Sunday, February 27, 2011

We Did It Again! What a Fantastic pawty #nipclubNZEQ Was

Is it..... or isn't it.......?

Come back Monday to Find Out


I just came back from Facebook and Rumbles said he was in Twitter Jail (in fact he's still in bed too as I write this), anyway he asked that his link be posted ASAP as it has the total from the Benefit for NZ Anipals.   Go read it, then please come back here.  Thanks.

Hi Pals,

The Benefit #nipcubNZEQ pawty we had on Twitter yesterday for the SPCA in New Zealand was a total success.  It was so successful, that anipals were still hanging around about 2 hours after the pawty ended.  (Maybe they will go all night, but this little kitty had to go to bed).   

I haven't talked to @Rumblepurr or @Whskr or @DashKitten yet cuz they are still sleeping, but I'm sure they were extremely happy with the results cuz when I left, they had more den met their goal.   I'm sure @Rumblepurr will be doing a post in his blog very soon. Here's the link to his bloggy.  See above link for the Charity total.

It was a great pawty because so many anipals pulled together to make it happen - it was all accomplished on short notice too as the idea popped into @JinJinDoggy's head on Monday, I believe, and the ball started rolling.   So many pals wanted to pictch in and help.   @DuchessCrabtree, who is a new barktender - and a good one - saw anipals gathering at the pawty early and decided to go to the #nipclub and open an hour early.   What a dedicated new barktender.  

Oh yes, our good pal @PepiSmartDog, who lives in Australia (right next door to New Zealand - for those of us on the other side of the world) posted an update in his blog with the link to the ChristChurch newspaper.   It's so sad, and certainly much more work needs to be done before this area can even try to return to a normal life.   Here's the link to Pepi's blog - I really rekkomend you to go over there and read the  newspaper:  Scroll down to IMPORTANT NEWS and click on Read More.   It's a real eye opener.   They are still getting aftershocks too.   YIKES - I can't imagine how scary dat must be.  Thanks to Pepi for sharing the latest news.  

Follow Pepi's blog - you'll be amazed at all the fun they have there.   (Sometimes I wish I could be there too cuz it's such a happy place - but they won't let me in yet cuz I'm not ready.)

When you read the newspaper link Pepi shared, you will soon see dat a lot more work still needs to be done before oomans and animals can get their life back to normal again.  If you didn't get a chance to contribute $$ and wish to, the Charity link will be open until March 3rd, at which time Rumbles will close it out.

Thanks to all of you who contributed to the success of this charity fund raiser.   It was the combined efforts of donating $$, prizes for the pawty, helping at the pawty, posting the link in your blog, tweeting the link for donations on Twitter, or retweeting the tweets.   It all adds up.
So pals, we DO make a difference and ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE in the lives of so many oomans and anipals.  Thanks to all for helping.

Dat's it for this time....


Oh, wait!  Before I leave - Is it...... or isn't it.........?.  come back Monday to find out.


Admiral Hestorb said...

YES! I loved the pawty and I was happy t help the Kiwi Anipals.

Brian said...

Such a great time for those who need it the most, you rock Mario!

Sparkle said...

That is so PAWSOME! But of course I knew all the Twitter critters could do it. :)

Oskar said...

What a great thing our online pet community is!

Nubbin wiggles,

Mr Puddy said...

Good jobs for fund raiser !!! You absolute ROCK Mario !!!

The Island Cats said...

Good job, everybuddy!! We missed the pawty, but we had our mom donate some green papers.

Anonymous said...

Fanks Mario but it waz an honor to help raise funds for our pals in der time of need. Anipals again uz were all generous in raising more than our goal Apaws to each & every1 of yoo! With luv *paw to heart* to yoo all!
Wags & Wiggles,

dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

What a success it was, and largely because of YOU my friend!! We're so excited to make the final donation on Friday to the SPCA, and hope the money helps with the great work they do.

GRAÇA said...

Hello friends!
I'm back and wide awake and feed me only good things
I have been personally thank all your affection and care, but the scare is gone!
I have a 2 stamps for you on my blog
Many of your affectionate friend ronrons

Cokie the Cat: Hollywood Insider said...

WHo is that?? That's totally NOT your head, Mario! LOL.