Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Blog Paws Be The Change - Paws For Japan AND IRISH FEST with two Birthdays at #nipcloub

Hi Pals,

I has so much to talk about today, so I hope you will stay with me to the end.

First,  I've decided to join the Blog Paws Be The Change for this week in an effort to help the anipals in Japan.   We has been watching the events in Japan unfold since last Friday when they had the devastating earthquake followed by the sunommie, and  and now possible meltdown of their nuclear plants (don't know what dis is, but M tells me it's bad stuff).  We were so relieved to learn dat our good friends @NyatsbyKitti and @Aska_Alaska were okay.  But we feel so bad for all the anipals and oomans that are not okay or who have lost everything dey own. 

M says she will donate to to an organization providing relief for the oomans, but she's not sure which one  -  maybe Red Cross.   But because of her love for me and all anipals, we want to do what we can to help the anipals that have been displaced, injured, and are in need of help in Japan.  
Dr. V (Jessica) at Pawcurious liked what she read about the organizaiton helping anipals - The World Vets (An International Aid For Animals).  I know dat if it has been recommended by our own Blog Paws Be The Change group, it is a worthwhile organization doing good work for anipals, or they would not recommend it to us.  Every disaster brings out the "scam artists" M says, but she feels we can trust this group because it has the backing of Dr. V.
Dr. V (Jessica) met the CEO at the last Blog Paws Conference and she's a "huge fan" of Cathy King and World Vets, an organizaiton that has, under Dr. King's guidance provided assitance to animals around the globe.  Dr. King has already mobilized a team to go to Japan and provide aid to established groups that are already present. They will need all the help they can get in order to assist in the devastation. 

And our very own @FrugalDougal over at http://frugaldougaldog.blogspot.com/ is promoting this as the replacement for the St. Patrick's Day #pawpawty he normally holds to celebrate the second anniversary of our famous #pawparties on Twitter.   He recommends donating to this charity and celebrating March 17th in dis manner instead of our normal pawpawty.  (This does not replace the #SciFi pawty dat @BorisKitty will hold on March 26 and 27.)

I hope you will join in this effort too.

How to Participate In Be The Change:

1. If you can, make a donation on the link in my bloggy, again, no amount too small - it all helps.  

2. Grab the badge(s).

3.  Go over to the blog for PawCurious and follow the instructons.

4.  On March 17th, post, tweet, or share on Facebook about the World Vets effort for animal relief in Japan. 

March 17th is St. Paddy's Day, but we hope you will take time out from celebreating dat and help promote World Vets.   We will be promoting on Twitter and Facebook, so see you there.

Second, Happy St. Patrick's Day to pals.  Come on over to the #nipclub too cuz we are having a big Irish Fest and celebrating two birthdays. (@SeattleP's and @Flacatlady (a founder of the #nipclub.)  Open 4-12 pm EST.   You know it's always a great time and a good way to meet new pals too.  Your's truly here will probably tend bar at his usual time 8-9 PM EST.   The Nipclub is known for their charity work.  You do not need to donate if you can't, but please come and have a good time.  The drinks are always free - and the great noms are too.  We have fabulous DJs spinning the tunes all night.
Third,  I know I has been asking for donations a lot lately, but if Mother Nature would stop creating such a mess in the world, we wouldn't have to be asking for $$ all the time.    Now just in case you meant to donate to my favorite charity (Happily Ever After Sanctuary in Marion, Wisconsin) in my honor, you can still do so on the widget on the right of my bloggy.  You can read about HEA in the tab at the top of my bloggy if you wish.   They are a "no-kill" shelter dat do a great job with the anipals.   

Fourth, You can also make a donation to help with the medical bills for Nimbus at @UsThreeCoons.  I wrote about his medical needs in my last post.   Just scroll down to read all about Nimbus.
Fifth - Frugaldougal's next #Pawpawty is being combined with @BorisKitty's SciFiPawty to be held March 25 and 26.   See you next time,

Until next time pals,



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Oskar said...

Boy I hope my mom person has time for us to attend cool parites like these.

Nubbin wiggles,

Brian said...

I have the WorldVets banner flying at the top of my blog and I will make a donation and see you at the pawty!!!

Pumpkinpuddy said...

There are so many in need. You do a great job of keeping us aware of others not as fortunate as we are. *hugs*

Sparkle said...

I am taking party in Paws for Japan on Thursday - I will be having a commenthon!

Marg said...

That is some food information. We are doing the Paws for Japan tomorrow. There are just so many places to donate money to all those people and animals in Japan. We feel like the World Vets is the best. We just hope that those kitties on Cat Island get some food.

Parker said...

Thanks for all of the info!

Unknown said...

That is good work, Mario. We are just so sorry about our anipals in Japan and are so glad something is being done for them.
We will do our bit too and though it isn't much, hope it will help in some way.

with prayers for our friends in Japan,
Gin, Bud n Shadow