Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Tails Books - My Story

OMC Friends,

I'm so excited cuz I just found out dis morning dat my story is appearing in the latest Happy Tails Book publication "Lost Souls Found, Inspiring Stories About Cats."

I could hardly believe me eyes when I read in the email message "your story has been selected."  You see, about a month ago M told me dat Happy Tails Books published a book now and then telling stories of various rescued anipals to promote adopting from shelters. She said "Mario, you should enter your toothie story because you are a rescued kitty and it is kind of a unique story.  Besides, it would just be fun to enter. So, we quickly wrote up a story because the deadline for entries was the very next day. We never dreamed dat story would be chosen for the book because of all the anipals dat probably submitted stories.

My friend @BorisKitty also submitted a story, and his story is even featured in the Preview Section. You can read his previewed story here:

Now I'm not sure which section my story appears in.  We did submit for the Featured Story Section.   We won't know for sure where it appears until we see the book.   But it is still very exciting to just be selected. Now I'm anxious to order a copy to see how many of my other friends also appear in the book.

If you are interested in purchasing a book, they are offering a pre-sale of $2.00 off per book or you can pay full price and they will make a double donation to a rescue of your choice. This special is good through November 15th.  Books are available at the Happy Tails website and will be ready to ship during or before the first week of December. Use this link to order:
NOTE: Happy Tails Happy Tails Books donates a significant portion of profits back to rescue. You can tell them where you would like your donation to go during check out.

Hope you don't mind friends, I just had to share my happy news with you. 

Until next time,


Monday, October 25, 2010

Animal Photo Hunt #11 - Trick or Treat

Hi Pals:

Who doesn't love Halloween!!   If you come to my house dis year, you'll find me sitting on the front porch inside dis pumpkin.   Then I'll jump out of it and say BOO! 

Dis was last year's costume.   But then a very good friend surprised me with this photo:
It's not very scary, but  I just love it.  I think this one will sit on the other side of the front porch cuz I can jump out of this one too and say BOO!

Why don't you hop on board with this photo hunt.  Just go to to check out the new rules.   

Monday, October 18, 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt #10: How Annoying!

Can't a guy even take a nap around here!

Hi Pals,

Are your peeps always running around with dat flash thingy and shooting dat bright light off in your face?    We anipals need to unite and hide all their flash thingies so dey is never found again.   I think I'll drowned  our flashy thing in the bathroom sink while M is gone today.  Or maybe a doggie friend would come over and help me bury it!  Geesh!  A guy can't even take a peaceful nap around here without does bright lights going off in da face!  It's so annoying!

Sorry I is grumpy today.  Come back again when the flash thingy isn't around and I've had me nap!

Before you leave dis crumpy kitty, hop on board the photo hunt.  Cokie gives neat prizes and I'm disqualified cuz I've already won once.   It's fun and easy so get going.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We're Willing To Help! Are You?

Hi friends,
You remember dat a couple of weeks ago M met with Lisa Peters at the and learned lots of things she did not know.  

One of the things she learned was how our local shelter can actually help your local anipal charity with their fund raisers.  Dats right - we can help your charity and your charity can help ours.   It's easy too.  
The periodically holds auctions as a means of raising money.   The Packer's organization and other groups often donate Green Bay Packer memorabilia to be auctioned off and lots of other cool stuff.   Now our city (and state) loves the Packer's Football Team.  Don't get me wrong.  But, the humans living in Green Bay get used to Packer items being up for auction because so many charities in our city have access to dem.  Lisa Peters mentioned to M dat they really appreciate all the Packer memorabilia that they receive, but they need something new now and then for the public to get excited about.

Lisa also mentioned that art work really isn't a big hit in our community, but it is in a Florida community that she trades with.   And we do have some very talented local artists.

Perhaps your charity would be willing to trade and item that gertting "ho hum" in your area, but would be exciting and new to us.   It doesn't have to be football related, but since we are located right in Packer territory, maybe something like dat would be a big hit in your community.   M says she knows for a fact from all her travels dat there are Packer fans all over the US and, even in other countries.  When D wears his Packer cap he gets lots of comments - even when they went to Europe.   We also have humans here that follow and support other teams.
You can help by contacting your local animal charity and mention to dem that the would be interested in talking to dem about possible items that could be traded.   It would be exciting for your animal charity to get something they normally don't get and it would be exciting for our animal charity to get something new and different too.

Your charity can contact Lisa Peters  via email at  or via telephone at 920-469-3110, ext. 112.

Now please note - M does not know what items they have on hand to trade.  She just pulled the pictures from the Packer Pro Shop website as examples.   You would have to contact Lisa Peters to find out what they have to trade.

Please help spread the word \and contact your local favorite animal charity.  

updated 10-13-10 because we're getting comments.  Seems to be a little confusing.  

