Sunday, February 27, 2011

We Did It Again! What a Fantastic pawty #nipclubNZEQ Was

Is it..... or isn't it.......?

Come back Monday to Find Out


I just came back from Facebook and Rumbles said he was in Twitter Jail (in fact he's still in bed too as I write this), anyway he asked that his link be posted ASAP as it has the total from the Benefit for NZ Anipals.   Go read it, then please come back here.  Thanks.

Hi Pals,

The Benefit #nipcubNZEQ pawty we had on Twitter yesterday for the SPCA in New Zealand was a total success.  It was so successful, that anipals were still hanging around about 2 hours after the pawty ended.  (Maybe they will go all night, but this little kitty had to go to bed).   

I haven't talked to @Rumblepurr or @Whskr or @DashKitten yet cuz they are still sleeping, but I'm sure they were extremely happy with the results cuz when I left, they had more den met their goal.   I'm sure @Rumblepurr will be doing a post in his blog very soon. Here's the link to his bloggy.  See above link for the Charity total.

It was a great pawty because so many anipals pulled together to make it happen - it was all accomplished on short notice too as the idea popped into @JinJinDoggy's head on Monday, I believe, and the ball started rolling.   So many pals wanted to pictch in and help.   @DuchessCrabtree, who is a new barktender - and a good one - saw anipals gathering at the pawty early and decided to go to the #nipclub and open an hour early.   What a dedicated new barktender.  

Oh yes, our good pal @PepiSmartDog, who lives in Australia (right next door to New Zealand - for those of us on the other side of the world) posted an update in his blog with the link to the ChristChurch newspaper.   It's so sad, and certainly much more work needs to be done before this area can even try to return to a normal life.   Here's the link to Pepi's blog - I really rekkomend you to go over there and read the  newspaper:  Scroll down to IMPORTANT NEWS and click on Read More.   It's a real eye opener.   They are still getting aftershocks too.   YIKES - I can't imagine how scary dat must be.  Thanks to Pepi for sharing the latest news.  

Follow Pepi's blog - you'll be amazed at all the fun they have there.   (Sometimes I wish I could be there too cuz it's such a happy place - but they won't let me in yet cuz I'm not ready.)

When you read the newspaper link Pepi shared, you will soon see dat a lot more work still needs to be done before oomans and animals can get their life back to normal again.  If you didn't get a chance to contribute $$ and wish to, the Charity link will be open until March 3rd, at which time Rumbles will close it out.

Thanks to all of you who contributed to the success of this charity fund raiser.   It was the combined efforts of donating $$, prizes for the pawty, helping at the pawty, posting the link in your blog, tweeting the link for donations on Twitter, or retweeting the tweets.   It all adds up.
So pals, we DO make a difference and ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE in the lives of so many oomans and anipals.  Thanks to all for helping.

Dat's it for this time....


Oh, wait!  Before I leave - Is it...... or isn't it.........?.  come back Monday to find out.

Friday, February 25, 2011

You Are Invited To attend

Hi pals,

Such exciting news to tell you about.

The Twitter Anipal group is hosting a #nipclubNZEQ benefit specifically to help the animals in New Zealand through the Christchurch SPCA Animal Charity. This is the same one that some of you have already contributed to, but this time we're going Twitter universe wide with it for 3 hours - 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST.   Hash Tag is #nipclubNZEQ.

The hosts for the evening are @Rumblepurr (who all of the ladies know over at ) and @DashKitten at (a sweet kitty. Her mother is @Whskr who makes creative jewelry and dolls).  Both Rumbles and Dash Kitten live in New Zealand and know first hand about the important work the ChristChurch RCPA does.  They certainly have their hands full now with all the displaced anipals. 

This will be such a fun pawty, and we'll be doing good work to help anipals at the same time.   The #nipclub Manager, @TheNascarKitty is giving us free use of the #nipclub and providing noms, drinks, barktenders, and DJs.   Just take a look at the noms and and drinks at the #nipclub blog .  Now is your mouth watering like mine is?   Oh, by the way, I'll be tending bar with @JinJinDoggy at 4:00 - kicking the event off.  I've been known to dance on the bar and offer SMOOCHES to the ladies with each drink

If you are new to Twitter and have trouble following along at parties, M typed up a complete set of instructions for the beginner on how to get set up on Tweet Grid.  That post is in the tab at the top of my blog called "How To Use Tweet Grid."  Print off a copy from my blog and follow step-by-step.

The theme of the pawty is Lord Of The Rings and/or Hobbit. he he - dat's why I'm dressed in the picture. It's fun to dress up for our parties, but you can always come in your natural fur - just as you are.

