Thursday, March 17, 2011

For The Animals In Japan and Happy St. Patrick's Day

Hi Pals,

This is O'Mario wishing everyone a Happy St. Patty's Day!

I am just so happy dat I don't even want to take any naps today and miss all the fun!  But I suppose I'd better cuz we have a special night coming up at #nipclub (managed by @TheNascarKitty and who is a co-founder)  tonight.  Not only are we helping raise funds for WorldVets, but we are also celebrating 3 birthdays:  @SeattleP's mom, @FlaCatLady, who co-founded the #nipclub, and @ParkerSKat whose sisfur @MaggieTKat also co-founded the #nipclub.   Come and join us - 4 p.m. to midnight EST time.     We'll be having a good time but with the purpose of raising green bucks for WorldVets so they can help all the anipals in Japan.  WorldVets are already over there helping, and we all know from news reports that there is plenty of work to do and lots of anipals to help and possibly even re-unite with their oomans.

Our Anipal community, including the Blogosphere anipals and Twitter pals, have been working feverishly all day and even last night getting ready for this event.   I've been seeing tweets all morning on Twitter with the donation link, and almost every blog I read today, and many yesterday, all featured the Donation link for WorldVets.   You see why I'm so excited?  (You can click on the blue WorldVets to see what they are all about and read what great work they do.)

If you haven't had a chance to contribute yet, please do so - even $1.00 helps.   It all adds up.  Thanks to all who have been tweeting and RTing too.  It all helps.  The widget for WorldVets is right here on my blog on the right-hand side.

Now I'd like to highlight certain blogs  and Twitter pals because of extra special things they are doing to help in raise donations for WorldVets.  These are in random order.  If you can, take a minute to visit these areas and see what I'm talking about,

@CheshireK, @MaggieTKat, @Boomietheat, and @Whskr who is @DashKitten's mom, are all great artists/crafters/quilters/jewelry designers.   They put their heads together just a couple of days ago and decided they'd combine forces and hold an art auction on @CheshireK's site for an entire week.  This is still a work in progress, but they are even going to open an on-line store.  Check back later today for the store, as it isn't quite open as of this writing.  Click on each name to see what kind of work they do as the link will take you to their sites.  I can tell you there is some great stuff there and all proceeds will go directly to WorldVets.   M says she's seen all their work and it's quality.

@SparkleCat's mom is going to donate $1 to WorldVets for each comment received on SparkleCat's blog.   What a great deal - just go over and check out this neat blog and leave a comment.  By the way, SparkleCat is a great author in his own right.

@CathyKeisha (The World's Most Stunning Cat) - I gave you the link to her bloggy yesterday.  Please read it, she has researched the disaster in Japan extensively these past few days and broadcasts daily updates on the neuclear situation.

@FrugalDougal,  our creator of the very first #pawpawty held on St. Patrick's Day two years ago, had no idea two years ago where his first #pawpawty would lead.  He just knew dat if we all banded together, we could help lots of anipals in need.   Without his hard work, idea, and total commitment, the Twitter community for anipals would not be where it is today.  It was his idea to combine the normal #pawpawty for this month with the Blogging Communities "Be The Change." (a group, dedicated to working for animals,  that started after attending the BlogPaws Conference in Ohio less than a year ago.)

@BrewskieButt's mom @BZTAT is offering her painting of Brewskie Butt at auction.  Head over there and take a look - she's another artist quite well known on Twitter and Blogger.  

I'm sure there are many other Tweeters and bloggers also doing wonderful work, it's just I haven't discovered them yet.   Thanks to everyone for any part you have played in this event. 

Well, I has to get back to tweeting the chip in site and get ready to tend bar at the #nipclub tonight.   Check out the great noms and drinks available and come on over and join us

O'Mario signing off.


Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

Mario this is a wonderful post! It is so great that everyone has come together to help with such an important cause!

Cheshire Kitten said...

Thanks for mentioning our auction and online store! Visitors to the site are bidding generously for the first work, "Parasols for Japan." Beginning at midnight EDT (or maybe CDT, we're not sure about the programming!) the first of several Kimono wall hanging quilts from @MaggieTKat's mom will open for auction!

And, the store has some merchandise in it now if only a little bit.

Sparkle said...

This is so exciting, seeing so many of my friends participating in the Paws for Japan drive! An amazing amount of money has been donated already and it has barely begun! Thanks for mentioning my commenthon - I will be reporting on the results tomorrow!

Abigail, Madison, Lisa said...

you are the bestest Mario. Japan needs us, thank you for your relentless drive in this effort.
Happy St Catrick's Day, you look pawesome in green. Really brings out your eyes and fur nicely!

Unknown said...

This is Great, Mario :) :)
Isn't the Anipal community just THE BESTEST in the world?

And yes, U do look very handsome in green

Gin, Bud n Shadow

Anonymous said...

Hoping to see you at the grand chipmunk hunt and ball in the REalm of Capitol Drive!

Princess Treasure.