Saturday, January 30, 2010

Where Did My Toothies Go - Part 2

Boy, (moving tongue around in mouth) that was some nightmare dat I just had. YIKES – dat was no nightmare. Dat very nice Dentist man stole all my toothies – well not all – I still has my fangs! I must be still dreaming, I thought. This can’t be real!

Well, I wasn’t dreaming. My mouth felt so funny with only my fangs.. Dr. Kressen and my peeps were talking about how he decided to try to save the canines since they didn’t appear to be too bad yet. He said he had cleaned out all the little toothie fragments left behind from previous dental work and cleaned the canines well. He told my peeps it was very important to brush those toothies every single day and not to miss even one day. Den he proceeded to show my peeps how to go about this. He petted me, gave me a kiss on the forehead, said he loved me, and I was such a nice boy. I even got another nose tap! Den he gently opened my lips just a little so he could get at my fangs and brushed dem with something called chicken toothpaste. Yum! It actually tasted good. Den he gave my peeps a tube of dat toothpaste, and two different kinds of medicine – a pain killer and antibiotic, and said to take dem twice a day until gone. (On no – medicine 2 times a day – no way, I thought)) He also wanted me back in 2 weeks to see how I was doing.

Now what cat likes taking medicine? Certainly not me! This is a picture of me bundled up so I wouldn’t fight my oomans on taking the nasty stuff. Yup – it was a very humiliating experience.  he he - I made sure it took two oomans to give me my medicine too.  I wasn't going to take the stuff without a fight!

I has to brag a little (it’s my blog) because I was a good boy with getting my 4 toothies brushed. Dat paste stuff was really tasty. My oomans even showed my pet sitter how to brush cuz dey were going camping on a long weekend. (he he – I was a good boy for her too).  It’s not dat bad getting your teeth brushed cuz you don’t have to open the mouth wide – just a little to get at the teeth & gum line.  The toothpaste really does taste like chicken!

Now if there is a bright side to getting your toothies pulled, it's dat you get to eat good, soft, canned food for a couple of weeks.  You also get lots and lots of attention and laps to sit on.   (Boy, I had my peeps at my becken call)

Den one day I was thrown in dat box thingy again (it is never a good sign of how the day will go). Oh noooooo! Not back to the Dentist man. But dis time he only looked in my mouth and said my peeps were doing a good job of brushing, but my mouth was still red, and he didn’t like the looks of dat. Take some different medicine, he said. He also told my peeps dat when the blood work came back, it showed my kidney enzymes were slightly elevated, which might have been caused from my not eating or drinking much before I had my toothies pulled. But, to be on the safe side, I should go see my regular vet and have dat checked again in a couple of weeks. He also told my peeps to bring me back again in a month so he could take another look. In the meantime my peeps were to keep brushing my toothies.

So, I had to make a couple more visits to my lady Vet. She poked me with the needle thingy and also looked in my mouth. I guess the kidney enzyme test still showed a slight elevation, but don’t worry yet. Let my system settle down and have the test taken again.

We made another trip back to the Dentist, who said – yup – still a little redness, but we’ll watch a little while longer. Maybe my immune system is still raging. Try to keep me from being stressed! (Well, the only thing causing me stress in my life is all the trips in the car to see vets!) He said wait another couple of weeks, den bring me back to him without food and he’ll take more pictures and be ready to pull the 4 canines if necessary.

Stay tuned my friends – my toothie story isn’t over yet.

If you haven’t done so yet, you might like to check out Dr. Kressen’s web site as it is very informative about dental health for all animals – even for my doggie friends

Notable Timeline: Maro was adopted 10-15-08. Our local vet pulled 2 teeth on 2-24-09 and indicated it looked like he had lost 1 tooth earlier in his life via some unknown reason. Dr. Kressen pulled all teeth except 4 canines on 7-29-09.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Where Are My Toothies

Where Are My Toothies – Part I

He he - dis is a pic of me supervising M's work on Twitter. 

Now the story you’ve all been waiting for:

Life in my new house with my new family was pretty good until one morning I woke up and didn’t get my breakfast treat. In fact the food dish had disappeared completely. The next thing I knew, I was grabbed and stuffed in dat box that was used to pick me up at the shelter. In just a few minutes I was back at the VET lady’s place. M gave me a smooch and said she’d pick me up later. It was scary to have M leave me der all alone.  The VET lady poked me with something and I went to sleep. When I woke up, I discovered the VET lady had kept 2 of my toothies. Doesn’t she have enough of her own, I thought.  Why she need mine? Now she’s stealing toothies from the anipals that visit her.

