Friday, June 26, 2015

Special Day For A Special Gal - Happy Birthday Jan



Hi Pals,

Today is Jan's Birthday.  Please go over to her page and wish her a happy birthday.   I've disabled comments on my blog as I'd rather you wished her a Happy Birthday in her blog.

We Love Jan and all she has done for each of us.   Have a great birthday Jan.

We love you,


Sunday, June 21, 2015

What Is A Good Cat Daddy? - And Selfie Blog Hop

D and me in our favorite position

Hi pals,

It's Father's Day today and I thought I'd share what my requirements are for a good Cat Daddy - cuz I have the bestest.

1.  Must provide a lap anytime I ask for one.  As you can see in the above picture, we both enjoy this time.   M has a good lap too, but she can't sit still for 3 hours like D can.

2.  Must have patience while I'm outside.  I can't patrol the property in a hurry, it requires close inspection.

3.  Must be good at clipping my nails when M says it's time without causing me pain or anxiety.   See how nice I sit for him.   When M tries it, I squirm, even tho she doesn't hurt me.

4.  Must give good, gentle belly rubs until I dismiss you.

D and I are buddies through and through.

I am joining TheCatOnMyHead's Sunday Selfie Blog Hop.   Hop on Board with us and have some fun. 


Friday, June 19, 2015

International Box Day - Love My Box

Hi Pals,

Finally I have a great box so I can participate in International Box Day.    M can't remember what came in it, but when it arrived about 2 months ago, she said I could keep that box for my very own and use it on International Box Day. I'm just thankful that she even remembered.  Many years I have been boxless!!!  Then there was 2 years ago where the box was too small:

I am joining the Blog Hop for International Box Day co-hosted by Wag 'N Woof Pets  and by Peaches and Paparika.   Please hop along with us. 

Now lets have fun and hop  around and see everyone's box!


Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday Selfie and They Just Don't Listen To Me!

Hi Pals,

My Sunday selfie is a re-run because this is how I feel today.  You see, my humans just don't listen to me!  But before I get into that, I want to tell you that I'm joining TheCatOnMyHead's Sunday Selfie Blog Hop.  Hop on board with us and have some fun.

Now why do I feel like I look in the picture at the top?  

About 3 weeks ago M flooded the bathroom by thinking she had turned the faucet off, but apparently didn't.   They had to have the bathroom floor replaced, which was done this past Thursday.  It looked good too!   But it won't last long.

At O'Dark Wednesday night/Thursday morning M got up for a litterbox break, and I was asking for a drink out of sink.   She ran the water for me and thought she turned the faucet off.    By the next morning they had a mess again.  Water flowed onto the new floor and through the subfloor down into the basement.   

The funny part is I TRIED TO TELL THEM as M was crawling back in bed.   She could see my Halloween style silouette in the doorway to the bedroom.   I have never looked like a Halloween cat before.  I was trying to get her attention, but she was ignoring me.

Then I went in and tried to wake D up.   He ignored me too.   Well, when they got up the next morning M said to D - "Mario was  trying to tell me that last night and I didn't listen to him."   When will they ever learn to LISTEN TO ME?

Sometimes humans can be so stuipid and their brains are larger than ours!  Go figure!

Happy Sunday pals.


Saturday, June 13, 2015

Farewell For Now Sweet Amos

Hi Pals,

Friday, May 22nd was a very sad day for me, M and D too.   My sisfur and her hubby (SIL) had to help their beloved Amos cross the Rainbow Bridge.   Amos had Arthritis for almost 5 years, and the medicine that had once kept him pain free was no longer as effective.  Therefore, Sisfur and SIL helped Amos cross over that Rainbow Bridge and earn his angel wings because they loved him so much and didn't want him to suffer.    

Amos was one of those kitties that everyone loved because he loved attention, was a great lap  sitter, a professional at purring, and the kind of kitty everyone loved.   He and his sisfur (Miss Keiko - who I called MissyHissie) used to stay at our house when they were younger and their humans wanted to take a vacation.    They were good house guests and M & D loved having their grand kitties here.  Even I liked it.   We have fond memories of  M playing string with all three of us gathered around her feet waiting patiently for our turn to play.   We were good at waiting our turn too because we knew she gave each of us the same amount of playtime and rotated several times around.

When they got older and didn't like to ride 45 minutes one way in the car anymore, M & D would drive down there every day to spend time with them, check their food and water bowls, etc., so they could stay in their own home.   

Amos will be sadly missed by all three of us in addition to his humans (my human sisfur and her husband SIL).   We love you Amos and always will.

One day we will meet again when I have to cross that bridge.   In the meantime you and Missy Keiko have fun with all the kitties and woofies up there.


Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thankful That Is Over (Thankful Thursday Blog Hop)

Hi Pals,

I sure am thankful the weekend is over.   You see my peeps had something called a garage sale/rummage sale in our garage.   It seems one of the neighbor's mentioned they were having one and would we like to join.  M said,  "That is probably more work than we can handle, but I'll check with Mr. D to see if he has anything."

Mr. D has always poo-pooed the idea in past years. But this year he said Yes, and immediately went to the basement and started pulling things out.    Before M realized what he was doing, he had a big pile built up on the floor down there.

There was no way my peeps are capable of lugging all that stuff upstairs anymore, so they called on their SIL (my human sisfur's husband), who came to the rescue on Tuesday night when he was finished with work in another city.    What a great SIL they have.

Now I had never lived in this house through a garage sale before cuz the peeps haven't had one in years because they are so much work.   I hope I never have to live through another one either because they are scary and awful.   

On Tursday morning (when the sale started), I was barred from even peeking in the garage to see what was happening.   I didn't like it too much, so I sat about 3 feet from the closed door and waited for a peep to come back in the house.   This went on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning when the peeps finally decided they had had enough themselves and were dog tired (M said).   

So for 2+ days I sat in front of the door to the garage and waited, waited, and waited some more.    I finally put M on a guilt trip cuz I heard her tell a friend "poor Mario wants his house back together."  Gasp, they even had to move my litter box in the basement again!!! 

The garage sale is now history and I am SO VERY THANKFUL that it is.   We're joining @PepiSmartDog's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop - join in too - it's fun! 

By the way - D told M "if he ever got another idea like that M should take him in the backyard and shoot him!"    Yikes!!!!