Just call your local charity and have them email the Bay Area Humane Society and they can work out the details of what items they might be able to trade.  

We has to help each other and we anipals are good at dat.

Your friend Mairo.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Animal Photo Hunt #9 "Compromising Positions"

Hi Friends,

Unfortunatley, or fortunately maybe, I don't get into very compromising positions.  This was the only one I could find.

You know - when a guy has an itch, you just have to scratch it!  Right?   Well, dat's what happened in the picture.   I just had an itch!

Now what's your compromising position?

Friday, October 8, 2010

Marios House of Horrors

Hi friends,

Life in my castle has been a little wierd fhe past few weeks.  It all startetd one night after dinner when D went downstairs after supper with me hot on his trail looking for the evening nap on his lap.   All of a sudden he's yelling up the steps to M something bout "Call a plumber QUICK!"   Den he got out a noisy, sucker-up thingy called a wet dry vac.  

It seems the sewer thing backed up into our basement and made the floor in D's office, bathroom, hall and into the family room all wet with yukky, bad water.    Den some men came and made more noise.  Dey also came back the next day and started chopping holes in the wall and picking up all the soft carpeting, hauled it all outside, and came back down the steps with big, giant sized loud things called fans.
M had to move my poo box upstairs cuz it was too loud and scary in the basement.   Those bad men even made holes in our walls. cuz the yukky water made dem wet.
Finally one day the men came back and took the fans away.  Den I had fun walking through walls!  He he - I could go from room to room without even going through a doorway.

It was kinda fun exploring all the rooms again and smelling the smells.

Den on another day some more men came with some loud scary noisy thingy and made a big hole in our family room floor.

Oh no - dat's right where D's chair sits - dat right where I take a nap in his lap!   I heard my peeps say something bout bringing their sewer pipe up to code cuz dey couldn't sell the house if the work was not done.  What do they mean "sell the house?" 

Now M would not let me downstairs to see dis cuz she didn't want me falling into dat deep hole.  So she took the picture for me so I could see it.  Scary!  After one day tho the men had the hole all filled up, and I did have fun sniffing around where dey did the work.

Hey - why is dis cabinet so far away.  How can I get up to my favorite shelf with the file cabinet so far away!   Wonder if I can make it if I jump.  No, better not try it. Dis place is a mess.  I mean talk bout sloppy housekeeping.   Der is stuff piled everywhere.

Hmm, who is dat other kitty in there.   How come I didn't meet him before.  Waanna play new friend?   Dumb kitty didn't even answer me.

Den, one by one men came back in carrying lots of stuff.  Finally one day some men came with stuff called carpeting.   Den the next day more men came and put our furniture back where it used to be.  

Now M says dis all happened over a span of bout 4 weeks, but it seemed like forever to me.  I has to say tho, dat I did have fun watching peeps come and go and checking out their work after dey left.    M says everything is done cept the carpenter guy has to come back & put 2 pieces of trim back up cuz he had to recut, stain and varnish dem.    I'm just happy I can finally sit in D's lap for a nap and feel comfy again.  I think I has my castle back.

Oh, M says I was a very good boy while dis was all happening.  Mostly I sat on a chair under the table and just supervised peeps going up and down the stairs.  I never once tried to escape out the door.

Thanks for visiting.


Monday, October 4, 2010

Animal Photo Hunt #8 "I'm With the Band" and Prizes

Hi Pals,

You didn't know I has a musical side to me, did you? Well, M and I both have a musical side. Sometimes we pretend we're with the ShiberlingBand and really rock the house!! I have a very important job too, cuz I have to make sure M hits the right notes!  Some times I even do solos.

My pal CokieTheCat sponsors this Anipal Photo Hunt and he gives out the neatest prizes if you are lucky enough to do the first post and follow all the rules. Take a look at what I got a couple of weeks ago.
The first one is this GREAT CAT DVD called Cat Companion full of birdies tweeting, fishes swimmng and mices running all over the screen. I've had tons of fun with it. Then Cokie also sented a bootiful card with his picture on it and a message in his own handwriting (boy, he has good penmanship too). Then there is the catnip purse and a cool button dat M can wear.

Here is  me watching the mousies run around on the wheel thingy. I was trying to get dem but dey moves pretty fast.

Here I'm trying to catch some little birdies called hummingbirds, but they were just moving to fast also.  I'm going to keep working on getting faster tho.

The video has tons of stuff on it for me to watch, and I just love it.  Thank you so much Cokie.  It's the greatest prize ever, and I'm so lucky to have won it.

Now you can join the Photo Hunt.  It's easy and fun.   Just go to Cokie's Photo Hunt blog site and get the details, then join the fun.