Thursday, June 23, 2016

King Of My Mini Castle

Hi Pals,

I'm finally back and King of my Mini Castle now.   The move is over and we're all settled in (or so M says).    I think I like it here, but am not sure yet.   The peeps seems happy, so then I'm happy too.     For some reason I've started sticking to M like glue (or so she says).    D used to be my favorite human, but now I'm liking M better and I don't know why.   Maybe I'm still feeling a little unsure about this place.

I am very curious about what lies beyond the door in our apartment.  I had little peeks at a loooong hall going somewhere, but I don't know where.   M said maybe next week she'll put me in my airline carrier and wheel me down the hall so I can see what this place is all about.    There are a few woffies here as I've seen them out the window.   M says this is a pet friendly place and that is why they chose it.

Thanks for sticking around while we "went missing."   The peeps have been exhausted, which has been good for me because I've had lots of lap time.

Until next time,