Sunday, February 26, 2012

Good/Bad News - Apartment Fire Update

CJ Home from vet after fire in apartment building.
(Photo taken from Ryker_Tyker's Blog)

Hi Pals,

Fantastic news -  CJ the kitty who was injured in the bad apartment fire where @SeabassCat and family lived, is now home with his mom Kathi and hopefully will be okay.  Pawprayers have been answered for him.  

But his mom, Kathi, desperately needs our help now.  It seems she had no Rental Insurance on her belongings in the apartment.   Everything burned up, and she even lost her car.   Now she has vet bills for CJ on top of losing everything she owned.    Our buddy Ryker_Tyker has a chip in on his blog for Kathi and CJ along with the chip-in for @Seabasscat and his family.  If you can spare a dollar or two for Kathi, it would be so appreciated.   If you can't, that's okay, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers and maybe leave a positive comment on Ryker_Tyker's bloggy.   Oh, the chip-in for Kathi isn't updating with the current totals, but she does get any money sent to her paypal account (the chip in) and deeply appreciates the acts of kindness.  Kathy, Ryker_Tyker's mom, and @Seabasscat's mom all volunteer their services at Wayside Waifs Animal Shelter and are good friends.

Now please go over to Ryker_Tyker's blog and read their update that was written Saturday night - before CJ Kitty came home.

Another piece of good news - M talked with Amy (Seabasscat's mom) on Twitter Saturday night for a bit.  She's still in shock, but they are slowly getting their life back together.   Saturday night they were to spend the first night in a new apartment, had already gone out and bought a bed for the mom and dad and some necessary items for Sebastian the cat and DottieGP.   They are very very appreciative for all the $$, prayers and support that they have received and will express it themselves when they have a computer to do it with.  They are still operating with only a cell phone.   Once again the animal community came through.   M and I are humbled and so proud to be a part of such a wonderful community.   

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Apartment Fire destroys home of @BoSoxAmy, @SeaBassCat, and @DottieGP

Photo taken from my own archives

Hi Pals,

Midway through #nipclub tonight - the following tweet came from @BoSoxlAmy
"Fire in our Apartment building, but we are all okay."   Thank Cod for that!

A tweet a little later said that they had lost everything in the fire and Amy said she was "so sad."   Our hearts immediately went out to them.

@GeorgeTheDuck and typist immediately swung into action and set up a chip in for the family with the money going directly to AmyBoSox's paypal account so she will have  access to it immediately.   George has the link in his blog at

@Seabasscat does have a blog at but I  don't know how soon they would be able to post.   I have a feeling they were lucky to get themselves out of the building and all they have is a cell phone.   Our pal @Ryker_Tyker's family lives in the same state and has been in touch with Amy via texting.  Ryker's mom will have more news tomorrow.  (updated later - here's the link to Ryker's blog

In the meantime, if you wish to help Amy, Sebastian, and Dottie, you may do so at the chip in located in @GeorgeTheDuck's blog

You may also help by keeping Amy and her family in your thoughts and pawprayers and send them positive energy and strength needed to get thru all of this for weeks to come.

We are so very thankful that Amy, Sebastian, and Dottie are okay, but feel so very sad for them that they lost everything.   That means all their personal photos and any personal keepsakes important to them that cannot be replaced - everything.    

We're so very very sorry Amy that you have to go through this. HUGS.


Monday, February 13, 2012

OCD - Not!

Hi Pals,

Do you remember before Christmas when M got me the Neko flies?   Well, it's my very very favorite toy and now she's telling me I have OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder).   Geeeeesh!  Can you believe that?

M dangles the Neko Fly round and round in circles.   I have to catch it, but when I do, I drag the Neko Fly and M way down the hall and into another room.

Then when I gets to just the right spot, I drop the fly, straddle the string, wiggle my butt, hump up my back, and do more wiggling with legs spread apart.
Now M has some thoughts that aren't very nice, and I'm upset with her for even thinking what she is thinking.   Afterall, I is a "fixed" kitty and has no manly desires other than admiring the bootiful lady cats.
Dad is more reasonable.  He says I've caught my prey (mousie or birdie maybe) and must drag it to a safe place.  Then I needs to straddle it so I can get a good bitey on the throat for the final kill.
It's very important to keep my paw on the string cuz M is sneaky and likes to yank the string right out from under my paw!   Now I think it's time to move on again.

