Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween To All


Don't let the ghosts and goblins
catch you!





Saturday, October 29, 2016

Gasp - What Was SHE Thinking and Caturday Art Blog Hop

Hi Pals

I am NOT 12 years old as M typed in my birthday post.   a week ago.  I am now 11 - NOT 12.  First of all she forgot it was my birthday, then she forgot how old I am.   What was she thinking?   The truth is, she wasn't thinking.    I call it senility - she calls it forgetfulness!   Thanks to Katiebella's human for catching that.  At least Katiebella's mom knows how old I am when my own human don't! I'd trade M off for a new mom, but I've tried that two times now and no one wants her.  I'm STUCK pals.

I think I might have to hire Katie Isabella to represent me in a lawsuit against M.  She's gone too far this time, and I can't let her get away with it.  Do I have a case Katie?

I'm joining AthenaTheCatGoddess' Caturday Art Blog Hop.  The above photo was done in Photoshop Elements 10.   At this point, M tried so many different things and worked so hard to try to save it that we forgot what she did.   I was watching her this time, so have to take part of the blame cuz I didn't understand it either!.

We're having trouble with the links again.   M has been joining these blog hops for at least 8 years now and all of a sudden this year she can't seem to link up right.   Anyone out there that can lend a helping hand.   We have free calling in the US  and would be happy to call you if you can help.


Sunday, October 16, 2016

Happy Birthday Mario - 12 Wonderful Years

Yesterday was Mario's 12th birthday

and Gotcha Day

Hi Pals,

M is taking charge of my bloggie today  cuz it's  my birthday (12th) and she forgot all about it yesterday.  (Can you believe it - this is the 2nd time she's forgotten my birthday!   She owes me big time)
D and I had gone off to church one Sunday after we had
only had Mario about  a month.  When we came home,
this is where we found him.   We assumed he was asking  for
a drink of water, so of course he got one.  It's one of my favorite
pictures of him.

M here:

Yes, I forgot all about Mario's birthday until I got on Face Book last night and saw a "Memories" thing on Mario's birthday a couple of years ago.   I was saved by the bell again.  

I thought it might be fun to do kind of a "throw back" of a few birthday pictures.  So here we go:

Graphic made by @RealFakeGator for #NipClub
(Not sure of year)

Graphic made for NipClub - not sure of year but
I believe it to be approximately his 8th

Mario's 10th birthday

Thank you for visiting Mario's blog and being such faithful readers for
so long.    We love all his friends.   You are all appreciated.

M and Mario

Sunday, October 9, 2016

What An Honor! .....And Selfie Blog Hop

Hi Pals, I'm honored!  My pal Bailey Boat Cat featured me in his Caturday Connections Blog yesterday.  I'm truly honored because Bailey is  famous and leads such an exciting life.   If you haven't visited his great blog yet, please do so because he really has adventures that I can only dream about.  I'm truly honored and humbled to be featured in his blog.   Thank you Bailey - you made my weekend.

I'm joining the Selfie Sunday hosted by There Is A Cat On My Head.   Thanks again to Kitties Blue for hosting this event week after week.   Love you guys! Mario

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Yes - Now What! (Sunday Selfie Blog Hop)

Hi Pals,

I'm always getting interrupted around here.   I was just sitting peacefully again in the window watching birdies and the world go by.   Here comes M with that darn flashy box.   I really must hide that from her one of these days!

We're joining A Cat On My Head's Sunday selfie blog hop.  Thanks to Kitties Blue for keeping  the blog hop going. Join us and see all the great selfies!  Now excuse me while I try to think of a way to keep that flashy box out of M's hands.

Until next time,