Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Exciting News and This N' That

Cartoon of me made by my good friend Qui Qui at:

Cartoon of me made by my good friend Wendy over at
Hi Pals,

Aren't those two cartoons of me just the greatest?   I just love both of them, and it was so nice of Qui Qui and Wendy to volunteer to make them for me.  You know M is totally enept at doing stuff like that, although she did at least try.  

1.  Now on to some more exciting news.   We're getting ready for company, and i  can't wait.   My good Twitter friend MaggieTKat's mom and dad are going to be visiting us Saturday and Sunday for a bit. They will be in WI, traveling back from the Twin Cities and are driving way across the state just to see us.   We're so excited.   M has been busy cleaning, planning menus, and all that crazy ooman stuff.  I'm getting ready by taking stock of all my toys hoping one of them will play with me now and then or love me up.  That means two more laps to sit on!  he he  I wish Parker and Maggie could come with them, but I know they don't like to travel any more than I like it.  We are just thrilled that their oomans are coming.  Next week I'll tell you all about their visit and post some pictures.  

2.  More Exciting News - @JessieJaney has moved her blog over to Word Press. Her new link is: Her mom wrote an article on M. S. in my bloggy a few months ago. She has now moved that information over to Jessie's bloggy and will have her own page over there at: We are so happy for her and are really hoping she will use that area to update her health status now and then too. M.S. is a very serious disease and she needs the support of all of us, so please go visit her over there and follow the blog.

3.   On a sad note, our good friends @BabyPatches & mama are having a tough time with the store - NipandBones. Sales have been down after the big push in March. Once again they hate to ask for help, but they have to or lose the store and maybe their home.  There is a chip in running in their bloggy at: If you can help with either a purchase or two at the store, or a donation in the chipin, they will greatly appreciate it. 

4. Lastly, but not least, we want to keep all our pals in Florida and Colorado who are experiencing flooding (Florida) and wild fires (Colorado) in our thoughts and prayers. Mother Nature is being very unkind to humanity this year. Stay safe friends.  We do worry about each of you.

5.  Sadly, M said we can't visit any blogs now until Monday cuz she wants to enjoy every minute of the company and because she moves so slow it takes her forever to get anything done.   Maybe she think's she a turtle or something.

That's it until next time pals,


Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Blogosphere Anniversary - Zoolatry

Happy 5th Anniversary to
(badge created by Ann Adamus at Zoolatry)

Hi Pals,

We'd like to wish our friends, Maggie and Zoey over at a very happy 5th Blogosphere Anniversary.  That is wonderful.   Ann is always making nice badges or other art work for so many of us.   She is a truly a very creative artist and we're so thankful for the many things she has designed for us.   Because of her, we have many special badges (in fact probably most of them in my side bar are her creations) and she also designed the header at the top of my blog.  Designing Blogs is her job, her only source of  income, so if you are interested and need her services, go over and see her at

Ann, we so very thankful you are our friend.   We appreciate everything you do for us and the entire Blogosphere.   Happy Anniversary. 


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Goldilocks and The Box - International Box Day

Hi Pals,

I can't believe it, but I actually have a picture of me in a box.   I've had 2 boxes in this house in the past year.   The first one was too deep.  The shopping bag was a bigger hit.

M brought home this larger box one day, but you know, I just didn't like it.  I don't know why either, but it just wasn't right.

Then a few weeks later, we got some Honey Bells (oranges) in the mail as a gift from my ooman sisfur and Sil!   

Now this box is JUST RIGHT!   He he - M said I was like Goldilocks and The Three Bears - I had to sample a couple  before finding one that was just right.

So for once I can participate in International Box Day! I have a box! 

 Happy Box Day Pals.



Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Dzd's Day to The Bestest

Hi Pals,
Since it's Father's Day and all, I just had to do a special post to the greatest Cat Dad of them all  - MINE!   He has the bestest lap in the whole world!  Just look how comfy one can get!

Since M's back is so bad, and she has trouble picking me up anymore, Dad is the one who takes me outside on a leash when I want to go.  

He's very patient with me because I can spend hours just sniffing the catmint plant growing in this flower bed.   This is a fun place to hide too,.  So he just sits patiently on a chair and waits for me to finish sniffing - which can easily take an hour or stands around watching me guarding birdies until I'm good and ready to move..

So, in my book, he's just the greatest Dad a mancat could possibly ever want!

Happy Father's Day D  - you are the bestest in the whole world!


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Heaven's Newest Angel - @SeabassCat

Hi Pals,

I come to you today with a very heavy heart as our Twitter community lost another top notch pal last night.   @SeabassCat (Sebastian - or Seb, as his family called him) had to cross the bridge.   

Seb became very ill a few days ago and was rushed to the anipal ER because he didn't feel well and was having trouble breathing.   He was in an oxygen tent for a couple of days, but was not eating.

Even with several doctors consulting, they could not come up with the cause of his feeling so badly and failing so rapidly.

This has been very hard on his humans as they had to make some tough decisions.  Rather than have their poor baby suffer, they decided to help him cross the bridge so he could be at peace.   They only wanted to do the right thing for their sweet boy.

