Friday, September 26, 2014

Caturday Art Blog Hop With Athena

Hi Pals,

I've joined AthenaCatGoddess' Caturday Art Blog Hop.  He he - that masterpiece (not) above was done on Photoshop Essentials 10 using Fresco button and Clicking another button for Scaloped Edge!   That was basically it!    

I love seeing all the neat things done with using the free sites too - you don't need a Photoshop program to some pretty things.  We already had the Elements program, so prefer to use it rather than try to learn something new.  It's called laziness on our part!

Can't wait to hop around and see all the other unique art work this week.  Join us.


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Getting Closer to Goal! - #HillsPet

All this for .2 pounds!  Will it ever end!
Hi Pals,

Woohoo - I'm down to 13.6 pounds now.  I tried my best to escape being carted off to to the vet today by hiding under the bed.   Dang!  It didn't work.   I got caught anyway.

The good news is I overheard M tell the lady behind the counter that she wasn't going to bring me in next month cuz I'm starting to be wary!   So they will weigh me on our baby scale at home and call the weight in to the vet's office.   That sounds like the best idea my peeps have had in ages!  I don't mind getting on the baby scale at home.   M says I'm looking real good too, but it's hard to tell from the pictures of me because I'm sitting like a loaf and have a "broad beam."  he he    

I'm thankful that I won't have to go next month.  i'm also thankful @PepiSmartDog is hosting another blog hop.  Join in - it's fun.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Butterfly Light Award

Hi Pals,
I was so very surprised late yesterday to receive the very beautiful Butterfly Light Award from my good friend McGuffy at McGuffy is a very talented lady who writes poetry and short stories, works very hard advocating for animals, occasionally does book reviews in her blog.  She Spreads the light every day.  o over and check out her blog. She always makes us happy when we visit.  Thank you McGuffy for this prestigious award. You are a tough act to follow with your flair for writing.   I hope one day we can meet in person.

Background: This award was given to Don Charisma by Belinda of Idiot Writing. She created the award as appreciation to him for his help in repairing her computer. He has asked that recipients of the award always link back to Belinda's for creating such a special award, as we continue to spread the light.

The conditions of accepting the Butterfly Light award are as follows:

1.  Write an acceptance post making sure you link back to the blogger who awarded you and thank them.  You may not add this award to a post with other awards.   (Did this in the opening paragraph.)

2.  Individually name and re-award a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 9,999,999 bloggers.  You must let them know either personally with a comment on their blog or a "pingback".

Now here are the bloggers I am nominating for the Butterfly Light Award.   I have selected them for reasons listed next to their name.

**  Nerissa at for his adventuresome spirit and common sense.   Nerissa's human also does a lot of work with rescuing animals. Nerissa uses his blog for educational purposes on various subjects, while poking fun at his humans.   

**  Cathy Keisha's blog at always has humor in it.   We  leave her blog with a smile or laugh.   Her human TW also does a lot of work for the rescue that CK was adopted from.  

Both of these bloggers light up the world for so many of us in the blogosphere.

3. Link back to Belinda at her blog Idiot Writing or her Profile Page , for creating this unique and special award.

4. Write a short paragraph entitled: How I'm spreading Light" or "How I'm a Positive Influence."

Now I'm supposed to "toot my own horn" on how I'm spreading the light. This does not come easy for anyone in this house as we were taught from little on not to brag! But here goes pals:

Due to the fact that I had to have all my teeth pulled due to a bad case of Stomatitis, M and I like to educate other pals on the importance a vet checking your teeth once a year and following whatever directions the vet may give you. If left untreated, Stomatitis can lead to many other health issues. So we like to spread the word on this so that no pal loses his/her life due to Stomatitis. I have a tab at the top of my blog titled "My Toothie Story," which goes into detail all about my experience. M also encourages other humans to call her if they have any questions or need moral support. This reminds me that I need to do another blog post on the subject as it has been awhile since my last post about Stomatitis.   

Thanks again McGuffy - we love you friend, and are so honored by this award.  


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thankful Thursday on 9/11

Photo taken from Google Images

Click on above link to read the article as printed in Roadside America's Newsletter.

Hi Pals,

We bow our heads today in remembrance of the horrific destruction of the Twin Towers in New York City by terrorists.    M said she will never forget that day and will always remember where she was when she heard about it.  

We live in the central part of the United States, so that incident was far removed from our state.  But it left a big impact on us even tho it happened so far away.  M wrote more about this day in her personal blog  if you wish to  go over there and read it.  

Our good friend Cathy Keisha lives in New York and she has written a wonderful, first-hand-experience post on what it was like that day.   It's very worthwhile reading if you can take a minute to do so.   Her Pop actually was working in one of the Twin Towers the day is happened.

Our small city holds a memorial service every year on 9/11.   I can't go cuz cats are not allowed!  About two years after the incident happened, the city had a replica of the twin towers built and it sits downtown in a park where everyone can see it.  Roadside America even published a nice article about it in their publication.  Click on Roadside America to read that and see more pictures.

We are thankful for all the fire and rescue people even private citizens who saved so many lives that day and risked their own by running back into the demolished buildings.  They truly are hero's!

We are also thankful to @PepiSmartDog for hosting this blog hop again today.   

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday Selfie Blog Hop

Hi Pals,

How's this for a selfie of my whiskers?    No one ever gets to see my whiskers, so that was our mission for this post.

I've joined  Lisbeth's [The Cat On My Head] Blog Hop.   You can join too - directions are seen here: The Cat On My Head.    Wait until you meet that gorgeous Queen Lisbeth.  Grab that camera, take a selfie, and join us.  


Friday, September 5, 2014

Caturday Art with Athena CatGoddess

Hi Pals,

I talked M into doing an artsy thing tonight because we've missed the last couple of Caturday Art Blog Hops.    She said she was "dog" tired (whatever that means), but would do it for me cuz she loves me!

Here's the original photo @JessieJaney's human (Jane) made for me for the Gilligan's Island pawty for Nipclub a couple of years ago.   Didn't Janey do a fantastic job?
M used her photo in Photoshop Elements 10 (cuz we've had the program for a couple of years and M needs lots of practice).   She clicked on an Effect called "Ink Outline."    Then clicked on "Scalloped Edge to give the extra border.  The she clicked on black paint to paint that border.   Then she had to "Merge" the Layers, then "Flattened" the image and saved to her desk top.  Walla - we have a little different effect from the original picture that Jane made for me.   M likes to play around, but doesn't have much time to play anymore.,

Check Out Athena CatGoddess' Blog to see her neat picture and to find the other involved in the blog hop.  They always have so many cool and interesting pictures that mostly were created with free photo editing programs on the internet.   

Until next time.

Caturday Art With Athena CatGoddess