Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Where's Mario?

(M calling)  Mario - Where are you?   Come Mario!

Where is that little boy?
Hmmm, Did he?????

I think I'll pull this sofa cover back!
Hi Sweetie - I see you!  That's one way to stay warm!

Hi Pals,

Well, she discovered my latest hidey hole.   She has been leaving me there tho most times unless it's time for me to  eat a meal, which happened today!

We know all of our friends are suffering too because it's cold most places lately.  Numbers are relative - these numbers for us are extreme and rarely happen. Maybe you are only +3 but I know you feel that every bit as bad as we do.  And some of our friends have had snow and ice to contend with - too cold for that up here now.  So stay warm and safe friends. Find yourself a hidey-hole and snuggle in there.   Shhh, now I'm going back in mine.  


Sunday, January 26, 2014

Until We Meet Again Dear Prancer Pie

Dear Pals,

Another sad day Friday when we learned our good blogging friend Prancer Pie suddenly crossed the bridge.    Our hearts are breaking for his humans, who are devastated.   

I've known Prancer for about 4 years now and loved visiting his blog to see what he and his fursibs were up to.   They are all cuties and write an interesting blog.    I'm so happy he has fursibs who will carry on his blog.

If you have not already done so, you can leave condolences for his family on his blog at:   http://prancerpie.blogspot.com  

Farewell for now dear friend.  Know that you are dearly loved by all who knew you and you will never be forgotten.   Your star is already shinning brightly in the sky, and we'll look for it every night.

Fly high sweet boy,

Mario and M

Friday, January 17, 2014

Whew! That Is Over For Another Month or Two -Thankful Thursday

Hi Pals,

Yup -  I got carted off to the vet today, and I'm not too happy about it.   I told my peeps over and over again in the car that they should turn dat car around and go back home.   But they not listen to me!  Pffft!

At least M and D are happy - I have lost a total of .8 pounds since November 5, 2013.   Pals, I'm going to be starving here for a long time because the vet wants me at about 12 pounds.   I weighed 15 when we started and now i'm only at 14.12.   YIKERS.  Could you guys smuggle in a little food over here?

M says she's proud of me and that I'm supposed to lose the weight slow and easy like or I could develop kidney/liver problems.  She also says I'm a little bit more active than I used to be and want to play more often.  I suppose I should be happy and thankful cuz M also said if my weight would have stayed high or gained even more (which is what I was doing) I could have developed all kinds of other health problems.  I tell you, it's really tough being on a d.i.e.t.   

Oh M says I'm on the Iams Metabolic d.i.e.t. and get wet food and kibble (but not enough.)  The vet says that all the kitties that they recommended this food to have lost weight and are doing well.  

I'm very thankful I have lost some weight because I just want to get this d.i.e.t. over with.  M says we had tried cutting back on my food for the past year, but I still gained weight.   She says this d.i.e.t. may be saving my life!   So M is thankful for that.

I'm STILL HUNGRY M!  The food is good, but I'm STARVING!  

I'm joining @PepiSmartDog's Thankful Thursday blog hop.  Why don't you too?  



Monday, January 13, 2014

Until We Meet Again - Bode

Hi Pals,

The Twitter world was reeling again this weekend because a very dear pal (Bode of @4Catsstrapski) had to cross that Rainbow Bridge suddenly. 

Bode was one of those guys who was loved by everyone who knew him.   He attended lots of the parties on Twitter, was active in the WLF group, the Avaiators, and attended Nipclub many times.   He was just fun to be around and right there if someone else needed support  or was having a tough time.    He's going to be sadly missed by all who knew him.

It hit  M and I pretty hard because in September we got to meet his lovely human mom.   She was part of the mini Wisconsin Twitter meetup that we had when @PumpkinPuddy's mom visited us.   Even tho we did not get to meet Bode, we feel like we did because we got to know his mom after spending the day with her.

We know that Bode is now riding the brightest star in the nighttime sky.  We saw it last night when M opened the blinds so we could  see out.  I like to try to remember  my pals in some manner other than crossing that bridge forever.   So in my mind I see Bode riding a magic carpet from his house Friday night up to his personal star.   If you think really hard, I'll bet you can see him too.

Bode: We love you pal and know you are having a good time on the other side of that bridge with all those who crossed before you.  We are happy you will not have to suffer, but we still feel the void of you not being with us.   We'll take good care of your mom, who is really hurting right now.   You maybe away from us, but you will always live in our hearts.   I'll be checking your star every night.  

Until we meet again......


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thankful Thursday - Prezzies

What?   I wasn't  doing nothing!

Hi Pals,

Wow, it was a good Christmas at our house and I'm very thankful for the prezzies I got.

I got to go first cuz I had a package from a Twitter pal that was smelling like nip, so I didn't want to wait my turn to open a prezzie.

I know there is a prezzie in here somewhere!

WOW, a ball and a couple of cat nip toys.   FUN!

Now where's the other one!

I gotta get this out of here - it sure smells like nip!

Oh Look - a Nip Nanner  and Nip Cigar - I LOVE EM.
Nothing quite like a nip high on Christmas  Eve.

I'm very thankful for all the nip  prezzies I got  for Christmas.

Now I'm joining @PepiSmartDog's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Rest Of The Story and Emergency Contact For Twitter Pals (JessieJaney)

Hi Pals,

I had this post almost ready to go but never finished it.   There was a reason, only I didn't know it at the time.   

This morning I learned the rest of the story on @JessieJaney.  Janis Felidae reported in her blog with a link over to @PuppyNumber7's blog.   It doesn't bring Janey back, but I'm so relieved to know the real story and to know Jessie is being cared for.  At least Jane didn't have to suffer.  The information received this morning is good news if there can be any good news in this sad situation. 

Now on with my prepared post:

Our friends @3AussieCats have created a spread sheet for your human to indicate an emergency contact person.    I know the Cat Blogosphere has something similar.   If you are on Twitter, you might want to think about putting your human's information on this form so we have someone to contact in case you go missing.   If you have joined the one for the Blogosphere and also tweet, you might wish to be on both.   This is especially important if you are from a single-parent family.   

M & D haven't put all their information on there yet because M is still rounding up more contacts.  She has one so far. Her contact has my human sisfur's phone number and name.   Since sisfur lives in another city 40 miles away, M is going to ask a local friend to be another contact and that information will be given to our Twitter Contact person along with sisfur's phone number.   Our local contact will also have a key to our house so they can come in and check on us.

Now tell your human to start thinking about this and get on this list.  It's important.

I have created a tab at the top of my blog that says Emergency Contact List. If you click on that tab, you will find the link to the contact list.   it's very easy to use and we're hoping a few of our anipal bloggers will keep this list in their blog so it can be found rapidly in case of an emergency.

Now get busy on rounding up your contacts!   We don't want to see anyone just disappear off the Twitter/Blogger radar!