Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thankful Thursday - The Grass Is Not Always Greener

Hi Pals,

Remember back a few weeks when I was trying on different tails cuz I didn't think mine was very pretty.  Well, I'm very thankful I has my own tail back.   It was a good learning exprience to try on different tails to see how they would look.   But, I now know dat mine looks the best on me.   M says this is a good lesson in "the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence."   I'm not sure how that ties in with my tail, but I do know my tail isn't green anyway.

If you haven't already checked it out, please go over and check out M's new bloggy:  he he - it will help her with her mental therapy!   Just tell her Mario sent you over.  I might get an extra treat out of it.


Monday, September 26, 2011


#FarmPawty held at @PierreThePoodle's House 9/24/11
Attendees:   @AngusFala, @BigBoyBosco, @BusyButtons
@IamZorro, @Niqqi, @PierreThePoodle
@Mariodacat's oomans.
Hi Pals,
This past weekend, on Saturday, M and D went to an anipal meetup at @PierreThePoodle's house.   Dang it all, I didn't get to go with cuz M thought I wouldn't handle dat long of a car trip and because there were going to be so many doggies there.  She thought I'd be afraid, but..... they are all my friends, so how could I be afraid of dem?   Now I have to turn my bloggy over to her cuz she wants to tell you all about the fun time they had WITHOUT me!   Then, to make matters worse, she didn't even show my picture (I made her photoshop it now on the group picture).  She claims they were having so much fun dat she forgot!  Likely excuse!

Mary here:  
Don and I had so much fun.  It was so great to meet all the wonderful doggies and their fantastic humans.  

Since it would have been a good 7-8 hour trip from Green Bay to Pierre's house, we opted to spend Friday night in Madison, and again Saturday night after the Farmpawty.   It was a much more relaxing trip.
PierreThePoodle's mom Cindy, Pierre, and his sister Laci.
Thank you so much Cindy and Bruce for hosting this fabulous event.   We had such a great time, and it was so fun meeting you and Bruce, and Pierre finally after talking to him for 2 years,  and his sweet sister Laci.

Unfortunately, I didn't get too many pictures of each human with their animal.  Once everyone arrived, we had at least 12 doggies milling around, all having fun and getting along like they were old friends.   No squabbles either.   But I did get a few random shots of:
Emily and sweet, shy @BusyButtons

Dee and @IamZorro, who still thinks he a cute little puppy, but is really a cute big doggie.

TreatTime for Lisa's crew (@BigBoyBosco & house mates)  All that mayheim around and they still manage to sit with full attention on Lisa.   Dee (Zorro's mom) is sitting along side Lisa.

Adorable @Niqqi sitting next to her mom, Dana.  Yes, she's every bit as cute in person as she is in a picture.  Such a little "lady" too!

Next to me is @BigBoyBosco, then his mom, Lisa.   Standing in the center is Dana holding @Niqqi.   Niqqi's dad is seated across from me.

@BigBoyBosco with Patch on the left.  Standing is Dana with @Niqqi, seated is Niqqi's dad, Bruce. 

Left to right (I'm sorry I don't remember this young man's name, but he's a personal friend of Cindy and Bruce, along with his doggie who fit right in);  Angusfala's human sister holding Laci, and holding Angus' sister on the leash;  Patch is the white dog with his rear to the camera - good shot; Dee holding Zoro on the leash; Lisa holding one of her doggies on the leash - looks like Ginger's head maybe; Cindy holding Pierre; Mary, Mariodacat's mom; Dana holding @Niqqi; Emily holding Buttons; and Kim (@AngusFala's mom) holding Angus.

What a great group of friends.   I am so blessed to be part of such a wonderful group.   This will be a trip I'll remember forever.   Even Don said he really enjoyed it.  He's the one who I dragged along kicking and screaming, but who had to admit it was way more fun than he thought it would be.  He also said "what a great bunch of people and well behaved dogs")   I'm still amazed that there was never a fight among the dogs!   i think that demonstrates excellent training by their wonderful humans in seeing that the dogs are well socialized and get to doggie parks for more socialization as often as their time permits.

Sadly, @SidTheCatahoula and his humans, and @Kyba and his humans could not join us for the day.   I would have so enjoyed meeting them too.  I just know they also are wonderful people.

Mary for Mario

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thankful Thursday-Tri-fold Purpose


On this Thankful Thursday we are extra thankful that @AdmiralHestorb is now home from #vetjail.    She has some good news to share too, so I'll let you go over and read her news in her own bloggy.  The Adventures of Admiral Hestorb.   I'm just so excited and happy cuz we were all so very worried (including her mom).   #Pawcircle and Pawprayers do work!!  

