Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thankful Thursday-Tri-fold Purpose


On this Thankful Thursday we are extra thankful that @AdmiralHestorb is now home from #vetjail.    She has some good news to share too, so I'll let you go over and read her news in her own bloggy.  The Adventures of Admiral Hestorb.   I'm just so excited and happy cuz we were all so very worried (including her mom).   #Pawcircle and Pawprayers do work!!  

Now, we has some anipals that desperately need a home, and I do mean desperately.   My good buddy @CokieTheCat has two doggies he's trying so hard to find a home for.   They are adorable too.
Aren't those just the sweetest little faces.   The pair MUST be adopted together tho.   Please help spread the word, and go over and take a look at Cokie's blog where he talks about them.  CokieTheCat.   Please get in touch with him if you think you know of someone.

Then this morning my good buddy @Brian106sc posted a picture of this adorable kitten who is hard to place.
Now how can that adorable kitten be hard to place.   Once again, if you can help advertise her or know someone who might be interested in giving her a good forever home, please go over to Brians Home for details.  

My heart just breaks for these adorable "hard to place" animals cuz I want them to have a happy home just like me.

I'm also thankful because this weekend I'm being left home all alone, except for a pet sitter.  But, pals, it's okay this time.  Cuz M and D are traveling to northern Illinois to meet up with some of my good pals and their oomans at @PierreThePoodle's farm.   Isn't dat fantastic?   M is so excited, she's been shuffling along at a faster pace den normal too.    We'll tell you all about it Sunday or Monday.  

Smooches to Admiral cuz I'm so happy she's home.   NOW - start eating Girl!!  SMOOCH


Now hop on board @CokieTheCat's blog hop - it's fun:


Brian said...

I'm so happy that sweet Admiral is home!!! I've been purring for those sweet woofies too, and thanks for including Cobbie. Tell M and D to be safe in their travels!


Yahoo we is glad Miss Admiral is all better and home with her sweet Mom! And we hope hope HOPE that those adorable babies will find a wonderful forever home very very soon.
We hope your M&D have a safe trip and that you aren't too lonely Mario.

Marg said...

WE are so excited that Admiral is home now. Happy Happy day. And we are glad to hear that Mom is excited about their trip. We are working on helping that kittie, Cobbie find a home. We also saw those two doggies on Cokie's blog and tweeted them. I think I will put Cobbie on my post tomorrow. Take care. Thanks for all your help with finding homes for these animals.

P. Treasure said...

Yay for the Admiral and paws crossed for the others.

Have fun while the humans are gone! You're such a good boy, I know you can have fun but not wreck the house!

Angel Prancer Pie said...

Thanks fur sharing all this info. We visited Admiral. She looks good! How can that kitteh be "hard to place"? We just don't understand hoomans! Purrs.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope them sweet babies find homes! And hooray for the Admiral!

Michelle said...

I hope your humans have fun at Pierre's farm!

Cokie the Cat: Hollywood Insider said...

PierrethePoodle has a farm!???
Ee-eye ee-eye oh ♪

(and thanks for posting about the little girl dogs!)


Prudence said...

Thanks for letting us know that Admiral is home, yay!

dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

Mario, I know what you mean. Rumblemum's heart breaks at every animal she sees looking for their forever home. How can people be so unkind to animals that there are so many tragic stories out there?

Newton the SureFlap cat said...

Aww that black and white kitty looks like me! She is so gorgeous. I'm sure it won't be too long before she finds a home!

Pat Wahler said...

Glad to hear the good news about Admiral!
The faces of those fur kids put my already critter-heavy household in danger of overload!


Tamago said...

I am so happy Admiral is home and doing well!
I hope Sara and Abby, and the cute kitten will have forever home soon.

And I hope your M and D will have a safe trip! Have a happy weekend :-)