Monday, May 23, 2016

Good News / Bad News

Hi Pals,

If I look unhappy in that picture, it's because I am!    I was happy (the good news) because I was outside.  Then the peeps dropped a bombshell on my head (the bad news coming up).   They explained that we/they are selling the house and the three of us are moving to something called a Retirement Center where there is independent and assisted living!  M said it  was good because I can come with them.   She said not too many places will take cats and/or dogs, but this one will.   

Well, that news ruined my outside time I tell ya!   I don't want to move.  I like our house with all the familiar smells and my chipmunk, squirrel and birdie friends.   The peeps tell me I'll like it where we're going and we'll all be together.  Well, that together part is nice, but this is the only house I can remember since being adopted.    And, I'm going to be shipped off to sisfur and SIL's house while the movers are coming and going for two days.   Moving day is June 10th - ugh!!

Isn't there some sort of law that peeps can't move while having a kitty live with them?  If not, there sure should be.

Then even worse, M said we probably won't do any blog posts until we have moved and we won't get around to visit except for today and maybe tomorrow.   See why I have a frown on my face and airplane ears?

Sad Mario signing off - until next time.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Not Again!!

Hi Pals,

Well, I got hauled off to the vet again.   I had been throwing up for 2 days - a couple of hairballs and several batches of food.  So of course the human got all worried and off I went to the vet.  Dang, I've got to get faster at getting away from them.

Anyway, I'm happy to report that they gave me a little something to settle down my tummy and sent me home.   The vet lady said if it didn't stop, I should come back and they'd do a blood test and possibly Xrays.

Thankfully, it stopped and I'm back to normal.   Whew!  I have a wonderful vet and everyone at that clinic makes a big fuss over me, but I still don't like going there.  It's scary!

We have a whole bunch of sick kitties pals.   Let's all concentrate on the purrs and prayers for all of them.