See you at the #nipclubNZEQ tomorrow night pals. 


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Awesome Blog Award and Special Invitation

Received from Brians Home (@Brian106sc and
Everyday Visitor @MrPuddy

Hi Pals,

Wow, I feel so lucky to get another award.  My pal @Brian106sc at awarded this to me on Tuesday.  Den yesterday, my pal @MrPuddy at presented the award to me too. Another great surprise.  Please go over and take a look at both bloggies.  Both of dem have great bloggies and deserve the Awesome Blog Award for sure.

Now I'm supposed to tell you 7 things about myself.
1.  I like drinking from the bathroom sink the best and will sit in it for hours waiting for someone to fill it. 
2.  All my toothies were pulled because of Stomatitis.  See my story in the tab at the top of my blog.  It just might save your life or the life of a kitty you know.
3.  I like napping on my dad's lap better den M's   His is bigger. he he
4.  I like M to play with me more den D cuz D just don't do it right.
5.  If M doesn't play with me enough before bed, I refuse to cuddle with her dat night and will sleep somewhere else by myself.
6.  Sometines I try to bury the leftover dry kibble in my bowl after I've eaten.
7.  I'm the official door greeter at our house.

Now I'm supposed to pass this award on to 12 pals, but this has been circulating for awhile, which means soon everyone who is a blogger will have one.  So, I'm selecting a few blogs dat don't get noticed as much as some, but are very interesting and fun blogs with the hopes you will go over and visit them.

Adventures of Beaver Cat  by @BeaverWonder

Herbie's Drive-in   by @Herbie_Cat

The World's Most Stunning Cat   by  @CathyKeisha

Dash Kittens Mewsings       @DashKitten

JinJin and Pixel's Bloggy     @JinJinDoggy @PixelDoggy

Everyday Visitor  @MrPuddy

I follow so many great blogs - the award really belongs to everyone.  

Note to @MrPuddy - I had already selected you to be a winner before I knew you had selected me.  he he  So, you are excused from following all the rules because you have already played the game.

Have fun with this pals. 

Special Invitation to all - bloggers included:  The #nipclub (managed by @TheNascarKitty) and @Whskr (human for @DashKitten (Whskr & Dash live in New Zeeland)  -  are throwing a special fund raising pawty to raise more money for the SPCA fund in New Zeeland.   Hosts will be @Whskr and @Rumblepurr.  The event starts at 4:00 pm EST and ends at 7:00 pm EST this coming Saturday.   Now I can't say for sure, but it looks to me like Rumbles himself will be there.  Stay tuned tomorrow for more details and keep your eye on DashKitten's blog above cuz her mom is an organizer.  I'm sure she will make an anouncemenbt soon on details - probably today or tomorrow.   Help spread the word please.  The fun raiser so many have worked so hard on has already exceeded @Rumblepurr's original goal.   Let's see if we can blow the the total raised through the roof.  There are lots of anipals needing help in that country after the earthquake.  I hope some of our other New Zeeland pals will also be able to drop in.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Power Of The Blog And Twitter Universe

Photo from

Blog updated a 2nd time on2/23/10 to add link to @PepiSmartDog's blog for link to other donation sites
Hi Pals,
Last night our friend @PollyPuss11 who lives in New Zeeland and close to the devastation tweeted:   "The news just keeps getting worse!"   Their local newspaper  posted at 5:00 this morning says   "5.00am: Christchurch people are leaving the city in droves as the death toll from Tuesday's earthquake mounts. "  PollyPuss11 also said they are "still experiencing big aftershocks and it's so scary."  No wonder oomans are fleeing the city for safer ground.   Our hearts just go out to all the oomans and anipals suffering through this horrible disaster.   They will be in our thoughts and purrayers here for a long time, as recovery will not come easy.

@Rumblepurr posted a new blog post last night (our time) with a VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO ALL:   Please go over and read it and maybe leave a message for Rumbles & his family.  There is also a link to their newspaper (same link I took the picture from).   M and I found it most interesting and heart breaking, but it's important information for the world to know.   We are not alone on this globe!!  

NOW FOR THE GOOD NEWS - YAY - Thanks to our many blogger pals and many  Twitter pals, as of this minute $820 has been raised for the SPCA through the Chip-in fund @Rumblepurr had set up only a day and a half ago (our time).    We have already topped the original goal, and there is no doubt in my mind that we can get that figure up to $1,000.  What a tribute that would be to all our New Zeeland pals, and think about all the anipals we will help.  We know it's going to a good charity and Rumblemum or Rumbledad will make sure it gets into the right hands.   So, if you haven't contributed yet, we hope you will still do so - even a $1 or two helps

This paragrpah added after original post:   There are other ways to help too.  Please see @PepiSmartDog's blog for details on how to donate other than thru the Chip-In widget.   Sorry for this late additiion, I didn't see Pepi's Twitter message to me before this was already published.