Now, we has some anipals that desperately need a home, and I do mean desperately.   My good buddy @CokieTheCat has two doggies he's trying so hard to find a home for.   They are adorable too.
Aren't those just the sweetest little faces.   The pair MUST be adopted together tho.   Please help spread the word, and go over and take a look at Cokie's blog where he talks about them.  CokieTheCat.   Please get in touch with him if you think you know of someone.

Then this morning my good buddy @Brian106sc posted a picture of this adorable kitten who is hard to place.
Now how can that adorable kitten be hard to place.   Once again, if you can help advertise her or know someone who might be interested in giving her a good forever home, please go over to Brians Home for details.  

My heart just breaks for these adorable "hard to place" animals cuz I want them to have a happy home just like me.

I'm also thankful because this weekend I'm being left home all alone, except for a pet sitter.  But, pals, it's okay this time.  Cuz M and D are traveling to northern Illinois to meet up with some of my good pals and their oomans at @PierreThePoodle's farm.   Isn't dat fantastic?   M is so excited, she's been shuffling along at a faster pace den normal too.    We'll tell you all about it Sunday or Monday.  

Smooches to Admiral cuz I'm so happy she's home.   NOW - start eating Girl!!  SMOOCH


Now hop on board @CokieTheCat's blog hop - it's fun:

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Positive Healing Energy, Pawprayers, and Purrs Needed


Our very dear friend, @AdmiralHestorb needs all our love, positive energy, purrs, and pawprayers right now.   She's a very sick kitty and is in #vetjail until probably some time Wednesday.

We have a #pawcircle going for her on Twitter and many of us are sitting on #AdmiralsPorch until she gets better and comes home.   So if you are on Twitter, please join us on #AdmiralsPorch.   Poor baby is probably so scared so we're also sitting in #vetjail with her too.

Admiral's poor mom is so lonesome for her sweet baby and is very worried.   She posted a message in Admiral's blog.  Please go over there and leave some comforting words for her. and let Admiral know how much we love dem both.  

We have seen #pawcircle work miracles before, and I just know it can again.   So pals, please muster up all your purrs and purr loud for Admiral.  If you are a woofie, just quietly woof for Admiral and cross your paws.

Love you and mom Admiral.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Charming The Oomans

Hi Pals,

How's this for an irrestible pose?   I love charming the oomans.
It's good to charm them at least once or twice a day, then if you do something norty, they forgive you really fast cuz they remember this look.  Maybe I should pin this pic to the fridge so it's a constant reminder.  he he 

Oh, my lady ooman (M) has started a new bloggy so she don't has to borrow mine ever again.   It's mainly bout her struggles with Parkinson's Disease.   If you would like to follow it or want to refer it to someone you know, here's the linky:

It's Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week -that means kitties like me (dreaded black and white or black) are always passed over for adoption because we aren't cute enough or the right color.   M will tell you I'm the most lovable kitty they have ever had, so give us a chance will ya!!

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to being irrestible.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Remembering @PepiSmartDog on Thankful Thursday

@PepiSmartDog  OTRB 9/16/09
(Photo of Pepi and @SamTheCatRocks escorting @HollieFerguson across the bridge on 11/16/10)

Hi Pals,

Two years ago today Twitterverse had to say temporary goodbye to a great pal @PepiSmartDog.    Pepi was sick and just couldn't get better, his crossing was unexpected and very shocking.   M and I and lots of our pals shed buckets of tears that day in sadness. 

But, you see, there was a reason for this unexpected crossing - our dear Pepi and his ooman (Michele) have very important work to do.   Pepi (with the help of his mom) has become the Ambassador of OTRB.  He escorts all our Twitter pals across that bridge when the time comes.  He and his large crew of OTRB pals make sure each new arrival makes the crossing in his pram, dashes him off to @RudyCKat's spa where the arrival is made whole and bootiful again, and coordinates with the other crew members to get the welcome banquet underway.

Meanwhile Michele is busy back here with comforting the humans of the pal who has crossed and coordinates behind the scenes with the OTRB crew to see to every detail.  She many times is up all night because of her important work with OTRB too.

It is thru Pepi and Michele that we have learned the OTRB is a happy place, anipals are made whole again, are without pain, and run free in the many meadows there.  

We love you Pepi and Michele and appreciate all the work you do to make the OTRB a less feared place.   While we dearly miss Pepi here on Twitterville, he has a very important job now and is needed there.

