Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful Thanksgiving Day Thursday Message From Robyn and Mary

Dear pals,

Mario's mom here.   As Mario would say "WOOHOO."   We not only smashed through the original goal of $500, we more than trippled it.   Now for a message from our good friend, Robyn Harton (Typist for GeorgeTheDuck).

"Sometimes it feels like words just aren't enough, like there is simply no way to express something. This is one of those times. I wish I could give you a peek into my head so you could see just how much your help means to me. Suddenly being able to pay the overdue phone bill, and other physical things like that is enormous. I hadn't realized just how much I was holding my breath to see if my entire life would crumble until I got a chance to breathe, the one you gave me.  Just as much, it made me feel loved in a time where I've been feeling very bleak about everything including myself.  Your generosity floored me completely in so many ways.  I'm blessed with more reasons to be overwhelmingly grateful for Thanksgiving than I can possibly handle in a single day. My Thanksgiving will go on far longer than that. Thank you for everything."


Mary here again - Robyn you and your family have blessed all our lives in one way or another.  I think I can speak from all who contributed, we are so happy to be able to help you in a time of need and somehow pay you back for all the many hours you have put in on so many projects to benefit our community.

Jodie - Thank you for suggesting we do this fund raiser to help Robyn.  Without you spurring me on, I probably would not have tackled it alone.  Your many tweets promoting it are so greatly appreciated.

To The Donors - My personal thank you too to all.   I've said it so many times before that I'm sounding like a broken record.  But, our anipal community in the Blog World and on Twitter are always so kind, generous and supportive in time of need.   You are the absolute best.


Mary  and Mario

My good friend @CokieTheCat has a Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.  Join now.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Help Wanted - Desperately Needed

Dear Pals,

I has a heavy heart as I dictate this bloggy post.  One of our very dear, long-time Twitter pals needs our help.  This is someone (with the help of his dear ooman, Robyn Horton)  who has devoted so much time to Pawparties, nipclub, santa’s jingle bells fund, Anipal Academy Awards, weddings, showers, and any other function you can think of that has happened on Twitter.   I’m speaking of our very own @GeorgeTheDuck and his typist Robyn.    They desperately need our help and love.

@JinJinDoggy’s human, Jodie, contacted M one day and suggested we do a fund raiser for Robyn so we could buy her a portable generator to help with her Asthma when their power goes out, which it did several times this year.   M contacted Robyn and told her what we wanted to do for her and to get her permission to go ahead with it.   That’s when M and I realized Robyn had serious $$ problems going on.  While she was appreciative of our thought of getting her a portable generator and said it would be nice and very helpful --- but, she said there were other things she needed worse – like paying for the electric/heating bill, groceries, phone bill, and medications because she fell thru the donut hole and meds now cost her full price.  (M nearly choked when she heard that cuz we know what meds cost, but are fortunate to have good insurance with no donut hole.)  Robyn told M about all her health problems, and she's on more drugs then M (and it looks like a pharmacy around here.  he he, so it must be the same at their house).

Robyn hasn’t been able to work at her jewelry business the 10+ hours a day this year as she had in the past because of her many health problems.  And with the bad economy, that's just made bad go to worse.  Thus, her income is down 70% from 2 years ago.  She is one of those people who falls thru the cracks when it comes to government assistance or state assistance.   She is very intelligent and has checked into all those things thoroughly, even getting professional help for looking into them.  It took Robyn a long time to give us permission.  Obviously she’s very proud and very embarrassed to be in this situation.  But she said she’s at the desperate point now and would welcome and appreciate any help she can get.

Accepting this help is tearing her apart as it’s the last thing she has wanted.   But Jodie and I felt that if her many Twitter pals  and blogger pals knew of her situation, they would want to try to help too, if possible.   We talked her into just an email to a few trusted pals and sent something out.  After talking with some pals, Robyn finally agreed to letting us make this public, thus I'm writing this bloggy for her in the hopes we can get her some help.

We know times are tough for lots of you, and we don't want anyone contributing that doesn't have the means to do so.  But, if you can spare a little, it would be greatly appreciated by GeorgeTheDuck and typist, Robyn.   Robyn and George have 4 kitties and you bloggers probably know them as aka HMBC (House of Mostly Black Cats). 

Robyn's Jewelry business site is:   Both JinJinDoggy and I can vouch for the quality and beauty of her jewelry as both our oomans have recently ordered pieces from her.   Christmas is coming up and they would make wonderful Christmas prezzies.   Unfortunately, I can get the link to work, but if you copy it and paste it into your Browser, you will be able to open it.   Dang blogger.   

Please pals, lets do what we can to help George and Robyn.   We are calling this Chip-in a "Gift" because Robyn has her jewelry business and if it's anything other than a gift, then it complicates things with PayPal not to mention her income taxes.   The Chipin Widget is in the right-hand side bar of this bloggy.     

If you are on Twitter and maybe can't afford any $$, you can help out by RTing the tweets calling attention to my bloggy at  or the chip in page at:

Thanks so much pals.  I know Robyn and @GeorgeTheDuck will be forever grateful.

Mario and Mary  

Thankful Thursday - - Thankful for Award

Hi Pals,

I has to apologize to all my blog pals dat I hasn't been around visiting much for 2 or 3 weeks.   We has been really busy helping out with the Annual Anipal Academy Awards, which was held this past weekend.  It was the 2nd Annual Awards and bigger than last year.  It went on Friday night, Saturday afternoon and night, and again Sunday afternoon/evening.   And, while we didn't help out nearly as much as some of my pals did, we were still kept very busy with the work we did.

I'm very thankful for winning the "Sensational Cat Award".  It's a great honor.  Humbling tho because there are lots of sensational cats on Twitter and in the Blog World.  So, I'm going to accept this award in behalf of all the kitties out there.  It was truly a great event, and I hope everyone will come next year.  he he - I hear @AutumnTheDoxie (who had the dream over a year ago for the event)  already has been thinking about next year.

On Friday night @MaggieTKat kicked off the event by hosting the Anipal Achievement Awards - giving special mention to all the DJs, Barktenders, Donors of pawpawty prizes, quizzmasters, menu planners for various #pawpawtys, and many other volunteers.   It was a great event starting out by walking the Red Carpet into the theater.   
yours's truly walking the Red Carpet.

@MaggieTkat honored 125 anipals that evening.  We were all awarded with this bootiful star for our service..
Achievement Award for Serving as Barktender at parties.

So you can see pals, I has lots to be thankful for.   It was a great weekend, but very tiring.   This little kitty could barely lift a paw by Monday morning.  I almost insisted on breakfast in bed, but M said I was a real star, but I still had to get up for breakfast.   he he

I'm going to do a second Important blog post some time later on Friday or Saturday morning, so I hope you will come back to visit me then.   

Until tomorrow pals,


I've joined CokieTheCat's Thursday Blog Hop - why don't you too.   It's easy and fun.   

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wait Until You Hear!

Hi Pals,

This is just such an exciting day.   I've been featured in Luna's Sunday Spotlight - and I'm her first kitty friend ever to be featured.   What an honor because Luna is just the cutest, smartest little puppy you could ever want to meet.  Take a look at her eyes in her picture - don't they just make your heart melt?   

Luna lives in Australia and has two adoring daddies, whom she's starting to train, with my encouragement - of course.   (I figure a puppy can never have too much help in the proper training of their oomans.)  She's doing a good job too because she has them wrapped right around her cute little paw.

Please go over and meet Luna on her blog.  While you are at it, follow her on Twitter too.   She's a cutie.