I gotta find a good place to hide this thingy so M can't find it anymore.   Who knows what she'll accuse me of next.   Just cuz I like this little fly, doesn't mean I'm obsessed with him.

Let me know if you have any ideas.

Happy Valentines Day!


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Three Little Piggies - My New Friends

Mama Pig at
Photo from:   Crippie's Corner

Hi Pals,

I has three new piggie friends - he he - not the farm kind of piggie, but these are cute little Guinea Pigs.    

M first became acquainted with "Crippie's Corner" a couple of months ago while researching some things on Parkinson's and took an instant liking to "Crippie" once she started reading this young lady's bloggy.   No, Crippie doesn't have PD but she does have another handicapping condition.   M says Crippie is one of her blogging inspiration friends.   

It just so happens Crippie has some little Guinea Pigs that are so adorable that I'd love to give them a nose tap.   I think they would be fun to play with (keep in mind that I has no toothies or front claws so I couldn't really hurt them.)

Yesterday Crippie published very helpful information regarding the care of Guinea Pigs.   These were things I never knew and I has never seen this information published in a blog before.  They are also things that I think every ooman should read before they decide to get a Guinea Pig - just like oomans need  to research what it's like to have a doggy or kitty or bunny. They are more than just cute, little, adorable critters - they are living, breathing animals who need special care and equipment and attention.   

Please take a minute to read all about Guinea Pigs in Crippie's Corner and maybe even bookmark the page so you can pass the information on to someone who might be thinking about getting a Guinea Pig.   You'll love Crippie too, and she certainly knows all about Guinea Pigs.

Stay warm pals - it's freezing in WI.  


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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tuxie Tunnel, Pawsome Blogger Award, Ground Hog Day War

Hey - what's this groundhog doing popping out of my tunnel!

Hi Pals,

Happy Tuxie, Tunnel, Pawsome Blogger Award, Day.  Whew - that's a mouthful!!    

My good buddy George Cloony over at Cloony's Nom Nom Fund presented my tunnel with the Pawsome Blogger award.    We don't have that many blogging kitties with tunnels and the ones that I know of already have this award, so he said we could present to any pawsome blogger.  
I has so many PAWsome Bloggies that I follow, it's hard to come up with just three to pass this on to.  But - here goes:

I present this award to these pawsome bloggers:

     1.  @Pandafur  at

        2.    @ShawneeShepard

If you are not familiar with their blogs, go over and take a peek, and I'm sure you'll agree.   

Enjoy your award pals - it's well deserved.  

On a side note:   GASP - did you hear about the disagreement among two groundhogs - the one in Pennsylvania  (Phil) that gets all the national publicity and our local Wisconsin groundhog (Jimmy) located in Sun Prairie - a mere 2 hours from our house.    
It might be fun to be a ground hog.  I'd like to be Jimmy.
Now we prefer to believe Jimmy of course because he's a local dude.   In fact, he even has his own website:   He says it will be an early spring, and we believe him.   It's early February and we has green grass in most of our back yard.   Our temperature highs have been hovering around 40, whereas normal would be in the 20's with at least a foot or two of snow on the ground.   And I have been asking to have a window open cuz i want to whiff spring air.  M even opened a window for me a couple of days - well she left it open for about 15 minutes before saying we were wasting too much money in letting the heat in the house escape outside.   Humans can be so unreasonable sometimes.   

Jimmy said we will not have 6 more weeks of winter, so I'm getting ready for spring by starting to shed my winter coat, and I refuse to snuggle with M at night and instead sleep by myself in her office chair.   Those are sure signs of spring.   The weather man even said we'd have spring like temperatures in the 40's the next 5 days.   Now I have to work on M a bit more to convince her to leave the window open a little longer.

Until next time pals,