Well, M did come back to get me. I heard VET lady say something bout dey had to pull 2 of my toothies cuz they were so bad. Also, my gums were infected. So VET lady gave M some stuff in a bottle and told her to give it to me 2 times a day. Den M was supposed to give me some sort of soft foods for 2 weeks and come back in a month to be looked at. Well, I thought, der is no way I’m going back to dat place cuz they steal toothies.

I didn’t like dat yukky stuff in the bottle at all, so I’d try to fight my peeps. I guess I just wasn’t strong enough tho cuz dey always won the fight!

Well, M says we have to somehow shorten dis story or it will go on for pages (it might anyway).

I made several trips back to dat Lady VET cuz each time I went, she said der was still infection. She had tried 3 kinds of antibiotics and even gave me a shot of Cortisone. Finally one day she said "I’m afraid Mario is one of those rare cats that might be allergic to his own tooth decay. “ She said she’d like to “refer us to a specialist that deals in animal dentistry.”

Dis was not sounding good. I didn’t understand it all, but I knew it sounded bad.

Then one day night I went to get a snack and a drink of water –but the evil food snatcher came back and snatched both my food and water. I should have suspected dat something bad was going to happen, but I didn't.  (M says I not the smartest kitty they’ve ever had – guess she’s right.  But she does say I'm the sweetest. he he)

The next morning my peeps grabbed me and stuffed me in dat stupid box again. Dad sat in the back seat with me and the box, while M drove this thing called a car. I wasn’t too happy until D opened the box and let me sit on his lap. I liked dat much better den being in the box thingy. It wasn’t nearly as scary sitting on dad’s lap. It seemed like we were in dat thing called a car forever. . (M says it really is only 70 miles away and it took us less den an hour.)

The man VET was kind of goofy, he he. But he was nice. He kept talking to me, petting me, and even kissed me on the head. Den he gave me a real nose tap. Yes – you read it right – a real nose tap. He he, it’s the first time I’ve had a ooman give me a nose tap with der nose! He told M dat he really loves cats.  I must say I really felt special and dat he truly did love me.  He told M and D he was going to take X-rays (whatever dat is) and dey should go home and wait for his call. He said I’d be there most of the day. I just knew dis was going to be a very bad day! Den he stuck me with something and I don’t remember anymore. Now M is going to take over part of the story cuz I wouldn’t understand it all anyway. Besides, I guess I was sleeping.

This is Mario’s mom talking. The Dentist explained that Mario had Stomotitis (meaning inflammation of the oral cavity) and Gingivostomatitis which is another term to describe this condition. He recommended pulling all of Mario’s teeth, but if possible, he would to try to save the 4 canines in the front. He would not know if the canines could be saved, however, until he was actually doing the surgery. He explained that it was good we brought Mario to him because it would be important to clean out the area where the 3 other teeth had been pulled. If there was even a tiny fragment of tooth chip left in his mouth, Mario would forever have problems, and the infection would probably be fatal once the it entered the blood stream.

If you would care to read more about this fatal disease, you can see Dr. Kressen’s very extensive web site, complete with many photos of actual diseased mouths, at:  Scroll to the bottom of the home page, Click on Cat Dental Care  and you will find Feline Stomotitis.  

Dr. Kressen stated that if he was able to save the 4 canine teeth, it would be very important to brush those teeth every single day for the remainder of Mario’s life. Well, I wasn't sure how we'd ever brush a cat's teeth, but we promised to try if he could save the 4 teeth and we'd face the brushing when we needed to face it.

This is enough for this writing. Stay tuned next week to see if the 4 canines were saved and to find out what happened next. 

Noteable Timeline:  Mario was adopted 10-15-08.  Our local vet pulled 2 teeth on 2-24-09 and indicated it looked like he had lost 1 tooth earlier in his life via some unknown means - pulling or accidental loss.  The Animal Dentist pulled more teeth on 7-29-09.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Beginning - New Home

I know many of you are anxious to hear how I became toothless. Well, today we’ll get started on dat, but it is a very long story – too much for 1 day M says. In fact, it’s ongoing. So, please stay with us.

The car ride seemed to take forever and it was scary. M tried her best to talk to me and comfort me, but I was worried bout this place called VET. We finally got der, and I met the nice lady VET. She poked around on me a little, den made me open my mouth. Hisssss, I no like dat at all, but I let her do it. “Oh dear,” said VET lady. “This is a nice little boy you have here, but he will need to have his teeth cleaned and maybe a couple of them pulled” Well, I didn’t like the sound of dat at all. VET lady told M to bring me back another day with an empty tummy! Oh, no – I thought. Now what have I gotten myself into. I’m going to go hungry and then they will take my teeth out!  Maybe being adopted isn’t so good after all! M told VET lady dat they wanted to make sure I was pretty healthy kitty so they not have to be faced with big bills. M told her they are retired and income is very limited. (whatever all dat stuff means.)