Many of my Twitter friends are hitting the tweets hard too.  Unfortunately, I haven't been over there too much, because I has been concentrating on this blog to help.  But they are doing a great job and I do check in a couple of times a day.

I do want to mention the following blogs that jumped on the bandwagon and posted the Chip-In Widget as soon as they heard it was up and running.   It's through our group effort that this has been so successful to date.  So a BIG THANK YOU to all these blog writers and also to all our TWITTER pals: - @Dashkitten & mom @Whskr Live in New Zeeland also.
Thanks again to all you - YOU ROCK!
Please come back tomorrow cuz I have a special announcement to make.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bittersweet Happy News

(Photo taken from Twitter Profile)
Hi Pals,

Happy news to report.   We are so happy because @Siofrathecat will have a new home.  She'll be going to live with @CuteKittyWillie's mom.   Willie crossed dat Rainbow Bridge a month or so ago after a very long illness.   We are all so happy because Siofra will go to a home where she will get good care and lots of loving.

M talked with @Siofra's mom via email a couple of times today.   She is happy her baby will go to a good home.  She was worried about having to put her in a shelter.  This has relieved her mind so much.   But she told M it's "bittersweet" happy.   Of course she is very sad dat she has to lose her baby.   We had leaky eyes here too just thinking about dat goodbye.   But maybe her new mom will let the original mom see her now and den if they not live a long ways from each other, or keep in touch with email and pictures too.  

Never underestimate the power of the anipal community in blogs or on Twitter.   CuteWillie's mom just happened to see a tweet that was RTd by @Petiethecat.   It just goes to show dat if something is RTd enough, someone is bound to take an interest in it.   We are happy for Willie's mom too cuz now she'll have a kitty to care for again. 

Thanks to all my blogging pals that helped on this and thanks to all my Twitter pals who helped broadcast the plea for help.   You guys all ROCK!!   And thanks to CuteWillie's mom for coming to the rescue.   We on Twitter were so happy when we found out Willie's mom would adopt her and dat Siofra's mom felt she'd be going to a good home.  

M told Siofra's mom to keep in touch with all of us because we loves her too and wish she and her family the best.  She has a lot to deal with right now and has leaky eyes too.   We need to give her lots of support and love.  She's happy, but sad at the same time - bittersweet happy.  

Bye for now


Monday, February 14, 2011

Tugging At Your Heart Strings - Two Fold

Hi Pals,

Every now and den a plea for help comes across Twitter that really tugs at your heart strings.   This is another one of those cases.

@Siofrothecat issued a heart-breaking plea for help yesterday.  It seems her family has lost their house and has to move by the end of February.  They won't be homeless, as they can move in with relatives.   But they are heart broken because they can't take their precious little girl with them.

Her mom is really upset, as we all would be.  Not only do you have to give up your home and privacy, but now you have to give up a part of your family that you dearly love - your kitty.  M  and I had leaky eyes when we read dat tweet and knew we just had to help if we could.

Siofrothecat lives in San Antionio, Texas.  She is 9 years old, and has always been an indoor only kitty or walked on a leash outside.  Siofro's mom has all the equipment to give away to whoever is willing to give Siofro a good home.   She has never been around children or other anipals.   Mom is even willing to drive the kitty to whoever can provide a home, as long as it isn't too far away from San Antonio, where they live.

I put feelers out on Twitter yesterday and @CheshireK and @Understandblue came through with 6 resources.  Siofro's mom has already followed up with emails to sites provided by ChesireK and Understandblue - my sincere thanks for answering the call for help.   Ideally, it would be nice to see Siofro go to a good home where she would be loved and could live out her remaining years.   She's current on her shots, but is due for the Rabies shot in March.

But mom would consider placing her in a good shelter if she knew she wouldn't be on the "kill list."  In talking with pals living in Texas, they don't have many "no kill" shelters.  If you know of anyone who might be able to help or even take this kitty, please let me know.   Leave a comment on this blog and M will email you for information.  The more we can spread the word, the better chance she will have at a good life.   Time is running out tho - she must have a home by the end of February.

