Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What Are Those Imposters Doing?

Admiral Hestrob

Hi pals,

A couple of days ago when we logged on to Twitter, we began seeing all these imposters show up on Twitter too.   All of dem wearing my clothes, but their own face!   he he - M and I were laughing so hard she could barely type for me.  It was just so funny.   @AutumnTheDoxie has been working hard at doing a group photo, that is still a work in progress.   The link is available below.  Be sure to go look at it - it's awesome.

Den a couple of days later we found out dey was dressed like dat cuz they wanted to throw a pawty just for me at the #nipclub Thursday, March 3rd.   Well, M and I just fainted dead away, and D had to come and fan us and help us both up.   We were so surprised and humbled.   Dey asked us to choose a charity so dey could do  a fund raiser in my honor!   WOW - I still can't believe all dis is happening. I has chosen Happily Ever After Animal Sanctuary
in Marion, Wisconsin  (with a new, second location in Green Bay that just opened a couple of months ago.)   They are a no-kill shelter with a wonderful reputation in our area.    Please read all about them.  You will be amazed. 

BearBearD & Fuzxzy
I have created a new page (found by looking at the top of my blog in the tab marked HEA Animal Sanctuary) and they were kind enough to supply some pictures from their Marion location since M has never been there (She has been to the Green Bay location though.)   The widget for donating is on the right in my bloggy if you wish to do so.   Please see the special page for more information since we do have pictures up.   Those kitties are really treated well - even in the Green Bay location. Very home like.   They are very lucky to be at that shelter, and can stay there forever if they is not adopted..


Please go to the links below and read about the pawty.  I can't believe all the work these pals have gone through just to throw dis pawty for me.   We still can't believe all dis is happening.

The first link will explain why they want to hold dis pawty in my honor.  Wait until you see the pictures too.


Dey has planned a special menu with drinks, desserts, the whole works.  Take a look at these noms:
http://nipclub.blogspot.com/p/catering.html   Talk about being creative and tailor made just for me!

Can't wait to sink my gums (no toothies - remember) into dat cake.  yummmm!

Oh, my good friend @MaggieTKat has even rounded up prizes to be won by playing her quizzes.  I don't have a clue what all the prizes are, but knowing Maggie, they'll be good ones.  Don't be afraid to jump in and play for the quizzes.  You never know when you might win something.  Just be sure you follow Maggie because you have to DM her if you know the answer - or even think you know the answer. 

Now if you read my blog a couple of days ago I had a picture posted with a caption of ....Is it?......or Isn't It!.......  he he.
It wasn't me, it was The Stunning @CathyKeisha.   She is a pretty good look-alike isn't she.  Unfortunately, I couldn't keep up with who all was appearing on Twitter looking like me. but  @AutumnTheDoxie has been working very hard on posting everyone's picture here:   http://nipclub.blogspot.com/  Go take a look at it - it's awesome.

Thanks to all my pals for throwing dis pawty for me.   I will thank each and every one of you individually.  I really appreciate the hard work, time and planning dat it took to throw dis pawty.  

Love you all,



Pandafur said...

Thats teh stunning CathyKeisha? OMC I thawt it wuz YOU Mario!

Backcountry Brodie said...

Holy skwerrels, wot a grate idea that woz! I woz on Twitter briefly and seened something about impawsters but could not figger it out so now I knows wot happened to the Mario clones! (Thought mebbe I needed to has my eyeballs checked.)

Brian said...

Something strange is going on!

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

Awwwww Mario, you and your Mom sooooo deserve a party thrown in your honor! That is catabulous!!!! Soooo happy for you! That was very nice of them to do that! ((((hugs)))))

Admiral Hestorb said...

Oh you and M deserve all the love we can give you. xoxoxoxox

The Island Cats said...

Aw, Mario!! How cool!! You deserve a big party!!

Clooney said...

Theese is most excellent! Well deserved Buddy!

Sparkle said...

How very cool - your very own pawty to benefit a great cause!

Marg said...

That is such a great think to have your very own pawty. Looks like a good one too. You sure do deserve that pawty. Good one. Take care and enjoy yourself.

Unknown said...

Yesh! I agree you SO deserve a party. I may be cute, but you are truly adorable and most importantly, one of the most supportive, loving pals around! *pawhugs*

Tamago said...

Wow Mario, how exciting! It is great that they will do a fund raiser in your honor. It will be a great party!
And I love all the photos. They are so cute and funny :-)

Abigail said...

OMC how pawesome! How did I miss dis on Twitter? You da best, xoxoxo

cherie said...

What a beautiful tribute! You deserve it for all your caring and hard work.

Ramblingon said...

PAW HUGGIES! I will be gone till evening but then, I will come to the pawty.

@DaneRay said...

we all LOVE Mario! =;-)

Deb said...

Just found you and now I will follow. Cute blog. Deb=^..^=x5 Ottawa, Canada

Fr. Tom Fishworthy said...

Mario, you're such a card and you and your mum deserve to celebrate! You are a card with a heart of gold!

Have a good weekend!

Oskar said...

I'm so sorry we missed your pawty! I bet it was a blast.

Thanks for your well-wishes for my mom person. We know that they helped to get her home sooner.

Nubbin wiggles,