VET lady said no worry – “just get teeth cleaned, and he might have to have a couple pulled depending on what I find.” "Other than the toothie problem he is a healthy cat." VET lady even told M “You have a good boy here,” cuz I was being such a good boy and even purred a little for VET lady.

Well, I finally got to my new home and had fun exploring. The first thing my peeps did was to take me down some steps into something called a basement and put me in a litter box. Guess they thought I’d be a dumb little boy and not be able to find it on my own. (Sometimes those oomans aren’t very bright!) It was fun in the basement, cuz there are lots of things down there to crawl around and into. He he – I even came out of one hiding place with something called cob webs hanging from my whiskers. M said I looked so funny, and now she wishes she would have taken a picture of me. After a few minutes of exploring, I was ready to see the next room. Dad was stretched out on something called a recliner. I thought that looked like a good place to be, so I jumped up on his lap and started purring. I made myself comfy and stayed there purring for a long time. I didn’t even care to see the other rooms of the house cuz I was happy I had found a forever home with good laps to sit on. Purrrrrrrrrr

Dis pic is of me on Dad's warm, cozy lap.  It's a good place for naps!

Well, I did eventually explore the rest of the house and found my food dish and water. What more could a little guy like me want – food, water, litter box and a warm lap!

M & D were very surprised dat night when I proceeded to jump right on the bed, snuggle down and sleep with them. M said it was like I had lived der for years and knew dat’s where I was supposed to sleep.  (Well, duh - where else would I sleep!)

The next morning I heard M and D discussing what name they should give me. Well, M went off to some place called “the office.” When she came home later, she said a friend at work said I should have an Italian name because M & D had just come back from a Mediterranean cruise and had made 5 stops in Italy. Dat nice lady thought I should be called Mario! So you see, dat is how I got my name. He he, I’m not even Italian.

Now come back next week because dat story is all about how I became toothless!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Very Lonely, Empty House

Thank you for coming back for another visit.

Dis is a picture of me (on the left) with my ooman sisfur's kitty, Big Guy Amos.

To refresh your memory, M & D had to go on a vacation right after der Misty crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Two days after M & D came home from their vacation D says to M, “If a person wanted to get another cat, how would they go about it?” Now, this is a human, M tells me, dat said when they got together a long time ago dat he really didn’t like cats – he was a DOG man. Now 3 cats and 1 doggie later, he wants to know how to get another kitty!  He he, M is wondering what planet he lived on for the past several years. Well, the next day dey came to the shelter where I was living.

I was in a big room with bout 20 other cats, just hanging out, hoping someone would like me cuz I was getting very tired of dis place. Den one day I looked up and saw dis big man and lady looking through the glass at me. When dey opened the door and walked in, I ran right up to the big man and rubbed against his leg many times. He reached down, picked me up, and I started purring and licking his face. It was instant love for us. Meanwhile, the lady went to the snobby Princess cat and picked her up. He he – but Princess didn’t like being held all dat much and scrambled to get down. He he - dat made me very happy cuz Princess was, well, a princess. She thought she ruled the kingdom!

I sat on the big guy’s lap while the lady talked to the worker at the shelter. I could hear dem taking something about dey needed a cat dat would get along with their daughter’s 2 cats. Meanwhile, the big man is telling M “How about this little guy? “ “He’s very friendly & loveable.” The shelter lady even said I would be a good cat based on what the man and lady had told her. But the lady said something bout how they shouldn’t rush into a decision and should come back the next day. Boy, did I ever feel sad den. I thought sure dey didn’t like me. I know de big guy really wanted to take me home right den and there.  Don't know what the lady's problem was cuz I was very nice and loveable to dem.  But I resigned myself to having to live at the shelter forever or suffer the horrible fate of simply disappearing one day, never to be seen in dat room again like I had seen happen to other kitties der. 

I was surprised the next day to see the big man and lady come back. I immediately ran right up to the guy and started purring again. Dis time the lady picked me up and sat down. I purred for all I was worth and even nibbled on her cheek for good measure. It was my goal to really impress the lady so she would love me like the big guy did.

The shelter lady told M & D I really needed to go to a home cuz I had been der 2 months and needed to get out of der. Shelter lady kept telling the guy and lady dat I was really a sweet cat and had a good disposition (whatever dat is)  Well, finally the lady said they would take me but would come back the next day cuz something bout dey wanted to take me to the VET and VET not open on Sunday. So, I got sad all over again cuz I thought they still didn’t want me.

