Saturday, March 28, 2015

Patience - You Be The Judge

Waiting  Patiently for someone to fill the sink with water so I can have a drink!
Also, this is the entry into the Caturday Art Blog Hop

(used Mezzotin Filter in Photoshop Elements 10 for effect above)

Hi Pals,

In my last blog post, I told you that M is always telling me to have patience.   Now does it look like I'm patient in the picture above or any of those listed below?

Me waiting Patiently for M to play with me before bed.

Waiting Patiently for dinner

Me waiting Patiently for my treat after dinner

Waiting Patiently for M to play feather with me some more.

Waiting Patiently for M to help me with my bloggie.

What do you think?   Do I have lots of patience or not?    I think I'm the most patient kitty around.  When I am being patient, I don't meow or say anything or bug anyone.  I just sit there and Patiently wait. (he he - I put the peeps on a big guilt trip when I sit so patiently!

I'm joining AthenaTheCatGoddess Caturday Art Blog Hop.   Hop on with us  and meet new pals.   Just click on her link to hop over to each blog.   

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Happy Sunday, Happy Spring

Happy Sunday and Happy Spring Pals,

I am getting so excited because pretty  soon I should be able to convince M and  D to take me outside on my harness and leash.   I keep asking now and then, but M always says "It's too cold Mario."  Well!  I have a coat of fur on, so it isn't too cold for me?  She always says "one day soon Mario.  Just have patience."  Sigh!   I'm tired of "have patience."  

I might as well get my easy on while on one of my window perches!   I like "Easy Sunday's" so much that I asked M to help me with an "Easy Sunday selfie."   

Giulietta over at is hosting the Selfie Blog Hop this week. Go on over there and join it - it's fun and you'll meet lots of nice new pals.  

Excuse me now pals, but I need a nap!   zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Pawty

Hi Pals,

I'm Yeowling out for all the Ladycats to come and get a Mario Smooch on St. Patrck's Day or when you read this bloggy.   I also has a bouquet of clover for you charming ladycats too.   You mancats are welcome - you can have some of the smooches if I'm not here at the time a ladycat shows up.


Be sure to grab a glass of green beer before you leave.



Saturday, March 14, 2015

Goodbye For Now Missy Keiko

Hi Pals,

This morning my human sisfur's kitty (and her husband who I call SIL) flew away to the Rainbow Bridge.    She lived a good life for 18 years, and her humans and M and D and I will all miss her.  

Keiko and her housemate, Amos, used to come to our house to stay when their humans went on vacation.   Keiko (whom we called Missy Hissy because she was skiddish and hissed whenever afraid, used to play games together.    M says I would stalk her, but Keiko would tease me and all she had to do was hiss and I'd back off.   She enjoyed the games as much as I did because sometimes she would come looking for me and tease me to follow her.   I think she would have made a cute girlfriend, but both of us were "fixed" (whatever that means).

We are going to miss you Keiko, but know you won't have to hurt anymore and be afraid.   I'm going to watch for your star in the heavens tonight as I know you will be perched on one keeping watch over the world just like you did at home and our house by looking out the front window.  

Fly high sweet girl and one day, a long time from now, we'll see you again!


Monday, March 2, 2015

I Have Had It!

You know pals, there comes a point in life where you have just HAD IT!   I'm at that point and thus have joined by buddy Austin's National Union Of Cats Without Affiliate Typists!      It's time I stand up like the mancat I am and take matters into my own paws.  The final straw was what happened last night.

I usually cuddle next to M at night.   Lately she's been putting my new Peggy Blanket down on the bed next to her.   I prefer sleeping on her left side, but she prefers me to sleep on her right side.  For a whole month I have allowed her to dictate which side I was going to sleep on.   NO MORE!

i was late getting to bed cuz I had heavy duty patrolling to do thru the patio door window (mousies were running around).  By 1:30 O'Dark, M got up to see where I was and found me with my head in between the blinds.    She said it was time to go to bed.

When I did come to bed, I tried to sleep on her left side, and she WOULD NOT LET ME!!!!  So I refused to sleep on her right side on the Peggy Blanket.   She "fine Mario - be that way."  Then she picked up the Peggy Blanket and threw it on the corner of the foot of the bed.    That was fine with me.  I didn't want to sleep next to her anyway - it was too warm in the house to cuddle.

So after this stunt that she pulled with not letting me sleep on her left side, and publishing that horrible rabbit ears selfie of me Sunday, I've unionized!!   

Have you had enough yet?   Join us - go over and see my buddy Austin at   There are NO RULES, NO HUMANS, and NO DUES.  We operate like we should - the CAT WAY.


Sunday, March 1, 2015

Mario The Rabbit - Selfie Blog Hop

(Hanging head in embarrassment)

Hi Pals,

I told M not  to post this picture of me cuz I look like a Rabbit and I'm NOT a rabbit!    We need to burn this picture so it's never seen again - EVER.

M was supposed to help me with a picture for this selfie on her IPad.   This is what she got because she doesn't know what she's doing!    i ASKED her kindly not to use this one, but she posted it anyway.  She said pals would think it was funny and it would put some humor in the post!  P.. L.. E.. A.. S.. E ! ! !   (I don't need humor in my day - I'll find my own thank you!)

Anyway, I'm joining Lisbeth in the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop over at TheCatOnMyHead Blog.   Join us and have fun.  Anything you come up with will certainly be better than this picture.