It's too bad not every state can have a wonderful rescue operation like A Call For Paws in New Jersey.   My good friend @Cathy Keisha supports a wonderful rescue operation that is like a Hilton Hotel for kitties.   Go over and take a look at her recent post. It's an amazing place.   Unfortunately, it's a long way from Texas.   That shelter is in need of funds at present.   If you can help out with a few dollars (no anount too small), please do. But, please at least go over and take a look at the photos Cathy posted.  It's an amazing place.   Cathy suggested we contact them regarding Siofro, but it's so far away and the family has no funds to travel that distance. 
Big thank you to @Danapixie (keeper of #pawcircle on Twitter) for RTing that plea and making sure anipals saw it.  Dana is the ooman guardian angel for all the anipals on Twitter.  

We're purraying and purring dat someone will be able to find @Siofrothecat a home soon.  

Until next time pals,


Friday, February 11, 2011

Take Care Of You Toothies

D knows I love being in high places, so sometimes he gives me a treat and puts me on one of his closet shelves.   If he wouldn't keep it so full of clothes, I could probably get up here myself.   I do jump off by myself tho.

Hi Pals,

Did you know dat February is National Pet Dental Health Month?   Well, I'm not going to let you forget it either.   Those of you dat have known me for a long time know dat I had all my toothies pulled at age 4.   Yup -  all of them. 

My good friend @CatChatCaren writes a blog called Cat Chat, which is full of good articles on kitties and many times doggies too.   She had interviewed M a year ago during National Pet Dental Health Month and decided to re-run that post.   Please go over there and take a look at it, and follow her blog if you don't already.   The story she posted is a brief version of my Toothie Story.   If you want the full version (warning - 3 pages long), you will find it at the top of my blog on a tab called "My Toothie Story" (what else would it be called.  he he)  Here's the link to Cat Chat

M and I can't encourage you enough to make sure your toothies are taken care of daily.   Oomans get kinda lazy now and den and think they can skip it.   M had 3 kitties before me and one doggie.  She has to admit dat she never once brushed their toothies, nor did any vet recommend it.   She admits she "lucked" out with those kitties, as not one of them had any major problems other den an occasional cleaning by the vet.  She didn't even know what could happen if your toothies were not taken care of. 

Your toothies are very important in maintaining over all health.  Among other things, it can lead to heart disease, and all kinds of other health issues If you keep getting infections in your mouth dat don't seem to clear up after being on antibiotics, ask your vet if you should see an Anipal Dentist.   Most good vets should automatically refer you anyway if you are having major problems, but if they don't, your ooman should ask the vet about seeing one.   I have already encouraged two of my twitter pals to see a dentist after their infections wouldn't clear up.   They are very thankful too because the dentist was able to save their toothies.

M will be the first to tell you dat doing routine brushing and a thorough cleaning by your vet (as they recommend it) is a whole lot cheaper den having all of them pulled.  So by having your oomans  brush your teeth not only helps you, but it will help their pocket book too.  he he and the toothpaste I had was "chicken" flavor; it was super good and I highly recommend it.     (non-paid advertisement)

If you has lots of cats living with you and your oomans feel they can't afford it, talk to the vet.  Some vets offer payment plans too.  The dentist did.

Now go over to see Cat Chat's blog and get brushing!!  Here's dat link again:


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's Official - I'm Retiring.

Do Not Disturb
Hi Pals,

Winning the Super Bowl is hard work.   I'm exhausted.  

The Green Bay Packers don't need my help now cuz I already helped dem win their 4th Vince Lombardi Trophy.  

It was a tough game, but I helped the boys all I could.  

The Coach is proud of me for my new play - The Tripping Play.   Dis guy would have scored had I not tripped him.

Den I helped Aaron by clearing the way for him to score dat last touchdown.

He was so happy with me - look how he showed me off to the crowd.

Yup - dis football stuff is a very dangerous game.   But I guess it was worth it in the end cuz we got our 4th trophy.   Now, where are they going to display all of them?

Maybe in the Atrium - or Hall Of Fame?

Now there is even talk on our TV dat the Team will go to the White House and meet the President.  Oh my Cat!   I might even get to go and meet The First Dog - Bo.

Hope he won't chase me.
 Yes, being on the Green Bay Packer football team is really exciting, but I think it's time I retire cuz I need a nap - a very long nap. 

Oh, M wanted to tell you just a few background things about our team dat makes dem different from all other teams.  (M - keep it short please so my readers don't get bored.)

M here:  Thank you Mario - I promise I';ll try to keep it short.

1.   Green Bay is the smallest city to have a major league football team in the US.
2.   Green Bay's population, including touching suburbs and City of DePere, which touches Green Bay was 174,624 July 2009 Census.  Green Bay was 101.512 of that 174,624 in 2009.  We are not very large.
3.   The team is the only community-owned franchise in American professional sports with more than 100,000 shareholders.
4.   The shares do not increase in value nor pay dividends, and can only be sold back to the team.

