Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Eight Paws Up For #HillsPet

Hi Pals,

You know I've been talking about the Hills Prescription Diet Metabolic Food for cats and dogs to help us lose weight?  Well, I've discovered that not only do you get healthy and lose weight at the same time, but it has also made my furs more luxurious.   My pet sitter, who came two days over Father's Day weekend, was telling M that she was so impressed with how beautiful and luxurious my coat felt.   WOW!   M and I were so happy she noticed!   

Did you notice my blog post buddy J.W. (Johnny Walker) of in the picture?  I'm so pleased to introduce him to you and share some of his story.  What a handsome shinny, black, panfur cat J.W. is. Go over to his blog and check out his action shots.  He's quite an athlete!   M says I need to take lessons from you JW.  I'm a lazy guy!   I want to thank JW and his human for the use of photos from their blog and for sharing their story for this blog post.

Johnny had been dumped in his human's neighborhood.   Being the friendly sort, JW's human took him home with her.   It was mutual love at first sight and he's lived in his forever home for 3 years.   His human began to notice that his belly flopped from side to side, and that's when she realized J.W. should probably trim down to remain his handsome, healthy self.

JW started on the Hills Prescription Diet Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution diet weighing in at 12 pounds.  It's so nice because we can choose between wet or dry food (same is true for doggies).  J.W. has a deep, dark secret tho about this diet.  To see what it is -  visit him at deep, dark secret.  (JW, I haven't cheated, but my two senile humans forget sometimes who fed me and how much!! -  I'll share some of my stash with you buddy).

JW's human believes it is very easy for a kitty to lose weight on this diet unless your kitty or doggie knows how to open doors so they can eat other food.  That JW is one smart guy!  he he I need to try that trick.

Johnny and I both agree the food is very tasty and good and together we give it 8 paws up!   It works - we have each lost weight.

It's been an honor to share the information with you on this great diet food. If you need to lose a little of that flab, contact your vet and get going on the program.  This ends my committed blog posts for Hills, but I will continue to share how I'm doing on the weight from time to time.

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

International Box Day and Thankful Thursday Blog Hop

Hi Pals,

Happy International Box Day.   Aren't boxes fun?    M was trying to find the other picture of me in a big box, but apparently it ran away from home!  he he
I usually just sit in a box.   I don't play in one, but I have been known to take a nap in one.  What do you do in your box?

I'm very thankful that I get a box now and then to sit in.  They are comfy, but I do wish this one was larger so I could lay down in it.  Maybe next time my peeps will try to find a bigger one so one could get really comfy.

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Meezer Mario

Hi Pals,

Happy Meezer Color Day to all you Meezers out there. M has always had a soft spot in her heart for Siamese or Burmese kitties, but never got one.   She's had two black and white kitties, and two gray tabbies.   But she says I'm the most lovable of all of the kitties she's had, and she wouldn't trade me for the world!   Whew, looks like I'm here to stay then (not that I was worried or anything as I'm treated like a king.)

So for today, we'll pretend I have some Meezer tan in my furs.   At least I do have black furs and some Meezers do have black.   On second thought, I has some white furs, so maybe I'm one quarter Meezer!  Yah, that's it - I'm one-quarter Meezer!

How about you - are you a Meezer?


Saturday, June 7, 2014

Caturday Art With Athena Cat Goddess - Blog Hop

Hi Pals,

It's easy to see that M was playing around again with one of my pictures.   She used a Filter called Poster Edges in PhotoShop Elements 10.   We don't quite understand what it is really meant to be used on, but she thought the effect was kinda different.

Here's the original.   This is how I sit at night beside her at the computer and tell her what I want to say.   She loves how the light really shows off my whiskers, but it also makes the carpeting look orange - it's really beige.
Of course, it was taken at night with the use of a flash.  That's probably why the carpeting looks orange.   She never did capture my look exactly the way she wanted to.   Oh well, next time M -  just don't use that flashy thing - I don't like it.

Thanks to Athena The CatGoddess again for hosting this fun blog hop.  Join in pals.   
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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thankful For Window Perches - Blog Hop

"Get that camera out of here - I'm enjoying myself."

Hi Pals,

Summer finally arrived in our part of the world, or so M says.  It must be so cuz we've had the windows and doors open off and on for about a week now.   I love to whiff the fresh air, and I especially like to do it on my window perch.   i'm so thankful that D made two of them for me, and the humans are NOT allowed to use them either!   

Do you get window whiffs and if so, what is your favorite place?

If you missed my post on Tuesday, please scroll down as #HillsPet is offering Coupons for $25 off a vet bill and $25 off Hill's Prescription Diet Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution  if your vet recommends the program to help you lose weight.   It's a winwin deal!


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Almost Wordless Wednesday - The Case Of The Unmade Bed

M Here:

How does one make a bed when there is a sleeping kitty still in bed?

Answer - You don't - at least not in this house.   Mario isn't too spoiled or anything!  I'm wondering how many other crazy people like me are out there!

Mary for Sleeping Beauty

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