Michele has spent days creating a new web site for Pepi's blog and also the OTRB blog - all rolled into one.  She did a beautiful 2-year anniversary tribute to Pepi at:   Please go over and read her wonderful and leave a comment.  Today is a very tough day for her and she will appreciate the comforting words.

Now on a lighter note, my flaky ooman, had (under my direction, of course) already published our first tribute blog to Pepi this morning.   Then we wanted to add Michele's blog link.  In doing so, she accidentially deleted the first post after connecting to the blog hop too.   he he - I'm laughing at her now, but I was hissing at her earlier.   This same flaky ooman has created her own personal blog:   "Shuffling Along With Parkinson's Disease."  If  you are interested in following her personal bloggy, it's at: 

I'm joining @CokieTheCat's blog hop to honor Pepi and Michele.  You can join too.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Remembering 9/11& Special Tribute by ShibberingCs

Hi Pals,

I'm turning the first part of this bloggy over to M cuz I wasn't even born yet when 9/11 happened.  But I has heard lots of stories and I knows it was a bery bad thing.

Mario's Mom here - 9/11/01 will always be etched in my memory along with the day President Kennedy was Assassinated.   Two tragic days that forever changed the course of American History.

While we don't live in or near New York City as some of Mario's pals do, we too were deeply impacted.   I was at work when someone passed through the office and said the World Trade Center Twin Towers had been attacked and were burning.   I immediately ran into the Director's office conference room, where some co-workers were huddled around the small TV in total disbelief of the tragedy unfolding before our eyes.  Then the situation became worse with a plane headed to Wasnington DC.   It was very scary and all I wanted to do was go home and hug my family, but of course I had to finish out my day at the office. Our hearts broke for all the lives lost that senseless day.   It was scary to even see on TV,  and the discussion for weeks to come was "could it happen here" because we have a nuclear power plant only about 30 miles away and we also have a major league football stadium only 2 miles from our house.   Yes, it could happen here!

My good friend @CathyKeisha lives in New York and her pops witnessed the event as the buildings were burning.  I urge you to go over and read about his first-hand experience.  It's one thing to have watched it on TV, it's another thing to look out your office window and actually see it.  It's important we never forget.

Mario here -   Now on to something positive dat we can do to honor the day on Sunday.  The ShibberingC's (Twitter's famous Rock Stars, led by @MattieDog, and her all anipal band) are paying homage to all the lives lost dat day.   Please see their website for more information at:  Then join us all on Twitter from 8:45 am EDT to noon EDT with a hashtag of #lubbeads911.   Please come, if you can, because it will be a great tribute with anipals joining in from all over the world.  

See you all on Sunday pals.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mariodacat Rivals GB Packers For News Coverage

Pawtograph of  famous Mariodacat
Hi Pals,

Yesterday was such an exciting day dat I still can't believe everything that has happened.

A photographer from Associated Press came to our house last Thursday to take pictures of our family for a story Romeothecat's human wanted to do on my tooth problems.   Romeo does Friday Rescue stories in his bloggy.  Just on a whim, I sent mine in and it was published in RomeoTheCat's blog.    That was amazing because everyone knows RomeoTheCat - he's famous for all his charity work for animal rescues. 

Then Sue Manning, a friend of Romeo's human, contacted us and said she wanted to do a story on Stomotitis and could she send a photographer out from Associated Press.   She asked a few questions so she could write her story.  OMC!   Can you believe it - Associated Press - only famous people are mentioned in the AP.

Then today we actually found two newspapers on line that have already picked up the story.   The Greenwich Times was the first one we saw the article in and then just a few minutes ago Sue Manning sent an email and said it appeared in the The Washington Post - Oh My Cat - The Washington Post.   Just click on both names and you can see the article along with the picture of my family.  (Sorry, I can't print the picture because I don't have permission to use it  You'll have to click on the links in order to see my family, and an unhappy cat because I was being held against my will.)  Sue said this is just the beginning of the coverage.  More and more newspapers will pick up the story.

Now it seems I'm famous everywhere except in Green Bay.  You see, in two days the Green Bay Packer's play their first game of the season, and they are having a big shindig in the parking lot of Lambeau Field - a rock concert in fact.   The local newspaper is full of  Packer News, but not even a mention of my name.   pffft!   And to think I helped the Packers win the Super Bowl in February.  (You can see that story at It's Official, I'm Retiring From The Packers Team).  This year they are on their own!  If they can't share space in the newspaper for a little moggie kitty, I can't help dem win! 

Special thanks to Sue Manning and Romeo's ooman for all this notoriety!  Who would have ever thought this little kitty would hit the big time!


