Monday, September 24, 2012

The First One To Help Others Needs Our Help

Hi Pals,   

I just got some disturbing news today.  Our good friend Marg at Marg's Pets needs our help.   Her sweet dog that means the world to her has been diagnosed with Kidney Disease.    She would like to start treatment for Jasmine, but has no $$ to pay for the treatment.  You see, Marg already has her hands full taking care of all the animals that live on her small piece of land in North Carolina.   

Marg has been feeding and taking care of strays and ferals, etc for a long time.   She tries  to rehome those that she can and has never turned her head the other way when an animal wanders onto her property or was dumped there.  She is a guardian angel of the anipal world.   

To get an idea as to what Marg's place is all about, check out her blog.   She even has a couple of cute donkeys.   Most of her animals have been rescued from a bad situation or have wondered onto her property looking for food and shelter..   She operates strictly on donations, sometimes barely having enough to eat for herself, but the animals are cared for.

Now regarding Jasmine, Marg needs money to pay for Jasmine's vet bills.   Jasmine has an infection that they are trying to clear up before beginning the hydration for the kidneys.   She will also need to be on special dietary food for kidneys, and you and I both know that is very expensive.  The vet has said he doesn't even want Jasmine to go home until the infection is either cleared up or well on it's way to being cleared up.

This lady has done so much for all of us in one way or another, now we need to help her.   No amount is too small.   Even one or two dollars will help her out because it all adds up.  Please open up your hearts and help Marg if you can.   

The Chip In widget is on Marg's blog at

Thanks pals.   


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Gotta See To Believe

GeorgeTheDuck on Twitter 
Who's typist is
Robyn Harton

Hi Pals,

My last post I talked about several things that were going on all at once to help raise money for Robyn Harton's kitty Mini, who was diagnosed with  serious heart problems over Labor  Day  Weekend.   Mini is doing okay now as long as she keeps taking the expensive medication.  But you can imagine what kind of medical bill Robyn is saddled with!!  ZOWIE!   

Most of the other fund raisers are over now except for the AUCTION held by Friends Of The Catblogosphere.  Fortunately, that AUCTION has not ended, it's still up and running.  But we need some help in spreading the word.

There are some wonderful items up for auction and not that many bidders.   I have been spreading the word on Twitter, but we need to have the word spread right here on the CB.  Can you help with that?  There is still time this week to have a few bidding wars too!  he he - they are always fun.  YOU GOTTA SEE To BELIEVE what great items are up for bid.  Go to and tell your friends.

Until later pals,


P.S.  If you just prefer to donate a couple of $$, there is a Chip-In widget over at the auction site, and also one right here on my own bloggy,.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Helping Paws For A Friend - Mini's Shopping Mall

Hi Pals,

This is going to be a long post, but there is just so much important stuff to cover.  You know me -  Mario - the talker!   First of all get out and VOTE for Katie (@Glogirly -  It takes just a minute to do and this is so important for her Animal Charity - Blind Cat Rescue.  If they win, they will be awarded $7500 and that will go  a long way to help the blind kitties.

Sorry I hasn't been around visiting for a couple of weeks, but M wasn't feeling well for a period of time.   She wrote all about it in her PD bloggy, if you'd like the lowdown!   Anyway,she says she just can't keep up anymore because everything takes her twice as long to do as it should.  She promises me she'll make more of an effort to help visit all of you.  

Now for something much more serious and important.  Our good pal @GeorgeTheDuck is feeling pretty sad these days and so is typist.   Robyn's special kitty, Mini, has congestive heart failure and needs medicine that is very expensive.    Mini can be treated and should be okay if she keeps getting the very expensive medicine.   There are several of us helping in various ways and you can help out too with the following choices:

@CathyKeisha started the ball rolling by contacting the and they have an auction up  and running already.   Several lovely items are up for bid, including a cross stitch picture  done my M.     Here's the picture M submitted for the auction, but you'll have to go to the auction itself in order to place a bid.   Check out all of the items up for bid!  There are some pretty cool items over there. 

There is also a Chip-in Widget at the Cat Blogosphere Site  So you can help out with either cash in the Chip-in or perhaps there is an item up for auction that you'd love to have.  The same chip-in is in this blog at the top of this page - right hand column.  Then........
Typist and GeorgeTheDuck are holding a Garage Sale Blog Pawty for all their  friends.   Here's the information George sent out:   " 

"We are having a blog pawty Garage Sale for our friends at the House of the Mostly Black Cats and GeorgeTheDuck to help highlight the Mom Robyn aka the Typist store. #Sale4Mini is a big sale for Mini's medical expenses that began at midnight last night,  9/10/12, and ends at midnight Thursday, 9/13/12. Please come and see the great sale at There are prizes for anyone that blogs for this event or tweets out the link to George's blog, as well as purchasing from Typist's store or donating. Hashtag on twitter is #Sale4Mini. Please stop by and check out the 20% coupon sale just for friends of Mini. If you are blogging or tweeting, please leave a comment on the Garage Sale post to be entered in the prizes. Most importantly stop by with a comment sending Mini healing purrs."

I don't know if you are familiar with the Typist's jewelry or not, but you really should buy a piece.  It is quality work from top to bottom and worth every penny.  It's the kind of jewelry that you'd like to pass down to someone when the inevitable happens.  So go over and check out her store at

Now I hope everyone gets busy shopping. With all that is being offered, it's better than being at the mall!!  Woohoo - let's see what we can do to help Robyn and George feel a little better.   It's bad enough that they have to worry about Mini's health without having to worry that they can't afford the vet bill or the medicine.

Oh, don 't forget to leave purrs and purrayers comments on for Mini.  She is a  beautiful girl!

See you at the mall!