, August 24, 2010, but she doesn't hold out much hope for seeing her.   The receptioin staff was downright rude to M on her last attempt, and she was not even able to talk to the director.  M said she will feel much better when she actually has a visual siting of Graham, so she too will keep up with the visits.  

Saturday, August 14, 2010

"Natlonal Take Your Cat To The Vet Week, August 16-22, 2010" And BLOG HOP

purr - my nightly belly rub by D after dinner.  
Hi friends, it's me - Mario - with some important information today.

Did you know dat this coming Monday begins "National Take your Cat to the Vet Week? Yup - It's August 16-22, 2010. Well, I didn't know it either, but when I was blog hopping yesterday, I saw it in my friend @CatChatCaren's Blog Post  Caren always writes an interesting, informative blog about cats - care, health, etc.   Some of dat same informaiton applies to doggies to, so doggies, don't be afraid to go over and look.  Her subject this time certainly applies to doggies too - we all need to have an annual check up! 

While I didn't know der was a national week set aside for it, I can tell you first hand dat it's very important for your oomans to take you to the veterinarian at least once a year for a check up. Dat means cats and doggies too. I know "veterinarian" is a disgusting word and we all hate going there, but you must get your oomans to take you. 

M and D have had 4 kitties and 1 doggie (so they tell me), and I'm #4 of the kitties. Now the first kitty dey had was when they were very young and didn't know much bout taking care of anipals. So they never bothered to take Pepper to the vet cuz he seemed healthy - until he started going potty on the bed. (If you know M, he he, she didn't like dat). Turns out Pepper had kidney stones and dey had to do surgery. Dat was M and D's first xperience with a vet. Dey soon found out dey were giving Pepper all the wrong kinds of food (table scraps and canned cat food with "high ash" content (whatever dat means). Dat's when dey learned the importance of checking with a vet as to recommend food. Pepper was placed on a special diet by the vet, and he did recover and lived to be 19 years old.

After Pepper, dey started taking each new anipal to the vet when they first brought the anipal home.  Dey wasnted to know if it was healthy and find out what kind of food to feed it.  

M tells me Misty's (kitty #3) kidney problem was discovered thru an annual check up. She got on special food right away and went on to live another 2 years from when dey discovered the kidney problems. Had M and D not started treating it right away, Misty would not have lived as long as she did

As most of you know, M took me right to the vet after she picked me up at the shelter. Dat's when she discovered my bad toothies and dat began my 6-month "toothie story" saga. You can see dat story under the tab at the top of my blog, if you haven't already read it.  I'm not going to hash dat over again now. But I can tell you dat if she hadn't discovered just how serious my problem was, I probably wouldn't be alive today - almost 2 years later. (he he - my gotcha day is October 15th and I'll have lived here 2 years.)  Vet said I looked good except for getting toothies cleaned.

So, friends, you MUST tell your oomans to take you to the vet once a year for a check up - even if you seem healthy. Misty seemed healthy and M didn't see any signs dat she had a problem. It was discovered by taking a routine blood test during the once-a-year vet visit. We kitties are very good at hiding how we feel. So you never know what is going on inside of us!

Now please go take a look at @CatChatCaren's blog and follow it too cuz she's always looking out after us kitties with very interesting and newsy articles (most articles apply to doggies too).

ANIPALS - UNITE. We need to spread the word on the importance of a yearly exam by a "VET" so we stay healthy. Make sure your oomans get you in for a check-up once a year.   Or tell them to write a note on the calendar right now as a reminder to get you in when it is close to a year from your last visit.  Make dem either make the appointment today or get it on the calendar.

Now for the fun stuff.   Here's my blog hop information.

Dat's my message for the day friends.   Stay tuned...........

Oh, dat picture is  me on dad's lap after dinner getting my nightly belly rub.   It's pure heaven!!   He's the expert at belly rubs.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Dog Days Of Summer vs Cat Days OF Summer

Hi friends,

Don't know bout you, but I'm sick of dis summer thing.   The peeps insist on keeping the windows closed and the AC on.   It's very boring and I find myself napping a lot - just like in winter.   M tells me these are the "Dog Days of Summer" and I just have to be patient.   pffffft!

Now I ask you - what is this "Dog Days of Summer" stuff that I keep hearing peeps say?   How did dogs get into this?   Why don't peeps say "Cat Days of Summer"  or "Cat/Dog Days of Summer" Now I hope my doggie friends don't get mad at me, cuz I dearly love every one of dem. But, dey has way too much power. It's not fair.   Doggies already get to go hiking in the woods with their oomans, go to doggie parks with their masters, go for car rides and now they have part of the summer named after dem.   Pffffft!

Whenever I wonder bout something, M says "let's Google it."   So we Googled "Dog days of summer" and got some interesting stuff, so now we're going to educate you too. 

Big words go way over me head cuz I never had any formal schooling and really never even passed kittenhood (I know - you don't have to remind me dat soon I'll be 5 and am not very bright.).   But it seems dat Dog Days is a Latin term meaning "hottest, most sultry days of summer."  Den dat Google guy said something bout the Romans (whatever dey are) believed dat Sirius, ("who was a dog star" per dat Google guy - hmmm, wonder if he had a circus act) was responsibile for the weather.   Pffffft!    Dat gives doggies way too much power.   Who put dem in charge anyway?

Den we Googled "Cat Days of Summer."   Pffffft!    Dis really made me an angry, hissy cat.  There is no such thing!!    Dat Google guy told us bout some guy nammed Nat King Cole, who I guess sang songs.  Den he talked bout a science fiction book some guy wrote bout doors into summer.  Den he talked bout some sailboat named the Inland Cat.   pfffffft!!   So, do you see why I'm miffed (I wanted M to write a different word, but she said it was norty so she not let me do it.)

So, we cats need to unite and declare dat we have Cat Days of Summer.  A good time for dis would be August 15th until the end of September.   That still gives the doggies their Dog Days of Summer (which runs July thru August, but gives us equal billing with Cat Days of Summer..  And, by den it will be a little cooler and we can have windows open again.  Open windows are a MUST for Cat Days of Summer cuz we all like to sit in the open windows and watch the birdies.

So, who's with me on the new season - Cat Days Of Summer?

Enjoy your special days doggies cuz we cats are getting equal rights!!

Dis is Mario signing off for now.