Thursday, February 24, 2011

Awesome Blog Award and Special Invitation

Received from Brians Home (@Brian106sc and
Everyday Visitor @MrPuddy

Hi Pals,

Wow, I feel so lucky to get another award.  My pal @Brian106sc at awarded this to me on Tuesday.  Den yesterday, my pal @MrPuddy at presented the award to me too. Another great surprise.  Please go over and take a look at both bloggies.  Both of dem have great bloggies and deserve the Awesome Blog Award for sure.

Now I'm supposed to tell you 7 things about myself.
1.  I like drinking from the bathroom sink the best and will sit in it for hours waiting for someone to fill it. 
2.  All my toothies were pulled because of Stomatitis.  See my story in the tab at the top of my blog.  It just might save your life or the life of a kitty you know.
3.  I like napping on my dad's lap better den M's   His is bigger. he he
4.  I like M to play with me more den D cuz D just don't do it right.
5.  If M doesn't play with me enough before bed, I refuse to cuddle with her dat night and will sleep somewhere else by myself.
6.  Sometines I try to bury the leftover dry kibble in my bowl after I've eaten.
7.  I'm the official door greeter at our house.

Now I'm supposed to pass this award on to 12 pals, but this has been circulating for awhile, which means soon everyone who is a blogger will have one.  So, I'm selecting a few blogs dat don't get noticed as much as some, but are very interesting and fun blogs with the hopes you will go over and visit them.

Adventures of Beaver Cat  by @BeaverWonder

Herbie's Drive-in   by @Herbie_Cat

The World's Most Stunning Cat   by  @CathyKeisha

Dash Kittens Mewsings       @DashKitten

JinJin and Pixel's Bloggy     @JinJinDoggy @PixelDoggy

Everyday Visitor  @MrPuddy

I follow so many great blogs - the award really belongs to everyone.  

Note to @MrPuddy - I had already selected you to be a winner before I knew you had selected me.  he he  So, you are excused from following all the rules because you have already played the game.

Have fun with this pals. 

Special Invitation to all - bloggers included:  The #nipclub (managed by @TheNascarKitty) and @Whskr (human for @DashKitten (Whskr & Dash live in New Zeeland)  -  are throwing a special fund raising pawty to raise more money for the SPCA fund in New Zeeland.   Hosts will be @Whskr and @Rumblepurr.  The event starts at 4:00 pm EST and ends at 7:00 pm EST this coming Saturday.   Now I can't say for sure, but it looks to me like Rumbles himself will be there.  Stay tuned tomorrow for more details and keep your eye on DashKitten's blog above cuz her mom is an organizer.  I'm sure she will make an anouncemenbt soon on details - probably today or tomorrow.   Help spread the word please.  The fun raiser so many have worked so hard on has already exceeded @Rumblepurr's original goal.   Let's see if we can blow the the total raised through the roof.  There are lots of anipals needing help in that country after the earthquake.  I hope some of our other New Zeeland pals will also be able to drop in.



Bunny Jean Cook said...

congrats on your award and you know i'll be der on Saturday to help our NZ furends! xoxo

Brian said...

I loved your list Mario, seem you and I sure like our water! I will see you on Saturday.

Admiral Hestorb said...

You did what I did Mario..passed the award to some of the kitties that we don't know too well yet.

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

CONCATS On your HUGELY deserved award! If I can make it Saturday I will stop by!

Mr Puddy said...

Heh..heh..heh..your 7 things are Awesome !
# 3 I total agree with you ..Dad's lap is the best !!!
# 6 That's prettu unique and funny : )
Always enjoy your blog , buddy !

Ann Dziemianowicz said...

Congrats on your award Mario! And for sharing a little about your adorable self! I also plan to visit some of your bloggie friends who are new to me!

The Island Cats said...

Congrats on your award, Mario!! Do you try to bury your leftovers so you can save them and eat them later??

Clooney said...

Mario, buddy, congrats on your award! Theese is excellent! Your 7 things are very,very interesting...proving again that you'z quite the character.

dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

Of course I'll be there! I gotta help you smooch the ladies!!

Bad Andy said...

conCATulations! xoxox