A friend, who formerly lived in Wisconsin and now lives in Florida, sent me the link to this U-Tube video.   It's nicely done by Rachel Maddow of MSNBC and gives a brief run down on our city and the Packers.

You don't need to be a football fan to enjoy it.

I hope the video shows up - I don't insert these very often.

Just like you are proud of your football or soccer team, we are very proud of our local Green Bay Packers.

Thank you Mario for letting me share a little blog space.

Mario will be back with the next post when he finally wakes up!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

What is Super Bowl Sunday

Hmm - Do I set in here on Super Bowl Sunday?
Hi Pals,

All I has been hearing around here for the past week is "Super Bowl dis..... Super Bowl dat....."  Geesh, I'm sick of it already! 

So, I asked M what is Super Bowl Sunday.   She said it was when the two top football teams in the US battle it out for the Lombardi Trophy on a Sunday in February.  

Dat got my imagination going:

Den der is some guy named Aaron something.   Guess he is a "good dude."  Don't know what dat means, but I could play just a good as he does I bet.

Hey dudes - I got the ball.  Do I win now? 
Geesh you can't even do the "bunny kick" to dis ball.

You mean dis is what I win - The Lombardi Trophy?

Geesh - you can't even nom it!

I still don't understand what all the fuss is about.   I am mad at M tho cuz she says she won't type for me on Twitter Sunday evening cuz she's watching the game.  Bummer.
She says we have to support our local Green Bay team and be proud of dem for working so hard to get to play in dis game.

Just to make sure I'd watch the game with M & D, she got me dressed for the big game.

Dis dumb cheese head isn't very comfortable, so I can't wait to take it off.


Maybe I should go with my buddy Tiger of @TheNascarKitty to the game.  We'd have fun cuz he's from our state too.
Hey Tiger, I think we're supposed to say "Go Pack" at this point!

Or maybe I should just watch the game too in a lap - preferably D's lap.  

Well Pals, See you all after the game.   I told all my Twitter pals dat if our team won, we'd throw a pawty right after the game.    he he-  I also said daf if out team lost, they wouldn't see us - we'd be "licking out wounds."   (I don't know what dat means, but I hear my doggie pals talk about licking their wounds" and sometimes the oomans say dat too.

Oh - to my pals living in other countries - he he I'll be especially looking forward to  your comments and dis hoopla la.   At least in Soccer, you don't all pile up on each other in the field - or do you?


P.S.  - Darn typist kept publishing before I was ready.   Need to hire a new one one of these days.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award and Other Stuff

Hi Pals,

My good friend @AdmiralHestorb from "Adventures Of Admiral Hestorb" selected me as a recipient.  I was so honored and surprised when Admiral told me I was one of the recipients.  Please go over and take a look at her bloggy.  Now there's a cat with style, not to mention she is also bootiful.

As recipient of this award, I'm supposed to link back to the person that gave it to me and then tell 7 things about myself that you don't know.

1.  D gives the best laps in the house - he has a really big lap for stretching out.
2.  M plays with me, and I won't play with D.  He just doesn't do it right.
3.  I became toothless at age 4.  New readers - See my story in the tab at the top.  
4.  I hate winter when it's all snowy outside and the windows are closed.
5.  I get lazy in the winter and don't want to play as much or Zoom around the house.
6.  My ooman sisfur says I'm spoiled - hissss - don't know where she gets dat idea.
7.  My meower used to be broken, but I'm getting louder.

Now I'm supposed to pass this on to 7 other bloggers. 
1. Adventures Of A Suburban Kitty      @PumpkinPuddy

2. Darling Millie

3. Love always, Bear @BearbearD

4. Pandafur @Pandafur

5. Sebastian The Sensitive Soul @SeaBassCat

6.  The Boo Blog

7. The World's Most Stunning Cat @CathyKeisha

Enjoy the award friends - you all deserve it, along with so many others.

Now for a serious note:

M has been talking about a very huge storm crossing the US, and we are worried about my many friends in it's path.   We hope all our friends stay safe, tucked in their homes.  

Many of you may not know dat Australia is having a major cyclone right now.   M says dat means lots of rain for dem when they already had a serious flooding problem.  We hope all our Australia friends stay safe too.  

Whoever Mother Nature is, I thinks she should be fired for doing such a bad job.

The just a reminder, if your oomans can do it, please contribute a couple of $$ to @PierreThePoodle, who still faces serious health issues.   We want him to get all the tests he needs to find out exactly what the problem is and fix it.

Until next time,