Thursday, March 24, 2016

Easter Bunny Needs Help


As I'm dictating this to M, we are in the middle of an old fashioned blizzard - the wind is howling and blowing snow all over.   We can't even hardly see outside.  M says we're supposed to get 12 inches of that white fluffy stuff.   So maybe I should have titled this post Merry Christmas instead.

Early yesterday morning, there was no snow on the ground - it has been gone for about 2 weeks.  That ended about noon today when it started snowing -  blizzard warnings to go with it until Thursday noon.   Now how is that Easter Bunny supposed to get around?   I'm calling all the anipals together to come to Wisconsin and help that Easter Bunny make his deliveries.   Better come in your snowsuits and bring your snowmobiles for transportation.  After the Easter Bunny has made his deliveries, we'll have a party at my house and have some fun.   Tell your pawparents you'll be home when Spring finally arrives - might not be until June tho.

I'm joining PepiSmartDog's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop because I'm thankful I have a nice warm house to live in and don't have to live outside like some anipals do.   Join us please, and don't forget to come to my house to help the Easter Bunny.

Until next time,


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

All Good Things Come To An End

Chilling out until the cousins have to go home!
Gerbil TV reception is great today!
Hi Pals,

Two weeks ago I never thought I'd say this, but I'm sad that my cousins had to go home.   Life here is boring once again - just  me, M and D.  We don't even have gerbil TV anymore.

I was so sad to see them put into the PTU that I didn't even come out to sniff goodbye.  (wipes tear from eye).   Even M and D said they were going to miss them.   

This is all that is left of their visit - my toys scattered all over the kitchen.  sniff sniff!

M says all good things come to an end eventually, and their visit did just that Sunday night when their humans came to pick them up.   We told them they could come back again some time tho, so I'm sure they will.   It was fun!


Thursday, March 10, 2016

Cousins Are Fun - Thankful Thursday Blog Hop

Tucker and me on bed after D gave us belly rubs.

Tanner all comfy and spending more time upstairs with us these days instead of in the basement.

Hi Pals,

I've decided cousins are lots of fun.   No we haven't played together yet - at least not touching, but I have lots of fun watching them.   We are into day 12 already, and I don't want them to go home - ever.   

 M, on the other hand, will be happy when they go home in 3 days.   She says she and D are too old to be kitty sitting 2 year old's and last night was the topper!

M & D go to a certain big box store to stock up on certain groceries once a month because that store is so much cheaper.   But it's a lot of work, and M says they are getting too old to do that anymore.   But they went last night.  M had D bring the items to the garage door that goes into the house and she said she'd take them from there because they were afraid Tucker would get out.   Sure enough, he got out anyway.   They have learned to keep the overhead door  closed to the garage, so at least he couldn't get outside.  But it was a merry chase to get him back in the house again.

As M was getting ready for bed last night, Tanner went into her closet and started to climb up her  clothes, over hangers and wanted to be on the bottom shelf, which has shoe boxes piled on it.   She got him down from there pronto and closed the closet door.   he he - Tanner was so cute about it too, I thought. M said that is why 2-year-old kitties are too much work for she and D anymore. They are constantly into things.  He he - at least I got called "Mario - good boy."

But M says they can be very very sweet too.  Tucker usually lays on the bed with M during the day when she's resting her back.   He cuddles up close to her and takes a nap.  She loves it because I always curl up in a ball when in bed with M or D.

I'm thankful my cousins came so I could get to know them better.  I'm joining @PepiSmartDog's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.  Join us and have some fun.