Monday, September 28, 2015

The Other Members Of Our Family

Hi pals,

I thought it was about time you met the other half of my family - my human sisfur and her husband (SIL).   You've heard me talk about SIL (real name is Ken) before because whenever something goes wrong with the puter, M yells for SIL to HELP!   He has bailed us out of more trouble!    The lady in Pink is my human sister, Kim.   They adopted two new kitties a week ago (Tucker on the left) and Tanner on the right).  

Saturday night they invited M & D and SIL's parents to their house to celebrate D's 80th birthday, Sisfur & SIL's 17th anniversary, a belated anniversary of SIL's M & D, and to celebrate the arrival of Sisfur and SIL's new kitties (Tanner & Tucker)!   

Can you believe that I wasn't even invited!!!!    Everyone had a good time cept me!    M said it wouldn't be fair for me to go there yet since Tanner and Tucker are still getting used to their new surroundings and humans.

Aren't they cute kitties?   Both are rescues.  One is about 1 1/2 years old and the other about 2 years old (M said she can't remember which one is the oldest - hehe - she's senile you know!).   M said I will get to meet them in a few weeks after they are fully settled in their new home.

So now you know our small family.  Next time I talk about SIL and sisfur, you will know who they are.    

M says she's going to try to post for me more often.  Sure.......we'll see how well she does.   She'd better, cuz I'm missing out on stuff in the CB and also Twitter.

Until next time,


Thursday, September 17, 2015

Graduation Day - Thankful Thursday

Hi Pals,

Whoopie - I've GRADUATED.     After almost 2 years, I have finally reached my goal weight of 12.0 pounds.  Actually my real goal was 11.75 (which I did reach), but then I developed an intolerance for the kibble on the diet food.   It was decided to take me off the diet food and put me on prescription diet duck - wet and kibble.   

M says I'm still going to have to be weighed at home once a week so we can keep a handle on the weight.   The vet and M don't want me to mushroom upwards again.  he he   

M and I are thankful to our vet, Dr. LaFond at Animal Hospital of Ashwaubenon for suggesting I lose this weight to keep me a healthy kitty.   I am feeling great now - more active, and even play a bit more (although I've never been one to play a lot).   

We are also thankful that I was put on Hills Metabolic Weight Loss Solution while I was losing weight.  It was an easy diet to be on as all the food was measured every day for me and there was no question as to how much I was going to be fed.   (I am not being paid to mention their name in this blog - this is my own idea).

We are also thankful to @PepiSmartDog's human (Michele) for hosting the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop again this week.   Join us and met some new pals.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunday Selfie Blog Hop - Window Wiffies

Hi Pals,

With the ongoing heat wave that we and everyone in the US has been having, M was extra kind to me and opened a window in the sunshine for one whole hour today so I could sniff and soak up the puddle.   Wow - was it wonderful.    I have only been outside on my harness and leash two (2) times this entire summer.   We're all waiting for this heatwave to end - hopefully starting next Monday.

I have joined Fiona's (The Cat On My Head) Blog Hop.   Go over and take a peek at many of the great blogs that have joined this hop. Join us - all anipals are welcome.    We are so grateful to the Fiaona for doing this faithfully every week.   it's been fun and we've met some really great new pals.