Our hearts are with the family as they have been through so much in the past few months -  having lost all their possessions in an apartment fire - saving only themselves, Seb and Dottie (their Guinea Pig).   All of Twitter was so happy that the family made it out of the fire, and now this happens.  

M says sometimes things happen and we don't understand why - this is clearly one of those times.   Seb was  way to young to have to cross the bridge - that's supposed to happen to us when we are senior cats - not young ones.  But I wouldn't like it either if I knew he was suffering.   M said it was a tough decision for the family to make but they made the right decision and it was the kindest, most loving thing to do. 

I'm really going to miss you pal, but I know you can run free now, have already been welcomed by @PepiSmartDog and all our pals that are at OTRB, so you are in good hands.   Fly high now with those new wings you earned.   Love you bunches.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Can't Believe It One, Two, Three, Four Awards

Hi Pals,

This has been quite a week for awards.  I'm sorry we are so late with posting about them, but I've kept my typist busy on Twitter this week typing for the  NCMonthly's pawty.  Therefore, she claims she didn't have time.  Since we started this I have now received two more awards.  To save time we are going to combine all the awards into this one post, so bear with us please.  

The Illuminating Blogger award was presented to me by:
illuminating Blogger Award:
1.@Nerissathecat over at  and 
2.Audrey over at 

Sunshine Award:
1.Herman @TattleCat over at and

Woooweee!   I'm overwhelmed - 4 awards in a week.  Talk about being lucky  And, these are some tough acts to follow.  All of the above have excellent bloggies, so please go over and take a look at them.

There are specific rules that go with each award.  Since I received the Illuminating Blogger Award first, we'll begin with that one.  

1.   I must give one illuminating fact about myself

I have been a toothless kitty for two years after suffering from Stomatitis,  a serious gum disease.   If this disease is not treated properly, it can lead to other serious health issues, and you could eventually die from it.  ""My Toothie Story" is found in a tab at the top of my blog.  

2. I am supposed to pass this on to 5 other pals.  

There are so many worthy blogs and it was tough to narrow it down to five.  Since I received this award from 2 different pals, technically that means I should pass it on to 10 other bloggers.   But this award has been circulating awhile, so I've chosen 6 to receive it, but if you would like to participate, please just grab it and fly with it.  hehe   So many pals have already received it.   I'm passing it officially on to:

1.  Katie over at @Glogirly
2.   @Kolo_Martin at 
3.  @Manxmnews at
4.    @Tildatoo
5.    Marq's Animals at  
6.     @MaggieTKat's

Sunshine Award  

The Sunshine Award was presented to me by :

2.      Neora Chana over at

Now I have 7 questions I must answer.

1. My favorite number is 15 because I was adopted by M and D on October 15th. Best day of my life.

2. My favourite non-alcoholic drink is water, he he. A friend gave me a Drinkwell water fountain about two months ago so I have fresh water running all the time. I'm not ever given anything else except water or virtual drinks on Twitter at parties - #nipclub in particular. Then I prefer a niptini or a meowgarita. Oh so good.

3. Do I prefer Facebook or twitter? Twitter because I have more friends over there and it's instant communication.

4. My Passion is to always have attention from a ooman. Either via a lap to sit on or someone to cuddle with, or someone to play with me on my terms. Sisfur says I'm a needy cat. he he

5. My Favorite Pattern. I never thought about this one before, but I guess it would be the pattern of getting my meals on time and not having to wait. What better pattern could there be. hehe

6. My Favorite Day Of The Week - Don't really have one anymore. When M and D worked and were gone all day, I would have said Saturday or Sunday. But now that they are tired, he he, it's any day of the week. Maybe Sunday would be the best because M and I sometimes spend the afternoon in her recliner while she pretends to read the newspaper, but we both nod off.

7. My Favorite Flower would have to be catmint plant flowers. ooooh they do smell good back in the garden. I could spend hours back there hiding among the leaves just sniffing away.

I'm supposed to pass this on to 10 other bloggers, but since this has been circulating awhile, I'm going to choose only 6 with the hopes they don't have it yet. If any reader does not have it yet and woulld like it, please help yourself. Otherwise, I'm passing it to:

1. Marg over at  - A wonderful lady who helps animals without homes.
2. Kiellebus    - my Sweedish pal who is very very handsome.
3. @Dash Kitten over at - Who has a heart of gold and always helping others out,
4. @PrancerPie who has a cute bloggy and two gorgeous sisters.  (Swoon)  
5.  GronkandDizzie   The adventures of Gronk and Dizzie  - shhh they know how to use the human litter box too!!
6.  @PumpkinPuddy Pumpkin is one  lucky kitty cuz she has a stroller and gets to go places the rest of us kitties don't get to go - like state parks.   She's always have lots of adventures.

Sorry we're so late with this post,.  I told M she has to be more timely next time.  Hmmm, I think it might be time for a performance appraisal.   I'm making note  of this.

I also has to apologize for not visiting faithfully lately - M says she just doesn't know where the time goes, but it goes too fast and she doesn't get anything done.  I say - excuses - nothing but excuses.

Love to you all