Monday, July 29, 2013

I Am NOT A Bed Hog

Hi Pals,

Do I look like I'm hogging the bed to you?    M says I'm a bed hog sometimes. Geeeeesh!

Usually I wait for M to turn out the light and get comfy, then I come hopping into bed.   She then moves over to give me a little room cuz I like to sleep side-ways on the bed instead of the long way.   It's just more comfy that way.

This particular night I got in bed while M was still reading (hint hint - turn out the light please).   Finally she got the hint, got up to hit the human litter box and take her night pills.   When she got out of bed she saw this little Angel Kitty sleeping next to her, so she just had to take my picture.   Now do I have her fooled or what!!  he he  She still says I'm a bed hog tho cuz I sleep on her side of the bed and expect her to sleep on the other side.  I don't see a problem - it's a BIG BED! 

Are you a  bed hog?


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Get Me Out Of Here!

Help  Pals!

I'm being held hostage in my house.  Yes, I know, it's Thankful Thursday and I should be thankful for something.   I really  am thankful for my peeps, but right this minute it's hard to do when I'm being held hostage.  I am, however, very thankful for our big box outside that keeps us cooled.  I think it's called air conditioning.  

Like everywhere else in the US, we're sweltering in the heat (93 in the shade yesterday with a new point of 80).  For pitty sake, M only opens a window for me two times a day - early  morning and again at bedtime -  I get a whole 1 hour  each time to sit in the window.   It's really not enough window whiffing time.

The worst part is that I am not even allowed to go outside.   The big excuse is that it's too HOT!  Hiss!  Well, it isn't too hot for me cuz I could curl up under a bush in the shade.   But the silly humans think it's too hot for them to go out with me.   It's a rough life here pals.

Could someone come over and help me break out of this jail!

Join the blog hop - maybe a bunch of pals together can figure out a way to get me out of here.


P.S.  I'm really thankful for the blog hop cuz I like meeting new pals and going around to bloggies - when my peeps finally get around to it.