Saturday, September 7, 2013

Fly High Sweet Boy - Until We Meet Again

Dear Pals,

Our anipal world on both Twitter and the Blogosphere is once again reeling and trying to make sense of @DashKitten's sudden crossing over the Rainbow Bridge on Friday morning (US Time).   

Dash and his mom (who live in New Zeeland) always have a special place in our hearts because they have always been among the first to jump in and try to do something for some other pal.  They have had several fund raiser parties for various  pals who have really been hurting financially, participated and led auctions to benefit a pal in trouble, and just do anything they could to help another pal.

Over the years M and I have re-homed a couple of kitties because their current humans could no longer care for them.  Dash was always right there with cross posting to his blog and tweeting it up.  

Dash buddy, I'm really going to miss you.  You always signed on to Twitter for your morning as M and I were winding down for our night - such a welcome sight when we would see you.   I always felt bad that M wouldn't let me stay up longer so we could talk more.    You are free now to run and play with all our pals up there, but know that we'll love you forever, and I'll be watching for your star every night.

Pals, If you have not already done so, please go over to Dash's blog (where his mom posted yesterday) and leave your condolences.  She and Dash's human dad are reeling from this tragic loss.

Love to all of you dear pals - stay healthy and safe,



Thursday, September 5, 2013

Chippie's - Thankful Thursday

Hi Pals,  

I'm so thankful that M feeds the Birdies and Chipmunks cuz this is what I get to see out the window every morning.   Sorry the picture isn't the best, but it was taken looking through the screen.  

See how long this guy is?   WOW -  and can he ever fun fast.   One day when I was out in my leash and harness, he was hiding in M's Hosta bed and neither she nor D knew it - until he decided to make a run for it.

Of course nothing gets past my super-ray eyes, so I took off after him and chased him all the way across the yard (with D in tow) and into another Flower bed.

I never did get him, but there is always next time.    

I'm thankful we have a Chippie in our yard and that M feeds him and the birdies.  Oh, M says during the summer she can fill that  feeder every day and by night the Chippie has stashed it all away in his hidey hole for the long winter..   

Join our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop pals and meet new friends.  Thanks to PepiSmartDog again for hosting it.

Excuse me now while I go hunt some more that that Chippie.


Monday, September 2, 2013

Broken Hearted Once Again - @Smokey8

@Smokey8  8/29/13
Photo compliments of  @DanaPixie
Dear Pals,

Once again we are broken hearted and the leaky eyes are flowing.   On Friday, August 30th, we learned that @Smokey8 suddenly crossed the bridge.   "OMC - It can't be" M and I said to each other.  "It just can't be!"   "Not my buddy Smokey"   But........, sadly, it was.    

Smokey and I have been good pals on Twitter for 6+ years now.  He and I are the same age - 8 - too young to be making this journey, says M.   We used to have lots of fun at the #pawpawty once a month and any other time we happened to get together.  He always cared about others and if you were sick, never failed to check up to see how you were doing.  He was one of my original pals on Twitter way back at the same time the #pawpawty was created.    

Smokey's mom (Tess) is totally devastated.    We all know and love Tess. Hopefully our surrounding her with love will help ease some of the pain of losing her special boy.   

Please go over to Smokey's blog and leave your condolences for Smokey.  It was just updated today with a beautiful tribute written by  Cokiethecat's mom for Tess.

I am feeling somewhat better now that I know @PepiSmartDog escorted Smokey to the Welcome Banquet once he crossed that bridge.   You can read all about it here  I know all our pals are having a great time up there.

So long for now buddy   It's not goodbye forever because I WILL SEE YOU AGAIN SOME DAY when I too cross that bridge.  Know that we love you pal and will watch over your mom.   

Love you all,


P.S.  I hear there is a gate on that bridge now and that it's locked for a while.  We don't want to lose anymore pals to that bridge.  Please stay healthy friends and out of trouble.   

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Until We Meet Again - @BearBearD

Photo From

Dear Pals,

Last Thursday, 8/24/13, I heard that another dear dear pal had crossed the Rainbow Bridge -  @BearBearD of   

Bear was a woofie who was always smiling and carried a tennis ball with him everywhere.   M called him a gentle giant, and he held a special place in her heart too.   When M & D used to go camping and leave me home alone, one of their camping friends had a Golden Retriever.   On camping weekends, that doggie stuck to M like glue because he knew she would  always pet him, give him attention, play with him, - she just loved him.  He would even let M give him big hugs and seemed to like the hugs himself.  She was very sad when that doggie crossed the Rainbow bridge a few years ago.  Then we met Bear through his blog, and she fell in love all over  again.

I'm going to really miss Bear.   Since I've known @BearBearD on Twitter, he always  tweeted me on Mondays and said "Have a #MarioMonday."   How we looked forward to that tweet every Monday.

We miss you buddy - both M and I do.   We know this is very hard on your human mom because she loved you so much herself.

Until we meet again some day pal,

Your buddy,

Mario & M

P.S.  Too many pals have crossed that Rainbow bridge in the past two weeks. I'm pleading with the "gate keepers" to please lock the gates for a period of time.   Another dear buddy just crossed a couple of days ago, so stay tuned as I sadly say goodbye to him also.