Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thankful Thursday Blog Hop - Love This Stuff

Hmmm! What's this that M tossed on the floor for me?
It smells like Silvervine......Is it really for me?

Oh, I do love this stuff!   Thanks M.
I am very thankful for Silvervine!

Hi Pals,

Hope you'll forgive me for not noticing you right away, but this Silvervine stuff is really good.   I just had to finish licking it clean.

Thanks to @PepiSmartDog for hosting another Thankful Thursday blog hop and for doing such a good job welcoming animals crossing the Rainbow Bridge.   We're very thankful for Pepi and his mom Michele for all they do in making the transition for pals crossing OTRB.   Please take the time to look at his latest Video showing what it's like across that bridge.   Thank you Pepi for being the Ambassador for OTRB.   I'll see you there one day, but M says it hadn't better be for a long time yet.  Now here's the link to Pepi's Video:

Join the blog hop - they are fun and you meet new pals.  

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Happy Dance Time

Hi Pals,

Woohoo - I'm doing the happy dance here.  I just bought the most beautiful pair of  earrings for M from Robyn Harton's (@GeorgeTheDuck's and @SanjeeTheCat's typist) store!   WOW they will knock your socks off.   Shhh, it's a surprise for M, but I'll share the link with you  I bought the ones called "Rising."  Aren't they  the most beautiful things?   M loves Robyn's jewelry because she does quality work.

Oh yes, I almost forgot to tell you the  exciting part - Robyn is offering 18% off everything in her store thru tomorrow - Wednesday evening.   It's a great time to shop -  buy something ahead for Christmas  or a birthday or "just because."  A lady always loves her jewelry (or so the ladies tell me he he - and I do love the ladies!  SMOOCH).   

Here's the general link to her store:

Don't forget - shhhhh - we can't let M know which ones I bought for her.


Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day - A Day To Remember

Photo from

Hi Pals,

Whew - I finally made it  back.,  I've missed all of you and reading your bloggies because we do enjoy catching up on your news.   M appologizes because she can't sit at the computer for very long at a time as it really does a number on her back - even tho she has a very good chair.   Anyway, we're going to try our best to keep up, but maybe forgive us if we don't get to you every day - it maybe every other day instead.

Happy Memorial Day

We do hope you are having a perfect weekend doing whatever you wish to do on a holiday.  But please remember why we are celebrating this holiday.   We need to honor  those serving in the Armed Forces - past and present.   They have fought hard for all our freedoms and many have paid with their life!   

Thank you to the guys and girls serving presently - we love you for what you are doing and appreciate all you have done.  


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What a Night!!!!!

Hi Pals,

What a night we had here last night!   

Everything was nice and peaceful until about 3:00 this morning.   I usually sleep with M until about that time, when we both get up - M for a litter box break and me for a snack break!    

i then got up on my window perch like always to patrol and snooze until M and D get up for the day.

This is what I was doing at 3:00 a.m. when IT HAPPENED!

Some intruder of a cat climbed the bush right outside this window and was clinging to the screen.  You can see the bush really well in the top photo.  I started yowling and so did the intruder.   D sprang out of bed out of a dead sleep!    I shot off the perch, landed on the bed, and zoomed off for the basement. where I stayed for a long time.   D did come down there with me and tried to sooth my nerves cuz i WAS MAD!   How dare dat other cat come over here and try to climb my window!   D is mad too cuz dat kitty left holes in his window screen.  Now he said he'll have to replace the screen.

M asked D if he got a good look at the cat, and he said no.   All he saw was something clinging to the screen with ears and it's mouth open, hissing, and me putting up a ruckus!   It was very very dark outside.

This same thing happened about 4 days ago too - only it happened about 8:30 at night when everyone was still up in our house.    This time it happened in the wee hours of the morning.   M is not happy and told D we'll probably have to keep that window closed or we may have to cut down the bush so no cat can climb up there anymore.   

M wishes people would keep their cats indoors or on a leash because it's a real problem when they start visiting other houses with a cat in it.    We don't usually have a problem with ferals in our neighborhood.  This is probably someone's pet who they are now letting to start roam.  We live in a city - not in the country where there is lots of room to roam around.  Plus our city has an ordinance about keeping pets on a leash or in their own yard!

Sorry for ranting pals, but this really upset me last night, and I'm normally a very peaceful little guy!


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Double Thankful Thursday

Hi Pals,

I doubly Thankful today.   

M got me a new harness and leash from the Cat Blogosphere Auction a couple of  weeks ago.   Now never mind that it's pink and I'm a boy - boys can wear pink too!!  He he -  anyway, I like it and while it feels different on than my other harness, I like it cuz I can get outside and you know I LOVE that!  Here's a better view from the side.
Now I is also very thankful cuz M got some good news from her v.e.t. a week ago or so.   It seems she does not have Parkinson's Disease, but has something called Essential Tremors instead.  You can read all about it in her blog -    I guess D still has it tho, but he's doing well on his meds, and he sometimes takes me outside, so we're good~!!!

It's been a big week with lots to be thankful for.   

Sorry I haven't been around to see you all for a good week +, but this weekend is #nipclub's big 24-hour party, and we're kept really busy with that. We'll be  back to normal next week M says.

Come on over to #nipclub on Twitter cuz we're going to have all kinds of fun.    M and I are co-leading a Scavenger Hunt for an hour on Saturday, and I've been tweeting up the party like crazy.  Oh yes, there will be a Bagging Competitions going on too - lots of great prizes being given away.  So, come on over - pawty starts at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday and ends at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday - 24 hours of fun.

It's been a great week with lots to be thankful for.   We hope your week was equally as good.


Thursday, May 2, 2013

VERY Thankful Thursday Blog Hop

Hi Pals,

After  begging all winter to get outside, TODAY was THE DAY!  YAY.   It's April 30th and M says  the  temp is 80 degrees out there.   Boy, does this  sunshine ever feel good on the bones after being frozen for 5 months!
Not much to sniff out here yet - a  few tulips and the day lillies are starting to grow.  But M says I can't chew on those cuz they are full of poison for kitties.
Checking peemail from woofies next door.

Okay D - I'm ready to come in.   It will be so much better when the green growing things are up  and there are leaves on the trees.  It's HOT out here and I don't want to get a sun burn!

If I'm ready to come in, I always run to the patio door myself.  If I'm not ready to come in, then D has to pick me up and carry me in.  he he sometimes I just don't want to go in.

Thanks to @PepiSmartDog again for hosting this week's Blog Hop.  Pals - join us on this blog hop - it's fun!