You can imagine my surprise when I saw the lady come back the next day carrying a box. I saw her through the window doing something with papers. Den pretty soon she came into the room I was in and picked me up. I purrrrrrrred for all I was worth. Dis time it worked.  The lady, who I now call M, put me and the box into the car and told me we were going to stop someplace called the VET and it would be okay.  We be der soon.  Well, I was very scared and worried bout what this VET thing was.  I was trying to meow, but my meow was coming out all croaky - kind of like a frog.  M laughed at me and said I sure had a funny meow!  Well, duh - I was in a strange boxy thing being taken somewhere called the VET and was SCARED TO DEATH!

Well, dat’s enough for dis day. Come back again next week and hear what happens next.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Honest Scrap Award

I know this is supposed to be another chapter in my life story. But, you see a few days ago I had the surprise of my life. A tweet came from @MaxTheQuiltCat indicating little ole me had won this award. How could this possibly be - der must be some mistake. I am a newbe at this bloggy stuff, and there are so many good bloggers much more deserving den me. She explained that the Honest Scrap Award is given to "bloggers who put thier hearts on display as they write from the depths of their soul." So, please forgive me for being so excited that I just have to share this with my followers. M says it's like winning the Oscar (whatever dat is, but I know it must be really special!)

First of all I want to thank from the bottom of my heart for this award. I humbly accept even tho I'm still feeling unworthy. I will try to live up to the meaning of this award.

There are some things that we have to comply with in order to accept this award. These are: Highlight the award on your blog and link back to the person who bestowed the award to you. Post 10 interesting things about yourself. Pass on the award to 10 other blogs.

Okay - I did thank my presenter Now for 10 interesting things about me. Dat's a hard one cuz I don't think I'm all dat interesting. But, here goes:

1. I am an "only" kitty - no other kitties live with me now.

2. My M & D rescued me from the shelter.

3. I'm toothless (we'll get into dat in another chapter)

4. I'm beginning to like riding in cars if I'm out of the box.

5. I love TUNA (he he - I am a cat)

6. I've been on a sleep over to my ooman sisfur's house, with her 2 kitties.

7. I drink water only from the sink in the bathroom. It must be filled at all times. If oomans forget to put water in it, I'll sit in it until they do.

8. I like to play ball - but I don't retrieve it. Dat's for doggies to do.

9. I love all my Twitter friends - they are the bestest.

10. My meower is broken. (More about dat later too)

Now I'd like to pass the Honest Scrap award on to my friends listed below:

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Thanks again to for this very special honor. I will try hard to live up to your expectations.

My next post will be Chapter 2 of my life story.  So, please stay with us. 

Now if you'd like to have a good laugh on us, doing this post only took about 8 hours of work.  But we did learn from it.  (Snicker - of course I shed buckets of fur all over cuz I was nervous and M pulled all her hair out - now she looks really funny!).

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mario's Story - Part I

My story actually begins 2 months before I was adopted. (I can’t remember before dat time anyway.) I was found wandering the streets of my city by some kind human who picked me up and turned me into the local animal shelter. I was skinny, had worms (eekkk) and had an upper respiratory infection. Living conditions were less than ideal at the shelter, but at least I was getting something to eat dat was better den the garbage I was getting on the streets, and a vet visited and gave me ugly shots and awful tasting medicine.

Meanwhile the oomans, who are now M & D, were going thru a horrible time too. Their kitty, Misty, had been battling kidney failure for about a year and a half. She was being hydrated (I guess dat means given fluids – some dumb medical term dat is way over my head – but basically it means they were sticking her with a needle and pouring liquids thru her skin. EEEK) and she was on a special diet for renal failure kitties. Anyway, M & D had tried to do everything for her, but she was getting worse. The vet said she wouldn’t live much longer, maybe only a couple of weeks or so.

M & D’s major problem was dat they were scheduled to go on a Mediterranean cruise with their daughter & son-in-law on September 25, 2008. The cruise had been a surprise gift for them, bought and paid for by their daughter & SIL 1 ½ years ago. The trip could not be canceled. Meanwhile the vet was saying Misty probably only had a couple of weeks left. About 1 week before they were to leave, Misty had pretty much stopped eating. So, M & D made the agonizing decision to have her put to sleep before they left on the vacation. M tells me she and D both cried their eyes out cuz they loved her so. But they wanted to be with her to hold her when she went over the Rainbow Bridge rather than have someone else do it. So, Misty went over the Rainbow Bridge 5 days before M & D left on vacation.

M says I’d better stop here cuz dis is enough for one update. Stay tuned next week and I’ll pick up where I left off.