Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What Happened To S.O.P.?

Hi Pals,

It's SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) that I'm allowed my two treats after supper.   Well, it's after supper and I want them now!!!!    I can't wait forever either cuz this sun is shinning right in my eyes.  Staff is certainly falling down on their job lately!  If I remember right, staff forgot to give them to me last night too.

Speaking of staff, M is running around like a chicken with it's head cut off (some old dumb saying that her mother used to say).   Why is she doing that - well it seems she is getting two toothies pulled early Thursday (tomorrow) morning.   Big baby, is very nervous about it and moaning something about what am I going to eat.  ha ha - as if she needed to eat anything.   She could live off of her fat for a year and not have to eat.   I had all my toothies pulled and didn't carry on like she is!!!  Humans!   

Hope you have your staff whipped into shape and they jump when you command something.   We cats rule - remember?

I'm joining Brian's Home Blog Hop.  We are grateful Brian has kept the blog hop up and running.   Hop on over and see Brian and his sisfurs - oh and new brovver!

Until next time,


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Snoopervising Mr. D.

Hi Pals,

What would my peeps do without me!   I have to snoopervise all the work that goes on around this house.   

M ordered a really cute cat toy for me (or so she thought) from an ad she saw on Face Book.   They showed a kitty playing with a butterfly attached to a thin piece of wire, which was attached to a base unit that looks like a daisy flower.   The butterfly is supposed to whirl around and around for me to have fun with.   Yeah - right!

D decided one night, after being nagged - errr encouraged - by M to put it together to tackle the simple - errr complicated - task.   I of course helped cuz he was dangling a very thin wire that was waving all around (He was being very careful that the wire didn't poke into my eye, so no kitties were harmed in this project).   To make a long story short, we (D and I) worked on that piece of junk  - errrr toy -- for over an hour and never did get it.   There were no instructions.   It came all the way from a country called China.   Geeeesh - at least they could have included instructions. 

M wrote to the company she bought it from, and of course has not heard a word from them.    They never even answered her email.  M said she learned a lesson - never again order something seen on Face Book as an ad.   In this case, it was a ripoff, and we are not even sure we got all the parts.

I'm thankful I can share this on thankful thursday on Brian's Home Blog Hop.   Thanks Brian for doing the hop once again.  We are thankful for you and your family!


Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter / Happy Passover

Happy Easter Or Happy Passover
To All Our Friends

We hope you have a wonderful Easter or Passover.

My day will be spent with my peeps.   They were gone all day Saturday and left me all alone.  Can you believe it?   But all is not lost because today is the real holiday, and I will get even by sitting in a lap all day long.   If they try to get up, I will turn into jello and refuse to budge.   Everyone knows a cat who refuses to move usually wins out - right????

Katiebella2 and I attended the silly hat Easter pawty at #nipclub Thursday  night.  Isn't Katie just gorgeous in her hat?  I think she is the most beautiful ladycat in the whole world!  We had a great time, and I still made it home by my curfew (which is way too early.  M - we have to do something about that - 8:30 is way to early).   Stay tuned on that one pals - I'm determined!

Have a happy Easter or Passover.


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Whew! I'm thankful that's over - Thankful Thurrsday Blog Hop

Hi Pals,

Well, I got dragged off to the vet place again.   This time it wasn't the ER, it was my regular vet place, which I like a whole lot better. I love their scale and am content to sit here for hours.   In fact, the vet man even gave me the exam  while I was laying here.  He groped me all over, and then told M he didn't feel any problem.

What problem you ask.   Well, M gets excited when I throw up too many times in a short time span - like within  the same day.  In this case she said I threw up 4 times during the night and then again 3 times in the morning.   One time it was a perfect hairball that I had been building up to.  he he - finally came out.   Other than the hairball, the other times I presented her with soggy, wet kibble.  Then she dashes me off to the vet to get a shot to quiet my stomach down, or sometimes D just gives me a pill that goes the same thing, but I am getting smart on the pill thing and run for under the bed when I think he's coming with one!

Vet man is thinking I'm allergic to over-the-counter cat food, and he recommends a prescription diet that I get to start tomorrow.   He thinks I have been going through this same thing for a long time - like maybe 4 years now.   So we'll try the new food.  Actually the ER vet said the same thing, only he wanted me on a high protein diet, which I didn't like.   So stay tuned and keep your paws crossed that I like the food (I have a habit of not liking a lot of food that M tries to get me to eat!  Well, gee, a guy can be a little discerning can't he?)

I'm very thankful I'm home now and happy once again.   So we're joining Brian's Home Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.   Hop along with us.


Sunday, April 9, 2017

I'm Tooting My Horn for a Happy Birthday to Marg

I'm tooting my horn in honor of Marg of Marg's Animals.   Come on over everyone and let's celebrate her birthday.   We need to get this pawty going for this very special lady.   M will be here shortly with the Birthday Cake, Drinks, and snacks.   There will be plenty of food and drinks for all.  And we have this picnic area all to ourselves.

We all love you Marg and appreciate all the special things you do for anipals.  You are one amazing lady,   M and I are so happy we know you and really wish we could meet you in person.   M says you and she really have to get those dancing shoes on before long.  Who knows what lies ahead.