Friday, February 11, 2011

Take Care Of You Toothies

D knows I love being in high places, so sometimes he gives me a treat and puts me on one of his closet shelves.   If he wouldn't keep it so full of clothes, I could probably get up here myself.   I do jump off by myself tho.

Hi Pals,

Did you know dat February is National Pet Dental Health Month?   Well, I'm not going to let you forget it either.   Those of you dat have known me for a long time know dat I had all my toothies pulled at age 4.   Yup -  all of them. 

My good friend @CatChatCaren writes a blog called Cat Chat, which is full of good articles on kitties and many times doggies too.   She had interviewed M a year ago during National Pet Dental Health Month and decided to re-run that post.   Please go over there and take a look at it, and follow her blog if you don't already.   The story she posted is a brief version of my Toothie Story.   If you want the full version (warning - 3 pages long), you will find it at the top of my blog on a tab called "My Toothie Story" (what else would it be called.  he he)  Here's the link to Cat Chat

M and I can't encourage you enough to make sure your toothies are taken care of daily.   Oomans get kinda lazy now and den and think they can skip it.   M had 3 kitties before me and one doggie.  She has to admit dat she never once brushed their toothies, nor did any vet recommend it.   She admits she "lucked" out with those kitties, as not one of them had any major problems other den an occasional cleaning by the vet.  She didn't even know what could happen if your toothies were not taken care of. 

Your toothies are very important in maintaining over all health.  Among other things, it can lead to heart disease, and all kinds of other health issues If you keep getting infections in your mouth dat don't seem to clear up after being on antibiotics, ask your vet if you should see an Anipal Dentist.   Most good vets should automatically refer you anyway if you are having major problems, but if they don't, your ooman should ask the vet about seeing one.   I have already encouraged two of my twitter pals to see a dentist after their infections wouldn't clear up.   They are very thankful too because the dentist was able to save their toothies.

M will be the first to tell you dat doing routine brushing and a thorough cleaning by your vet (as they recommend it) is a whole lot cheaper den having all of them pulled.  So by having your oomans  brush your teeth not only helps you, but it will help their pocket book too.  he he and the toothpaste I had was "chicken" flavor; it was super good and I highly recommend it.     (non-paid advertisement)

If you has lots of cats living with you and your oomans feel they can't afford it, talk to the vet.  Some vets offer payment plans too.  The dentist did.

Now go over to see Cat Chat's blog and get brushing!!  Here's dat link again:



Pandafur said...

Thanks you for sharing teh story abowt your teefs Mario. An you iz so handsome nocat cud evar tell you duzn't haz teefs *smooooch*

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

Awww Mario you are such a thoughtful kitty!! You are receiving the BEST comments about your toothies and your Mom wrote the BEST article!! We thank you for sharing it with us and for allowing us to post it again!
Love Always,
Caren and Cody

Brian said...

I read that too over at Caren's place. You are so nice to share your story Mario.

Cathy Keisha said...

Did you know gum disease in humans lead to stroke and heart disease also? Thanks for sharing. TW arms keep my teeth clean. HAH!

dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

Eat lots of Greenies! Seriously, the last time I went to see the vet they were sure they'd need to give me a tooth cleaning. I been noming Greenies every day and the vet was amazed at how good my teeth are! AND I get to nom Greenies!!!

Your Daily Cute said...

I think you should think of those clothes as extra cushion, not as being in the way. ;)

Teeth cleaning is very important! Pimp is going to get his cleaned this month. Good lesson!

Katnip Lounge said...

We get chewy fuds to scrape our teefs, too. Scouty is untouchable, so Mommy hopes the jerky helps to clean his teeth.

Madison said...

this is so important to remember. The vet is alway pickin' my toof when I get taken. I fink we haz a good dental plan, but we are going to double check fur sure. Thanks for the toof awareness!


Fr. Tom Fishworthy said...

Gee, Mario, who knew? What you and your humans have gone through to get you to be the healthy mancat that you are!

We'll definitely be taking your advice. It's amazing that you can eat both dry kibble and wet food with no toofers!!

Thanks bunches for the information.


Esme said...

We have bought the toothbrush but we have not tried brushing.

Admiral Hestorb said... do a great kitty service. We all needs to keep our teefs if we can.



Marg said...

That is so true. Those toofies are so important. Everyone must take care of their teeth either by brushing them or having the vet clean them.

Unknown said...

So important, to let mum or dad brush your toofies. I don't mind getting my brushed, cause I get a yummy treat afterwards. Mum is always searching for chewy thing like the doggies have for my toofs too.

GRAÇA said...

Beautiful story, I do not like to jump over the furniture like being juntinho the mamy
Ronrons of

stlcatlady said...

Mario, you are so beautiful, even without your toofies, and I just love reading your blog. Before I ran across your story, I had never heard anything about needing to brush kitty's teeth. But the ThirteenCats are making an appointment for the human to chat with the vet about the possibilites, at least for the four indoor cats. Thank you for spreading the message. *big hugs!* And thank you for the very kind comments over on the ThirteenCats blog. So nice to have made such a cool new friend!

The Island Cats said...

Mario, we know how important our teefs are!! I was just at the v-e-t this week and she said my teefs are really good!! Boy, am I glad!! I'm sorry you lost all your teefs.


Brian said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you too Mario!

The Crew said...

Oh my Cod, teeths! Well, you look very handsome just the same.