Friday, March 17, 2017

O'Mario's Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy  St. Patrick's Day Pals:

Today is the day we all get to be Irish, even if we aren't!   There is something special about St. Paddy's day.   Is it because soon after it is celebrated, Spring usually shows it pretty head.   Or is it because the Irish really know how to celebrate!  Whatever it is, it's usually festive and fun.  So, just call me O'Mario and have a good time.

Oh, I'll be tending bar at @BorisTheKitty's  SciFI pawty on Saturday at 4:00  EST.   Come on over. That pawty is always a good time.

Thisi s O'Mario signing off for today.

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone.

Oh yes, and a shamrock for all the lovely ladies.  I just picked them myself.   One for each ladycat delivered with a Mario Smooch.


Friday, March 10, 2017

CarturdayArt with Athena and Bug Update

Cutout Technique in Photoshop Elements 10

Dark Strokes Technique in Photoshop  Elements 10


Original Photograph
Hi Pals,

Well, which art work do you prefer - the bottom one, which is the original photo or the top photo, which was doctored up in Photoshop Elements 10, or the middle one, again doctored up in Photoshop Elements 10.   We could have gone on and used about 20 other options in Photoshop, but decided this was enough to give us an idea on how the same photo would look doctored up by two different means.  It's kinda fun playing around with this stuff, if one only has the time (says M).

Now for the up date on my swatting skills.   I'm embarrassed to say that I still haven't caught the bug, but I might have scared him off because no one has seen him now for about 4 days and all signs warning visitors of the "bug" have now been removed.    He was a nasty bug, and I'm happy M & D didn't have to be stung by him.  Apparently I at least chased him out of the apartment.

I'm joining Athena CatGoddesses Caturday Blog Hop.   Go over to Athena's blog and hop around to see lots of beautiful pieces of art work.   Athena has a stunning piece this week - go check it out.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

There Is A Bug Going Around and Selfie Blog Hop

Hi Pals,

Swat!  Swat!   Geese, I missed again.   I have to practice my swatting skills because M says this building has a huge influenza bug going around.   I haven't seen any huge bugs, but I'm trying to practice on little things.  I've never seen an influenza bug, so I'm not even sure what they even look like.   So far I've been missing everything I've swatted at, but it's hard to practice when you can't swat at the real thing.

M says they don't have it - yet - and M says they are taking every precaution not to get it.   So stay tuned on that one.  If they do get it, I'm going to try my best to kill that bug.  I used to be quite good at killing bugs, but I'm out of practice since living here.  We haven't had any bugs since we moved in.  Swat   Swat   Swat  missed again!

It's Sunday selfie time again, so we're joining The Cat On My Head's Sunday Selfie Blog Hop.  

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Shhh, Don't Tell M!

Hi Pals,

Shh, don't tell M that I'm napping on her heating pad!   She does not have it turned on anyway, but she does not think I should nap on it for some reason.    I thought it was crazy of her to even post the picture, but she said everyone would love to see my footies!   Gesssh, there are just cats' feet - nothing to get excited about.  

I'm joining Brian's Home for his Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.   I'm very thankful for M's heating pad, especially when she has just turned it off and it is still warm.   Ahhhhh!   I'm also thankful for Brian, who manages the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop these days. He and his family really ROCK - they are always doing something special for a kitty somewhere.  I'm also very thankful for all my blogging friends, twitter friends, and face book friends.  I am one very fortunate kitty cat!

My peeps are not very happy today.  We finally got rid of all the snow we had cuz my human sisfur and SIL were here on Sunday and SIL cleaned up the parking lot around our car.   The rest of it melted this past week.   Then came Tuesday night into Wednesday when we got a combination of freezing drizzle topped off with about 5 inches of snow again.    M said it can't melt fast enough to suit her.   D is supposed to have a dentist appointment tomorrow morning.   M is hoping they have our car shoveled out by that point so he can still go.   Always something M says.

Hope all is "right" with your  world.