Saturday, September 3, 2011

YAY - I'm Normal

You missed my tummy M -Bad Aim!

Hi Pals,

It's been an exciting two days.   First, on Thursday, a photographer, from Associated Press, came to our house to take a picture of ME!!    Now to find out why, you are going to have to wait a few days to see what this is all about - in fact, I'm going to have to wait myself.   Waiting is sooooo hard!  But, it has nothing to do with what happened yesterday when we got a call from Joan Ranquet.

Remember on a few days ago when I said I won a contest over at KrittersThatTwitter.  Well, yesterday I had the interview with Joan Ranquet, Animal Behaviorist, Communicator And Author of this book:  (If you go over to KrittersThatTwitter, you can read all about Joan and her background - very impressive background, and I'm so lucky to have been interviewed by her).
After saying hello to M and introducing herself, Joan requested a few minutes of silence so she could channel in to me -  here's what she had to say:

   1.  I'm a very normal kitty who loves my M and D and is very happy with my home.   (True)
   2.   I had an unhappy previous life - perhaps from a family going thru a divorce!   (In reality, I was found wandering the streets, in pretty bad shape, and turned into an animal shelter.    Did my previous family have to move into an apartment because of a divorce?    We'll never know for sure).
   3.   I now live in a happy home where there is a lot of laughter.   (True)
   4.   M and D laugh at lot at me - I amuse them.  (True)
   5.   D is the funny one in the family.   (True)
   6.   I'm a little on the lazy side and happy I don't have to work so hard catching my meals anymore.   (True)  (he he 0 I don't even work very hard at playing)
   7.  I feel like I'm taking care of M and D because of their health issues.

Then M asked her a couple of questions:
   1.  Why do I sometimes try to bury my dish with my front paws after eating?   (It's a throw back from his days on the streets - covering his tracks so to speak so no one knew he had been there - a survival instinct).
   2.  Why do I bite M when she just wants to pet me but I don't bite D?   (Because I see M as a litter mate and I see D as the alpha.  M is the one who usually plays with me.  Yes, no one ever talks about it, but cats do have an alpha status just like doggies).   Remember, I chose D when living at the animal shelter by always walking up to him first - my way of saying take me home with you and maybe I looked at him then as the alpha..  

M says this was a very interesting experience and now she can't wait for the book and CD to arrive.   I can't either - it should be fun and who knows what else we'll find out.  Again thank you to KtittersThatTwitter for sponsoring the contest.

Thank you also to Joan for spending about 45 minutes on the phone with M.  

Now stay tuned in a few days to see why the photographer was here.  It's exciting M says and I'll be soooo happy!


I've entered the Saturday Blog Hop - you can too.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thankful Thursday Tirbute To Great Pals


Hi pals,

Cheriswan and I are so very thankful for all the wonderful, generous friends who contributed to her chip-in.   I see in the comment section of my last post that she thanked you there too.   I know this means a lot to Cheri and her mom and that she was very embarrassed to even have to ask for help.   Once again the anipal world came thru and we are forever grateful to each of you.  The anipal community is the absolute BEST with the biggest hearts around.

Cheri wanted to take the chip-in down immediately when it reached $500,  But M suggested she leave it up and let it go over goal a bit because M felt she really needed to make that trip to San Francisco for her hubby's surgery with a little extra money for a cushion.  At the rate gas prices keep going up and up, plus what if there is some sort of hidden, unforeseen expense that happens while she's traveling.   M is big on planning for the unexpected, or what if she needs to stay a day or two longer to be with her hubby.   This is serious surgery and there is always the risk of something happening.   So, M feels better now that she has a few extra green papers.

Cheri's mom also was thankful for all your suggestions on where to get help.   Some great ideas were passed on to her and I know she followed thru with checking them out.

Once the surgery is over and Cheri's mom is back home, M will ask her if she'd like to do a guest post on my bloggy so we all know how things went. 

Until then, we wish the very best for Cheri's dad with his surgery.   If you can, please purr for him or say some purrayers, send some positive energy for healing, and anything else that you can think of doing.

If you still wish to contribute, there is still time to do so.  You can be sure Cheri's mom will spend the money wisely and any extra will go to taking care of the 2 doggies and 1 kitty in the family.    And please, no apology is necessary if you can't.    Cheri didn't want anyone to give up their last green paper just to help her.   Cheri's mom was very clear on that point when M talked to her about doing a chip-in.  M says she can't always give to everything either.

The anipals and their oomans are the BESTED in the whole big world.

Oh yes, be sure to to visit my next post cuz there is going to be something very exciting to talk about.

Love you all,