Saturday, February 11, 2012

Three Little Piggies - My New Friends

Mama Pig at
Photo from:   Crippie's Corner

Hi Pals,

I has three new piggie friends - he he - not the farm kind of piggie, but these are cute little Guinea Pigs.    

M first became acquainted with "Crippie's Corner" a couple of months ago while researching some things on Parkinson's and took an instant liking to "Crippie" once she started reading this young lady's bloggy.   No, Crippie doesn't have PD but she does have another handicapping condition.   M says Crippie is one of her blogging inspiration friends.   

It just so happens Crippie has some little Guinea Pigs that are so adorable that I'd love to give them a nose tap.   I think they would be fun to play with (keep in mind that I has no toothies or front claws so I couldn't really hurt them.)

Yesterday Crippie published very helpful information regarding the care of Guinea Pigs.   These were things I never knew and I has never seen this information published in a blog before.  They are also things that I think every ooman should read before they decide to get a Guinea Pig - just like oomans need  to research what it's like to have a doggy or kitty or bunny. They are more than just cute, little, adorable critters - they are living, breathing animals who need special care and equipment and attention.   

Please take a minute to read all about Guinea Pigs in Crippie's Corner and maybe even bookmark the page so you can pass the information on to someone who might be thinking about getting a Guinea Pig.   You'll love Crippie too, and she certainly knows all about Guinea Pigs.

Stay warm pals - it's freezing in WI.  


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Pandafur said...

ooo I think I want ginee pigs too Mario, they duz look so fun to play wiv. But Herz sayz NO ginee pigs unless they iz stuffeez.

Angel Simba said...

Mom thinks Guinea Pigs have such cute fur, the way sometimes it looks like somebody licked them backwards. One of her favorite books to read to her little kids years ago was about Guinea Pig Podge.

Fr. Tom Fishworthy said...

Hey, Mario, I love how you always think of others. The info on guinea pigs is so important for people to know. We have fun finding other blogs, too, but don't go around too often.

Happy Saturday, my furriend!

pee ess: It's wicked cold here, too.

Marg said...

We have never had a guinea pig but they sure look like fun. We will have to go read all about them. Thanks for telling us about these little animals.Take care.

Brian said...

Well they sure are little cuties!!!

Nerissa's Life said...

Oh, he's so cute. Does he let you cuddle him? I bet he would be a good cuddler.

When I Grow Up I Want to be a Vet said...

How cute! I just LOVE guinea pigs! I will go read more about piggies now!

Cherie K. Miller said...

I'm always looking for a way to get our old kitty, Chairman Meow (aka Kitty) to play. He'll be turning 18 in March - and our vet said he's the best looking 18 year old she's seen in a long while. Which is good news for us.

Stopping by on the blog hop today - I posted a great rescue of a raccoon named Harbor - get your hanky out as you see his first reaction to freedom. That's why I just love animal rescuers!

Cathy Keisha said...

Awww, Guinea Pigs are adorable. TW loves ferrets too. We'd have one but Pop doesn't like them cos he says they're rats. I'll check in on your new pals.

Beth said...

I hope you are having a wonderful day Mario!


CATachresis said...

My brother kept guinea pigs as pets when we were growing up. One minute he had two, the next, 15!!! They are cute little things :)

Tamago said...

I love Guinea Pigs, they are so cute!!
I agree with you that they are more than just a cute critters, we need to do learn about them to give an appropriate care.
It's getting cold here in the south, too. Stay warm and have a wonderful weekend!!

Oskar said...

What a cool little peeg!

Nubbin wiggles,

The Island Cats said...

Those piggies are so cute!!

It's freezing here too, Mario! Stay warm!!

Special McSpecial said...

Ohai Mario! It's Mama Pig!

I was just browsing the internet when I saw MY picture on your fabulous blog! This is such an honor... I'M FAMOUS!
I would love to have a play date with you, my hobbies include eating and watching chick flicks.

HH and The Boys said...

I wonder what the boys would do with a pet guinea pig... Guess we better not test that out yet...HEE HEE

Have a great day.

pawhugs, Max


Ooh I bet my brofurs would have fun with those piggies. We've been reading Crippie since you mentioned them in another posting. What an inspiratrional story.

Mr Puddy said...

Dude, We have a same kind of the friend and we do flirting to the same ladycat. I wonder is it wicked ? we are a good friend : )

Oui Oui said...

Those little piggies are so cute, but they would probably be safer at a different house than ours! We'll have to go over and visit them...that's safe for everyone!

Clooney said...

Great post Mario! We loved learning more about Guinea pigs, that was so fascinating! We have a soft spot for those little critters!

A Tonl said...

Maxwell: Momma gotted to meet Dottie, Sebastian's guinea pig sister. she takes one look at Faraday, though and just SHAKES HER HEAD.

FaRADaY: pffft! who MOI?

Allie: oooh Mario!! Mother's quoting you and M in her post on pet dental health week on Saturday!!

Katie Isabella said...

They are adorable aren't they? My mom said she hasn't seen any of those in years.