Thursday, January 19, 2017

Happy 9th Blogoversary - Thankful Thursday

No kitties were harmed in the taking of this photo.  Handles
were cut apart once photo session was over!

Hi Pals,

Happy Blogoversary to meeeee!    I'm in my 9th year.  When we started M never thought we'd come up with enough material to last this long, but I fooled her!!

My blog was created 10/22/09, but I didn't write a post to publish ontil 12/20/09 cuz neither M nor I felt it was a good blog.   It was very intimidating those first few blogs becuase there are so many more experienced writers out there that have great blogs.   But we persisted with the help and encouragement of so many blogging pals.

I'm forever thankful to each and every one of you who have helped us out with something through the years.   All we ever have to do is ask for HELP, and someone knows the answer. 

As I said in my last blog, we are forever thankful for all our blogging and Twitter friends.   We've met some wonderful people in the 9 years in the blogging world and 12 years in the Twitter world.

I'm joining Brian's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop again this week, and we're always thankful for Brian for keeping this hop going.

Oh yes, I'm feeling better.   M tried calling my vet today to see what she recommends for food, as the ER vet suggested something in a high protein (such as Kangaroo).   However, M said she's not going to give me Kangaroo food because our good friend Michele of PepiSmartDog's blog rescues so many Roos right in her own backyard on the golf course in Australia.   So, maybe we'll try duck and/or rabbit instead.


Monday, January 16, 2017

Oh Noooo, Not Again!

Hi Pals,

I got dragged off to the vet place again - the ER Vet place this time.   M was all worried because I had been throwing up so much again, and she couldn't get it to stop.   I was also acting like I just didn't feel good; no spirt in me, just laying around sleeping too much -  all those things we cats do that is normal!

My own vet is closed on Sundays, but they have an ER Vet really close to our apartment (darn it all!)   Tomorrow we're supposed to get freezing rain and snow, and M was getting all nervous that she couldn't get me to the vet to get me checked over.  Calm down lady, I've been trying to tell you that my tummy is a little upset - that's all!!   These humans just don't listen.

Anyway, the Vet doctor told her the same thing basically.  If I don't get better, they will probably send me to Appleton (where sisfur and SIL live) to get an ultra sound done of the tummy.   But he said he's not too worried about that now.   He's thinking my problem might be more food related.     So he's going to talk to my vet and have her recommend a high protein diet to see if that helps.   I guess there will be no more Fancy Feast for me!!!!   My tummy already doesn't like chicken, and I don't like the taste of beef, and now I may have a intolerance for fishy foods.  Yikes - what's left?  Stay tuned!   

In the meantime, I'm available for invitations for dinner at your house cuz there is nothing good at mine!

Until next time,


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Thankful Thursday - I Won A Prize - Catmas Eve Pawty 2916 - Sort Of!

Hi Pals,

I smell NIP!  Yup - it's nip alright - I just know there is nip in here.

Oh Yummm, let me at it.  NIP!  What kitty doesn't like nip.  But  what else is it?

WOW, I sure do like this nip - it's fresh too.  Really cool cuz M says it's a catnip quilt.  

Big Thank you to my Angel pal @Smokey8 on Twitter for donating the prize.,  And Thank you to another good pal (@Skye613) for winning it and passing it on to me.   I JUST LOVE IT!  @Skye613 is a woofie, and I guess woofies don't like catnip!  he he - lucky for me anyway.

zzzzzzz   This bed is so comfy.  M put the Catnip Quilt on top of the Peggy Blankey so it's all extra cushy and feels like you are sleeping on a cloud.   Thank you Smokey8 for donating the prize and thank you @Skye613 for giving your prize to me.   Love you both.

I am so very thankful for all my blogger pals and Twitter pals.  You are all the bestest!   

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Holidays Are Exhausting

Hi Pals,

Whew!  Holidays sure are exhausting!    I'm all worn out and just want to lay on my perch in the sunpuddles forever!  

We do have a  mystery to solve however.    Take a look at my perch and belly.  Both look like they are dirty - really dirty!   My belly is snow white not dirty..

M was horrified that I wanted to post the picture, but that's how i'm feeling today.    I promise my belly and perch are not dirty at all.   Is it a play on light with the camera or what?   M always hates taking pictgures into a window.   But this is one of my favorite spots because it's the only spot where the sun comes in thru the window.    I love my cat tree too, but that is not in a sunny window except late in the day in the summer.  So what exactly is going on?  It's a mystery!  I'm not giving up my favorite spot because I look dirty!  (There M, I have put my paw down.)